Re: the politics of monopolies within WA DOC

Phelps, Rufus Andrew, III



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 Re: The Politics of Monopolies within WA DOC 
 Dear APWA, Hello again. 1 am writing about the conditions that are so very prevalent within this organization that is the Washington Department of Corrections (Corruption)... They practice every monopoly action that they feel that they can get away with or justify. For example, they are in with a subsidiary that they are promoting and shoving down our throats is called (C.I.) CORRECTIONAL INDUSTRIES. All of the food that we are given now comes directly from them. They short us and they produce a very bad product to say the least. There is nothing worse than being hungry all of the time. They do not feed us enough to fill a hole much less anything else. They say; "If you don't like it, Don't come to prison". That is how they try to justify their actions and shortcomings within the Washington system. It is really bad when even the correctional officers try to make small excuses for how small the servings are and how repetitious the type of food is. They serve us the cheapest thing that their MONOPOLY can find and tell us that that is just the way that it is. They think that nothing will ever happen no matter how bad they feed us or treat us. All that they are concerned about is filling their pockets with as much public tax dollars as they can find. That is the Department of Corrections whole thought on the matter. What is one to do??? Well, there are ALWAYS options. Some are positive and some are not. We are all aware of what happened in Santa Fe, New Mexico in 1980. It was a tragic example of a system gone wrong. On that note, this system is pushing for the same thing. They think that it will be a matter of crying out to the Federal Government for more funds to make everything safer. But! Why should it have to go to such an extreme? We that are incarcerated are given a sentence by a judge and a jury. We are removed from society and everything that we love, live for, or care about. THAT is our punishment. Or so they would have society believe. The truth be known. They constantly train each other to cause us, the prisoners, as much grief as they can without pushing us over the edge. They are trained to treat us as sub-humans without rights or dignities. They try to keep us down in EVERY WAY that their sub-committee's can come up with and get grants' for. What a concept it is... Between their methods of starving us and extorting us and ANYONE that helps us or supports us, they are totally out of control. You would think that there would be some sort of limits to their greed and madness, but it is limitless within this system. IN MY OPINION... On that note, I will close this down here for now. I hope that this will be published and that I can continue to add to your observations within this system that I am currently held in... Okey dokey then, thank you for the opportunity to reveal how this system works and operates. 
 Sincerely, Rufus A. Phelps III [ID] Stafford Creek Corrections Center 191 Constantine Way Aberdeen,WA 98520

Author: Phelps, Rufus Andrew, III

Author Location: Washington

Date: April 26, 2014

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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