Reflections from the cement coffin July 12, 2013

Nobody (California)



REFLECTIONS FROM THE CEMENT COFFIN (July 12, 2013 - Friday - Roughly 3:58 A.M.) A short while ago I opened my eyes after having another inner dreamworld experience. All I can recall is the emotional imagery. I like the terminology inner dream world experience. The automatic contrast is to this outer dreamworld experience which would appear to be the manifestation of the inner into a virtual reality capable of being experienced outside the self or at least seemingly so. The importance of the terminology would appear to be the emphasis placed on this ideologically constructed world essentially being a dreamworld that is a nightmare we are attempting to wake up from in order to more consciously realize that we are experiencing our existence in a dreamworld. The stronger realization of this then allows us to concentrate more focus on understanding our ability to dream ("An experience of waking life having the characteristics of a dream": as a visionary creation of the imagination...A state of mind marked by abstraction or release from reality: the condition of being lost in thought...A strongly desired goal or purpose"). (Roughly 6:23 A.M.) It's now early Saturday morning. Roughly 3:48 A.M. - I laid down to rest at close to 12:00 A.M. - Thought I would continue or resume moving through reflections on paper again last night - opened my eyes a short while ago from another dream - from another inner dreamworld experience - all I recall of it though is the vague recollection of seeming to have been riding on a fast speeding train - although the ride was smooth the movement of the train was fast - I also recall seeming to have been on my knees in front of some table on the train eating exotic dishes from lands around the world that I wasn't all that familiar with - it seemed that I was being patient - taking my time - inquiring to myself about the ingredients of the dishes as I slowly ate The experience appears to confirm what I was contemplating before I entered into a rest period last night - even though I presumed I would resume moving through reflections on paper instead. The contemplation was primarily about after having spent the time in my mind all day yesterday and night patiently listening to reflections that it was time for me to just begin moving through as many of them as I would be able to on paper - there was the occasional somewhat brief discussion with my cellmate of course - but it was me talking to myself as well - unable to contain the excitement I was experiencing from the insight being fed to me by the train of reflections I was eating from in my mind - the somewhat brief discussions with my cellmate appeared to be just another way I was attempting to move through some of the reflections impulsing me in my mind all day and night - the speeding train would seem to be indicative of the steady pace at which reflections moved in my mind - okay now I see the psychologism of it - although psychologism is a theory that applies psychological conceptions to the interpretations of historical events (i.e. psycho history, historical symbolism), the psychological interpretations to - rather the psychological conceptions to the interpretations are also applied to logical thought - consequently it seems reasonable to make the connection between psychologism and perceptual forms - what is the perceptual form that I utilize to interpret history - the perceptual form through which I see history relates to the evolutionary process of the human species as part of the animal kingdom from the lower degrees of reason/intellect moving toward civilization and reflecting the reason/intellect of divine beings - of our divinity - it seems that many of us are afraid to embrace our divinity - I suppose thought it may be psychologically impossible to do so when the actions of those who are afraid are in conflict with divine law - it's impossible to be a law abiding citizen if the actions of the individual are at odds with the law - so maybe this is why so many of us are afraid it seems to embrace our divinity - but the consideration I was really thinking of is the possibility of the fear stemming form the witchcraft spell from political/religious ideology still on the reflections of many - when I saw to somebody still under the spell that we are divine beings they begin to tremble - sweat - maybe I'm being a little facetious but it seems reasonable to consider that many of us have been trained to fear the slight mentioning of the word divine in connection with the nature of our existence - the training makes practical sense though from the perspective of the devil (ineffective thinker) who seeks to exploit for the benefit of his/her disunited self - the training makes practical sense because divine beings don't allow priestly witches/wizards of degenerative magic to tell the what they have to think and believe in relation to the personal relationship with their higher power - we as divine beings don't allow the witches/wizards of degenerative magic to pit us against each other by virtue of the enchantment of their ideological divisive ways of thinking - especially when all that divine law (i.e. the perfect law of liberty) requires of us is to not be against each other - is to not seek to cause each other harm - but to seek to comprehend the meaning/purpose of the individual paths we travel together - the training makes practical sense because it seems reasonable to consider that divine being wouldn't support a pyramid scheme such as trickle down economic ideology seems to be - but it seems reasonable that if we are afraid to accept our divinity and the creative potential of it - then it will more than likely be easy for us to accept the devil's way of thinking as that of our own - this it seems is why a focus on the ordinary perception of divinity - of the divine nature of our existence seems so essential and imperative - divine simply appears to be that which is of - relating to or proceeding from the source of our existence - then it would seem that to deny our divinity is to deny the source of our existence - but isn't this what the devil's necessary role is as illustrated by the biblical story of Job - to test us to see if we would turn our back on the source of our existence - on our divinity - and for us as a global body to not be moving in a organized way with the expressed deliberate intent to complete the creation of the world in which we desire to experience our existence would appear to be tantamount to turning our back on the source of our existence and therefore on our divinity and if we don't accept that we proceed from a divine eternal source being - then by contrast we would appear to be accepting or believing that we proceed from a degenerative source that isn't divine - that perhaps we proceed from the devil itself - would this then be why we seem to believe that priestly political/religious ideologues are our lords and masters dictating what we think and the direction of this world - is this the way we believe that our very livelihood is dependent on the relationship between mentally ill politics and greedy corporations - as opposed to our livelihood being dependent upon the acceptance of our divinity - our connection with the source of our existence and this creative potential it brings - the organized conglomerate of ideologically ran governments comprising the degenerative nature of this ideologically constructed world make it clear that peace and stability is not their objective - nor is it the role of these governments to lead us into the experience - the world that we desire to experience our existence in is our responsibility/obligation to create - the governments of this world being ideologically ran make this clear - there would appear to be no just cause to be against the governments of this world - the just cause appears to be concentrating focus on our creative ability from within to reverse program the ineffective thinking of the conglomerate of ideological governments comprising this ideologically constructed world - this brings me back to psychologism - back to the perceptual form through which I view history as a evolutionary process of the human being species from savage animal-like to the reflection of the nature of our divinity - the reverse programming of the governments of this world would appear to be a part of the evolutionary process of the human species - so what is the psychologism relating to the experience with me riding on the speeding train - this is the question I was leading to It seems important for me to make the connection between psychologism and perceptual form - but why - I think of the word model alignment between psychologism - psycho-history and psychogenesis - psychogenesis suggest that our origins are from the mental as opposed to the physical - psychologism and psychohistory as well as other such terminologies would appear to have to do with the how to navigate our vessel through this ideologically constructed physical world which is essentially a form of mental field - but it is the terminology model psychogenesis that seems to correspond more directly with the terminology of the divine law of mentalism - the perceptual form may be one of the ways in which it is possible to look at the vehicle in which we travel into and through this world - this appears to be the importance of this connection between psychologism and perceptual form that revealed itself to me in relation to the fast moving train in the experience being indicative of the pace at which reflections steadily impulsed me your - yesterday making it seemingly impossible for me to pull away from the introspection and move through them n paper - except for the continuous jotting down of barely legible notes in between the revelations - each insight leading to another in order to find - to make a greater perceptible picture - the perceptual form that revealed itself to me was that f a moving force like a vortex creating something like a wind tunnel surrounding my particle consciousness making it virtually impossible for me to escape in order to move on paper - I suppose it would be like a magnetic field - it would seemingly have to be the particle consciousness part of me that gets pulled into the vortex and the existence of undifferentiated consciousness that allows me to observe the experience - It would seem impossible for undifferentiated consciousness to be surrounded by vortex wind tunnel like force - so it must have been the particle consciousness part of me - the perceptual form allows me to see the possibility of the reflections moving in such a way yesterday that a vortex like wind tunnel resulting from the pace/force of the reflections surrounding - surrounded particle consciousness making it virtually impossible for me to pull particle consciousness away from - up out of it - I was compelled to listen and receive the insights - it seems reasonable for me to consider that the experience of particle consciousness pulled into the vortex or rather deeper into the vortex is a result of the reciprocation of concentrated focus on the objective - the perceptional form allows me to more clearly see and understand what possible happens to the particle consciousness part of me when that happens - it would seem that the speeding train corresponds with the perceptual form and e inquisitively taking my time eating the exotic dishes would seem to be indicative of the revelations I received yesterday. Me eating while on my knees would appear to be indicative of the degree to which the experience of the path humbles me. (Roughly 2:04 P.M.) After taking a shower this morning - Robert and I had a brief discussion on the tier while waiting to be let back in our cells - He spoke with me about existence again - saying that he wanted to meet existence - that doing so is his objective - that was a little different than what he said the last time he spoke to me specifically through the word model existence - He had previously told me that he is existence or maybe he was telling me that it had been revealed to him that the name of his how - the name of his higher power is existence just as the sleeping lady revealed herself to me as the sleeping lady - It now seems reasonable to say that undifferentiated consciousness revealed herself to me as the sleeping lady - But I have since then also come to be aware of her existence through other terminology models as well - Existence would appear to be one of them - It would appear to have been her speaking to me about existence through Robert - For me she is existence evidenced by her power to help determine the world in which I experience. My existence and even the quality of it right now - Robert expressing his desire to meet existence - for existence to one day reveal itself to him may be indicative of the sleeping lady speaking of the day that the nature of my existence is more so revealed to particle consciousness - Maybe she is simply talking about the greater degree of uploading consciousness that has to take place in order for the objective to be achieved and it seems reasonable to consider that then existence will meet existence more formally if you will - saying that we will more formally meet each other in the world in which we desire to experience existence - The world in which we desire to experience each other because it seems reasonable to consider that we are existence - The world that reflects the nature of our divinity would then seem to be the world in which existence formally meets existence - If Robert is unable to see more clearly that he is essentially existence - Then his desire to meet existence would appear to be the desire to meet himself - He would appear to be still experiencing a somewhat significant degree of disconnection perhaps as a result of still perceiving the peace and joy he experiences to be sourced outside himself through his wife and child as oppose dot being sourced inside himself and happening as a result of the work he is doing inside - It is maybe the more significant perceptual attachment outside the self he has conflict with - but the discussion seemed to present the perfect opportunity to share with him the perceptual form that revealed herself to me last night relating to self-creativity from within - The revelation occurred last night during a discussion with my cellmate - The connection between the word models lightbody and synchronicity appear to have made it possible - It seems reasonable to consider that the building of the lightfield is basically the building of the synchronicity field - The uploading of consciousness of the synchronicity field seems to make it possible to create space and time reflective of the intent utilized to build synchronicity field - The field increasingly aligns people-places and things entering into the field to help further movement toward the objective - This synchronicity field would also appear to be a field of attraction - A magnetic field assembling together those who share in the same objective - Another way to look at this too though is the intention as the higher power the use of the intentions to build synchronicity field so those who move into and through the synchronicity field - No matter if they are negatively polarized The intention of the field still moves through them as the higher power - The biblical story seems to speak of this as when you walk in the spirit all things are accounted for good - In other words - When we build our synchronicity field with good intentions according to the perfect law of liberty - All things will be synchronized to move us in the direction of the objective we travel - But the synchronicity field also seems to underscore the reason why the way people interact with me is a reflection of myself - Of the intention I use to build my synchronicity field - Of course me and Robert discussed this a little more at length - The perceptual form resonated strongly with him - Said it made life more meaningful to him - But the question is to what degree will he be able to remain mindful of the perceptual form and utilize it to navigate his way - It seems reasonable to think of regenerative perceptual forms as feminine gender because they are like micro wombs - Vortexes that open up allowing deeper travel into the womb of mother earth. Robert spoke about something else interesting this morning - About him being ready to receive much deeper revelation - It seemed to confirm the reflections I contemplated last night regarding the possibility that I am only now becoming ready to receive revelation - The reflections occurred after experiencing a earth shattering revelation that I'm not even sure how to describe - It shook me in the sense of its depth - It was as if while watching T.V. - The subtle form of ethereal being revealed herself to me for the first time - It was the form that manifested itself to me - This occurred before the contemplated reflections concerning just now becoming ready to receive revelation - And the contemplated reflections occurred before I was compelled to read a little further in the book by Fuad Nucho title Berdyaev's Philosophy: The Existential Paradox of Freedom & Necessity - When talking about the light of revelation - He writes, "Revelation of the divine always bears the character of a breakthrough of the other world into this world" (Pg. 128) "Revelation, however, is not merely the channel but also the content channeled to us. It is not only a means of communication, but also the very supply that is communicated to us. And what is this content, this supply? For Berdyaev, it is essentially meaning. If symbolism tells us that the sensory world stands for some meaning, and mysticism advises us concerning the spiritual climate necessary for the attainment of meaning, revelation transmit to us that meaning…through the guiding light of revelation, we discover that what seems to be a meaningless life and universe do have a definite meaning after all" (pg. 128). "Revelation is not something which drops into Man's lap from outside in which he has nothing but an entirely passive part to play. In receiving revelation and interpreting its content, man has always been active, though his activity has frequently been fruitless. There is nothing automatic about the manner in which he receives, interprets and assimilates what God reveals to him. Even before the waves of revelation are transmitted, a certain preparation on Man's part is an essential requirement. As the rays come from above, he must prepare himself below. This preparation, explains Berdyaev, 'means the permeation of Man by the divine ray which brings about a change in the human mind" (Pgs 128, 129). (Roughly 10:08 P.M.) Thursday night, after I considered that there was a connection between the word models magic and phenomenology that I was intended to discern, a series of insights opened up to me that I - whose reflections I have yet to move through on paper. There were basically three insights that opened up to me like a series of revelations. The first one has to do with the relationship between terminology models undifferentiated consciousness and galactic mind. One way to consider undifferentiated consciousness is as the galactical mind that holds simultaneously in its mind all emotional beings. One way to consider this is through the question of who is that has control with the emotional beings when it appears that we don't. It seems reasonable to consider that the emotional beings would originate from the source being just as we appear to do. It may be that the galactical mind is the source being of the psychogenesis. To talk about the emotional beings, though, is to also talk about the questions; Who are they and who are we? It seems reasonable to consider that the emotional beings are our brothers and sisters. And if we consider the possibility that what we think of as the soul is the emotional being, then the emotional beings would be our soul brothers and sisters. The negatively polarized emotional being would then be our evil degenerative twin and the positively polarized emotional being our life giving regenerative twin. In other words, it may be that we become just like the one we choose to follow. It may be the human being is basically a secondary form emotional being - the dense form of the emotional being making it visible to the physical eyes for the sake of a more apparent distinction between our existence and the existence of the emotional being. The distinction recognizable through reason and intellect allows for the experience of our existence in the dreamworld virtual reality. The important note here is that what appears to be the case is that the human beings are programmed to treat us the way we treat them. Can't we all just get along? Maybe Rodney King did say it best. The biblical story appears to speak about the emotional beings as the principalities and the holy Quran seems to speak of them as the Jinn. (July 14, 2013 - Sunday - Roughly 1:13 A.M.) The second insight received is like one of those earth shattering insights that has left me in awe f it. It seems like I still kind of enter into a daze when I enter into it - probably due to how amazing the clarity and logic of it feels. The insight appears to shed light on the hypothesis put forth by Zecharia Sitchin regarding the missing link to the evolution of the human species from the more underdeveloped primates. He hypothesized that ancient cosmonauts called the Annunaki travelled from their home planet Nibiru in search of gold particles. They were intending to utilize the gold particles to suspend in the atmosphere surrounding their home planet in order to save it from the detrimental effects of something like the eroding of the ozone layer. He uses as part of his corroborating evidence ancient gold mines discovered in South Africa to have been carbon dated to have existed upwards of twenty thousand years ago. I want to say the dating went beyond a hundred thousand years but I am not exactly sure. I may be getting that date mixed up with the carbon dating spoken of in some of Ivan Sertima's books regarding the existence of ancient civilization and how far back the history of them spans - It may be the history that is written of and virtually deleted from collective consciousness as "pre-History." However, I do recall clearly the carbon dating of the ancient gold mines discovered in South Africa take them back beyond any time frame that ideological history officially recognizes. The hypothesis goes on to suggest that the Anunnaki work crew assigned to the gold mines eventually rebelled due to the hard work - Harsh work conditions - Held meetings with their leaders and the solution reached was to create a worker out of one of the species of the - out of one of the animal species of the field. The primates were chosen because of their ability to walk upright on two legs or at least their potential ability to do so - That and the resemblance of motor skills capable of performing the thinking skills necessary to do the work. All they had to do was advance the evolutionary process of the primate species chosen. This would be done through the process of invitro-fertilization utilizing the sperm of the Anunnaki male and the eggs of the primate woman. Zecharia Sitchin uses as evidence, to corroborate the part of the hypothesis, pictographs appearing to depict the process of invitro-fertilization taking place - The laboratory in which it may have been carried out - But he uses the ancient tales/stories of the people themselves bearing witness to the presence of the Anunnaki among them as corroborating evidence, as well as the memories of the Anunnaki themselves as evidenced by The Lost Book of Enki - Memoirs and Prophecies of an Extraterrestrial God. The synopsis of the book reads as follows: "This book is based on the perspectives of the Anunnaki. What motives propelled the to settle on Earth and what drove them from their new home? Through meticulous research of every available primary source Sitchin has re-created the memoirs of Enki, the leader of these ancient astronauts, an epic tale of gods and men unfolds that challenges every assumption we hold about our ancient history, our culture, and our future." (Roughly 6:41 A.M.) It seems okay for us to analyze - to compare and contrast - to seek to understand - but to be against this world and any members in this world appears to be a no-no. We have reason and intellect at our disposal. It appears that we are obligated to utilize our reason and intellect to create the world we desire to experience our existence in. (Roughly 8:36 A.M.) I figured it would be better for me to wait until after my cellmate went to his visit before I got back into these reflections in order to be able to do so without interruption. I have read several of the books written by Zecharia Sitchin yet I don't really consider myself having read them at all because I read through them as opposed to being able to take my time with the entire nine or ten books comprising the series on the subject matter of the ancient cosmonauts he has written in order to do a close read. The Lost Book of Enki is one of the few of his books I haven't had the opportunity to read. I speak about his hypothesis from the information I was - am able to recall as a result of the connection I feel to it. Zecharia Sitchin and other authors I have read on the subject matter make a compelling argument for the existence of ancient cosmonauts and the story of our collective experience reaching back way further than the historical ideology preached in schools. There really appears to be no difference between religious ideologies and historical ideologies in the sense that ideologies help to condition the way people think in a limiting way. If you want to condition me to think in the unlimited American Dream way, that is welcomed. But don't place limitations with somebody's ideologies. The history of the ancient cosmonauts transcends the limitations of historical ideologies leading to the facade of racial pride. It obviously hasn't been the solution nor has the facade led to a practical plan of action in all these thousands of years. We still appear to be disappointed by verdicts such as the Trayvon Martin verdict. The disappointment comes from the expectation and the expectation comes from the confusion resulting from the presumption to comprehend this ideologically constructed world in which we currently experience our existence that is essentially one global con game. I don't judge the verdict. It would seem unreasonable for me to continue getting upset because somebody keeps pissing on me, after he tells me that it is what he is going to utilize the system to do, if my concern isn't to understand how to stop him from utilizing the system to piss on me. Consequently I just keep getting upset everytime it happens which, again, would seem unreasonable. After everybody cals down, it is right back to the same place - to the same question: How do we effectively organize in a way to utilize our system to create the society and world we desire to experience our existence in? This is the question it seems important to concentrate focus on, which is why I only talk about the Trayvon Martin verdict in relation to it. The real travesty would seem to be that the incident was partly rooted in the historical ideologies which helped to fuel the confrontation. When it comes to the hypothesis concerning the history of the ancient cosmonauts and them being the missing link to the evolutionary process of the human being species as animal primate, the missing link within the hypothesis may be not looking at it from the perspective of psychohistory (historical symbolism) and instead attempting to grasp the hypothesis from a strict literal physical perspective. When I think of psychohistory I think of psychology and the mental processes associated with it. I think of historical events as simply being a symbolic reflection of collective psychological development or of the uploading of consciousness. It doesn't appear that historical events are intended to define who we are or where we come from, but are simply symbolic of the developmental process we are experiencing in relation to the growth of particle consciousness into unification. I consider the possibility of the ancient cosmonauts being historically symbolic of the journey we are currently experiencing. Before I go any further with this, I want to quote from the book Berdyaev's Philosophy: The Existential Paradox of Freedom & Necessity about what is written about symbols - "... A symbol signifies the representation of another reality. It is a sign that stands for something else. It suggest a relationship between itself as a sign and the other thing or reality for which it stands. A symbol presupposes the existence of two orders of being and points out the fact that the meaning of the one lies in the other. A symbol constitutes a bridge which links together two worlds ... while delimiting both worlds, it also unites them to one another" (Pg. 120). "Symbolism places the center of gravity of life in the spiritual realm and refuges to see any final reality in the world of phenomena. Yet it admits the possibility of transfusion of spritual meaning into this world. Berdyaev stresses the conviction that the mystery of the spiritual realm can be expressed only through symbolism and yet it is through symbolism that its distinction from, and close association with, the natural world can be maintained. To conceive of the natural world symbolically means to discern that spiritual realities behind physical phenomena in symbols we glimpse the reflection of the invisible world of spiritual realities as a excellent description of true symbolism, Berdyaev cites the words of St. Paul: "For now we see through a glass darkly, but then face to face; now I know in part, but they shall I know even as also I am known" Only by means of symbolism is the spiritual life perceived in this world" (Pg. 122). "To be aware of the fact that all things in this world are symbols of spiritual realities is to be free from oppressive dependence on this world; it is to perceive the purpose underlying an otherwise meaningless world. Symbolization is a reversal of the process of objectification. It is "a return of the objective world to the sphere of inner existence." Symbolization provides us with signs and posters on the highway of life, so to speak, which directs us to the right destination and the proper accommodation. The signs and posters at the roadside stand for something that is elsewhere. Similarly, the symbols we constantly encounter in the objectified world represent meanings in the spiritual world. Unfortunately, we often fall into the temptation of mistaking these symbols for the spiritual realities they denote. It is possible to live under this false impression. As a result, the symbolic value of the phenomenal world disappears and the true spiritual reality is entirely concealed from us. Therefore, warns Berdyaev, it is of utmost importance to grasp the truth that symbolization "is not realization, though there are in it reflections of another world and it foreshows the transfiguration of this world." Symbolization counteracts objectification, which is a process of adaptation and assimilation to the conditions of the phenomenal world. Symbolization is the reversal of the estrangement caused by objectification, the force that chains men to the heavy weights of necessity in this world. As such, it is the beginning - but only the beginning - of the process of spiritualization of subjectification" (Pgs. 123, 124). (Roughly 2:55 P.M.) As I moved through the reflections - the excerpted reflections regarding symbolization, I wondered to myself why I was moving through the number of excerpts that I was as opposed to just one or two. Additionally, I didn't stop in between to analyze any of the excerpts or to make further connections. Doing so would obviously compel me to write much more than it seems I am intended to. My desire is to move quickly through reflections - make the necessary connections in order to move on to the others while at the same time saturating consciousness with the movement. My intent with the excerpts is to underscore the seeming importance of the psychohistory approach to the ancient cosmonauts hypothesis. If "only by means of symbolism is spiritual life perceived," then it would seem reasonable to consider that only through the approach of psychohistory (historical symbolism) is the historical meaning of the ancient cosmonauts really perceived. It may be though that I moved through the number of excerpts which I did in order to experience the resonating synchronicity of the last reflection of the last excerpt I moved through. Of course i was unaware of the awaiting synchronicity. The reflection didn't resonate with me during the previous times that I moved through it when reading. And, had I only chosen one or two excerpts, it wouldn't seem to have been one of the ones I had chosen. It's interesting to me that I didn't make the stronger connection to it before - "... It is the beginning - but only the beginning - of the process of spiritualization or subjectification." The reflection appears to confirm even further what I said earlier about feeling as though I am just now being prepared to receive revelation. The indication may be that I still don't really understand shit. If this is the beginning of the spiritualization process, I can only look anxiously forward to the experiences which lay ahead. But what does it all mean - I wonder - only the beginning of the spiritualization process. New perceptual forms are beginning to open up to me already in response to the question. The reflections relating to the ancient cosmonauts and the received insights connected to them would appear to have something to do with the reflection resonating so strongly that it is only the beginning of the spiritualization process. That symbolization is only the beginning of the spiritualization process. Berdyaev talks about the possibility of through symbolism being the only way to perceive the living right now time reality of the invisible world. He talks about the process of symbolization reversing the process of objectification, which would appear to be yet another way of talking about the reverse programming of degenerative particle consciousness. There are other connections to this as well, but I want to continue to move forward to the connection Berdyaev makes between the process of subjectification and our movement in time. When talking about his three categories of time-cosmic, historical, and existential time, he writes, "Cosmic time, which is cyclical in its movement, governs nature. Historical time, symbolized by the straight line, constitutes the stage of the human drama. Existential time, ... is the trickling of eternity into historical time. The end is the conquest of both cosmic and historical time. It is not an end in time but of time. This end occurs in existential time, which is the only time that remains. But since existential time is anchored in eternity, this is equivalent to saying that the end takes place in eternity. However, for Berdyaev, eternity is not a distant reality. Drops from the ocean of eternity keep falling into our historical time. These are the moments of existential time which constantly seek to penetrate and permeate our historical time and existence. A person experiencing such a moment would not watch the clock and calendar ... the end is a spiritual event which takes place in existential time ... the end is the triumph of meaning ... a history without a end would be meaningless ... the end is identical with the goal. History has meaning if it is consummated in such a goal. Personal and historical existence can have meaning only as they are seen in the long range perspective of their ultimate goal" (Pgs. 136, 137). The ultimate objective he speaks of would appear to be the creation of a world that reflects our divinity. The end time would appear to correlate with the events of history being symbolic of our collective evolutionary psychological development or the uploading of consciousness to the necessary level of completion that corresponds with the transformation of this world equalling the end of historical time and the beginning of existential time or of the experience of our existence in a world reflective of eternity. The way that this all appears to be connected to the insight I received regarding the ancient cosmonaut hypothesis is that the history seems to be symbolic - a allegory personifying our journey from inner space. (Roughly 7:31 P.M.) Robert came to the door a short while ago. The discussion gave me more insight into the historical symbolism I was about to move through. I will have to continue. There are connections I was intending to get to that I didn't. Nobody

Author: Nobody (California)

Author Location: California

Date: October 17, 2016

Genre: Essay

Extent: 14 pages

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