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Whitecell, Davy



I am on file @ Davy Whitecell 1 Feb 9th 2020 Re: payback's = Runback's The wicked never rest, nor will they let a dead dog ly, lie, in prison a man's Reputation is key to his survival I wanted to write about the so called King Pin ganster's whom are by far, anything but, here in E.O.P as a mental patient once you are labeled with the (MH) logo or diagnosed with a mental illness. you are placed in this program I perhaps have touched base on this subject before if you are tryin to get into the (MH) mental health program it isnt that hand these days you just have to meet 3 certain criterias (1) once you must be a danger to ones self (2) a danger to other's or (3) gravely disabled, to the point you cant take care of your normal daily need's other wise your in a matinance fase just letting the State maintain you and your fucked up behavior cause you can end up here for as little as talking to some one about your feeling's and God help you if your feeling shitty or upset that day and you raize your voice the calm doctor's they get you to calm down or they will calm you down with a prescription now that mental health is so wide spread nation wide it is easy to play crazy! Thats why I go by the name Crazy Davy. Since Ive been in this program so long that the last doctor that came and seen me at Mule Creek just wanted to know how I made my money? We'll the taxpayer's of course! Not to be a shit bird or ass hole but if: the world is mone then Im going to use it! I tell everyone call me what you want just dont call me late for dinner. I was just here on the 21st of January @ Richard J. Donovan State prison in San Diego its great to be home, thats for sure, I have 2) seen it all here at RJ.D from beating's to murder, to suicide to gang violence. I wont get into the past today is a new day and since Kamala harris voted to impeach the president I must abstain from my past political view no longer will I be pro reformer as a inside view to the clear & present danger's of the safety and security of the United State's of America and it enemie's, I will now in the year 2020, the year of truth and the year of our lord and savior Jesus Christ bring only what happen's to me to the Archive's not my view's or feeling's just my hard true experience so with that said Ill try to go on this Sunday the 9th day of Febuary 2020 and just bring anyone who may read this up to speed on my adventure's the last few week's well call it the Day and the life of Bubba Fuct! Bubba being my artist name professionally and Fuct being the grafix company I use to work with along with Den & Slick Rick from Hawaii not New york where I learned the hard way that the word's you say no matter what the context can come back to haught you when you least expect it, or even if you do how it can go from word salad to fact, with out even any form of fact finding behind it. Kinda like in cooking with flavor you just keep adding a dash of salt to the dish until you get the perfect taste it's like the rumor mill in the prison system talk is cheap talk - action = 0 so we well go with the latest action. While in ad/seg in Mule Creek, I was warned once if you call it a warning, it came rapped in a State lunch with the writting on the out side of the plastic bag. Simple it said "Peace offering" on the side written in black Sharpie marker as well as on the top in big black bold letter's it stated "Stop talking" well thats 3 what I do when you treat me like a mushroom, put me in a closet and feed me and treat me like shit. So for that message I payed dearly I lost about 34 lbs. in 36 days I went from 246 lbs at Mule Creek with in days of going to ad/seg to being 212 lbs at weigh in on my lay over in Wasco State Prison on the 21st of january this is why I like to write not only do I know that my works are being saved for other's to read but I no longer have to worry about my word's being stolen or sold without my knowledge I want the world to know that even if not in my life time even if I never make it back home to my family I want you all to know I've committed no crime I am a soldier a United State's Marine, and have been in service to my country since the rip old age of 10. Sorry you have to bear with me my pens are scavanged and put together by hand so my writting can go from smooth to ruff in a fleck of a second with a misfire or misbehaving pen filler housed in any number of old pen cartridges - 2-10-20, well it rained most of the day so I stayed in to finish some art work the Valentine's Day rush got to get it while I can so I've in closed two old letter's this one Ill get into the mail Im getting settled in here after cleaning up the cell from all the Satanic bullshit every where and a cell that moved out without saying anything then they moved in this cat from the Hospital he over dose's in the cell like just a few hour's after moving in. Ill say this if it wasn't for my junk ass piece of shit radio and a earbud going in and out as I fiddled with it and heard the young man above me on the bunk make a strange noise like a very loud snort I asked if he was alright? Their was no response then I hear it again? I dont know what made me stand up and turn around 4 to look at him on the top bunk he was leaning up against the wall. his eye's were wide open and he wasn't breathing he was dead! as I stood like I am now at the end of the bunk I see a spoon between his feet and I knew he had shoot something I hit his foot and hollered with no responce I turned to look out the cell door window and called out to the worker on the tier to come and get some help my cellie wasnt moving he came, looked then got the c/o I told the c/o's to hurry up and cuff me up! It looks like he over dosed? they wanted to slow drag I kinda got mad. It's kinda fucking rude to slam dope or do drugs with someone in there cell that is unaware of what your doing as for me I dont use drugs I've been there. Not tryin' to fit in like that, if you cant deal with your habit in prison what the fuck? you think society need a bunch of crazed dope fiend's running loose in the streets? oh yea that's what is happening right? Well smile it's only getting worse and if you all are smart you have to not view everything with a distorted len's for when you do, the fake theats look huge and you never see the real theats coming so Ill start to rapp this up for today and leave you all with something to ponder like whats 5 in a name we'll we know Bubba is Southern Cross for brother! So when you say fuck that Bubba guy! what you al ' are really saying is fuck you brother! Is this not what Cain did to his brother able so when I went to see my friend the other day he got a surprise he was transpacking I told him he is needed somewhere else, we walked around then I was confronted by a act of violence from a pass issue only beecause of Truth the wicked didnt wish to let it go yet it was quickly defused since it wasnt the time or place the next day I seen it coming again yet this guy offered his hand in forgiveness while present with 2 other gang member's when I went to shake his hand in surety for forgiveness he sucker punched me. It rocked me but he didn't knock me out! Nor did I fight back I figured he came gunning for me! So I let him get his runbacks I went and followed him and his crew and kinda chuckeled while I cleaned up the blood from my lip and washed my shirt, he then exclaimed now it's over! While I hope so! I cant recover the stuff him and his girlfriend boyfriend stole from me but for what it is worth I found out about a few different people and where they stand! you know, there isnt anything worse than a jailhouse theif! and a split lip to prove my point? Well I bleed in my belief!

Author: Whitecell, Davy

Author Location: California

Date: February 9, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 5 pages

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