Recently and according to statistics

Foster, Samuel, II



From UFO Sammie Foster II Recently and according to statistics a Pew report was taken to address if race relations in America had worsened since the election of Donald Trump as president. Six out of eight believe it has. I choose not take or agree that race relations have worsened. What I think has worsened in America before Trump became president is the policy's that were put in placed by past presidents which targeted minority communities. From Clinton get tough on crime which created mass Incarceration policy's to Reagan's Drug Wars and now Trump's Immigration reform Bill (DACA). Its not race relations, thats deteoriated but the oppression of minority groups all across america. But lets examine why this Pew report would connect Donald Trump to race relations in America. Well we must first see what gave people that perception in the first place. And I think it all began when Trump slogan of "Make America Great Again was percieved by the media as Making America White again, and the support of Alt right organizers, such as David Duke connected him to being a racist. So this propaganda of the media of Trump created trepidation on those of the left. And the media news outlets ran with it, and it distracted us americans not to focus on what needed to be done to make America great again./ The only way race relations can get better is to improve economic justice for all, Improve the wages amongst the lower class. And to unify as one as we have seen on television, with everyone working together to Improve our way of life rather than focus on fake news and rhetoric. The only thing that has worsened is Classism.

Author: Foster, Samuel, II

Author Location: Pennsylvania

Date: April 7, 2018

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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