Reflection on the work of dealing with time…

Downing, Curtis L.



Voices Through the Walls RE: Reflection on the work of dealing with time... Curtis L. Downing, Indian Springs, Nevada In the years that I've been incarcerated and reflecting on them, so many things come to mind and almost so fast that, I can hardly write fast enough to get my thoughts on paper. This because I've experienced so much, and much of what has been negative, and seems to be getting worse. I am thankful to God that, over these many years I am able to keep an attitude of gratitude. The most disappointing and so negative is the attitude that is prevalent, here at Southern Desert Correctional Center exhibited by administration, and correctional staff a like. Which is an attitude that they are better than these they are here to provide "corrections" to. Their attitude is to belittle, demean, and utilize vulgar language in communicating with, an incarcerated person. The situations, circumstances that occurred to [Iraqui?] prisoner's of war occur right here, at Southern Desert Correctional Center, and its not complained of more because the correctional officers are, very quick to say write a grievance, and be sure to spell my name right, because they know that nothing will "ever" come of the grievance. What has not materialized in the field of corrections in the state of Nevada, since the departure of Jackie Crawford (Director), is a director, or warden that has a clear vision; ideas to lead the Nevada Department of Corrections firmly into the twenty-first (21st) century. The idea of corrections in Nevada is lock-down and to restrict movement, cut programs, not provide jobs, in fact should you not have a social security card on record at the prison; you cannot obtain employment that has a pay number. I currently have a case pending before the Nevada Supreme Court, case number 54687 the addresses this fact that our sentences increased, based upon the lack of jobs, and the prison time is based upon obtaining work time. Being incarcerated is stressful enough, the environment is highly charged, with many already on edge, mostly due to social tension, and because of the lock-down environment. And there's no outlet, so all they can turn on is one another for simply stupid reasons. What might make it easier is for those whom are hired as correctional employee's, to be required to undergo psychological evaluations, to determine whether they are suitable for employment as correctional employees. Will they provide what the job title supposes "corrections", rather that subjecting them (incarcerated persons), to their own idea of corrections. I.e. what the "F" are you doing on my tier? What the "F" are you doing on my yard? My this, my that, being continuously subjected to mental, verbal, and yes physical abuse. There isn't anything that I've written that I cannot provide first hand information to, or cannot provide individual's to talk with, that can confirm truth to these facts and more. Cordially Curtis L. Downing

Author: Downing, Curtis L.

Author Location: Nevada

Date: March 7, 2010

Genre: Essay

Extent: 3 pages

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