Rats are cowards

Atkins, Richard, Jr.



By: Richard Atkins, Jr. ~Essay~ Oct. 10, 2018 "Rat Are Cowards" I was raised by my mother to cherish all good friends, and you should never betray your friends. Is what she taught me and I saw many men living by this code! So, it's not a street-thang, or a code gangsters only live by, but more like a code we was all taught since children... I think about all the men & women, that are incarcerated with a life sentence/or serving a hundred and fifty years for the betrayal of trust/love. I was introduced to the East Side Crips of Filbert Arms; located east of Stockton, California when I was just 10 years old. That was the summer of '91! The streets was lethal like a penitentiary electrified fence, and it was like growing in a prison of sort; due to being trapped in the ghetto... Men and women are quite the same, when it comes to being weak and lame. They all think the same reasoning, when it comes to the excuse of being a rat; a snitch. How can you ignore the respect/or the love you have for another human being and send them to state prison? When you were right there with them, probably just as guilty as your friend... You come strong into the world, and never snitch, to free yourself and leave your friends behind. That's not being a real man/ or woman. And God won't even respect that disappointment. All the years; twenty-five years to be exact, and I've been thorough like a lion in Africa with his pride. I love all, and respect my friends enough to never testify or tell on them. I rather die, or just disassociate with my friends, before I sit there and betray my friends... We're just talking about friends; family members are another story. I could never betray my parents, siblings or aunts/uncles or cousins. That's so far out of the question for me. I just can't see myself, telling on my mother, father, sisters, brothers, aunts, or uncles. How can you convict your love ones, and sleep peacefully? I say, only a coward can live that lifestyle and stab their loved ones in the back and sleep well. My friend I used to respect, took a side deal on me and my god-brother Ricky and plead guilty to 2nd degree robbery! But no robbery ever took place really. This transaction was a gun deal, that the other party didn't agree to; all the way. So, the cops were flagged down by these so-called victims and told that, the blue car just up ahead had robbed them at gun point! Throughout the trial, both victims exonerated me on the spot. Said, that they believed I was the other person still in the other vehicle. Somehow, my past was brought to the present and I ended up with 23 years in a state prison! So, tell me; was I rail-roaded or what? But, the Lord works in mysterious ways; my mother and grandmother used to always tell me. And I'm a firm believer in that quote from some African-American in America, whatever century. Rats are the reason for LA Prince Global, Inc! The global empire soon to be. I have to thank the rats for allowing me to come to a prison cell, that's like my university. I study history, math, economics, social studies, the stock market, urban book culture, all sorts of literature and music. Just to name a few. So I have to congratulate my snitches, for my blueprint I invented, with my educated thoughts, due to my prison condition...

Author: Atkins, Richard, Jr.

Author Location: California

Date: October 10, 2018

Genre: Essay

Extent: 3 pages

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