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Rupert, Bob G.



Mr. Berg 10/20/17 Re: Mr. Lamonte McIntyre KC. Star 10/12/17 I've read a series of articles regarding the *wrongful conviction* of Mr. McIntyre. I noted, there is no mention of his Criminal Defense Counsel - at the original trial process - there clearly, were horrid deficiencies and absolutely an unconstitutional level of representation. *Obviously* [de-mining?] of his 6th Amendment Rights as well... As other rights - Clearly... This wrongfully convicted fellow... Would have spent his "entire life" in prison... had it not been for the support groups... pursuit of justice. That took 23 years. Certainly... It don't take a Einstein to arrive at a logical conclusion... that this is not a "isolated" incident. *What about* persons that are wrongfully convicted... that are w/out support group(s)..? *What about* the intellectually challenged people in our society... that believe... Just because the "police" say it "makes" it true? *What about* the wrongfully convicted that are the product of unconstitutional and substandard representation by counsel? We can't remain "purposely" blind... The police all across this country... have become a law unto themselves. The public defenders are *allowed* to operate at an unconstitutional level. Those who yell out Criminal Justice reform... need only to examine the representation provided by the public defenders. Attorney's are "allowed" to represent at a unconstitutional level... in part due to the *Integrity Deficiencies* within the State Bar Assoc to maintain representation levels above unconstitutional. The State Bar Assoc *watch dogs* are fast asleep - it's become a *frequent occurrence* that motorists are shot dead - the police justified - we have police investigate the police... That's the equivalent of felons investigating felons! When everybody's a skunk - nobody smells the stench - it's no surprise that D/A concede... it becomes an *exposure* to the scandalous prosecution - and legal representation. Defense attorneys "exploit" their clients... in various ways. The "health" of the Justice System is IGNORED... The massive "calling" of America in large part is due to absolute deficiencies in the legal representation... It's a fraud upon the tax payers. They pay for a service not provided. The Ks State Bar sure has not come forward to investigate the level of representation Mr. McIntyre received. Simply another form of an approval of abuse - *Condone by Silence* The law enforcement community is aware of the representation levels out of the Public Defenders offices in their jurisdictions - This *allows* the citizens to be abused... They know there will be no investigation. No protection of Constitutional Rights. The very attorney assigned to protect your rights violates them... and allows them to be violated. Criminal Justice reform... needs to be addressed as fraud upon the tax pays. Mr. McIntyre 23 yr's in prison cost the tax payer's millions. There are innocent persons incarcerated... how can we *not* know this? Scientific proof exists: DNA. *What about* cases that do not include DNA? The tax payers oppose new prisons. 200 million to rebuild old prisons. The population would be substantially lower... If the State Bar would enforce a constitutional level of representation. It's a sad day in society when we "need" to police the police... But do not have the integrity to do so. This "allows" the abuse of its citizens. It's not narrow, "only" to the cost to tax payers for the unconstitutional level of representations. It's putting innocent persons in prison that cost tax payers millions - it's a fraud by any measure of the word. *Sincerely*

Author: Rupert, Bob G.

Author Location: Washington

Date: November 7, 2017

Genre: Essay

Extent: 8 pages

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