Reflections from the cement coffin July 9, 2013

Nobody (California)



Reflections from the Cement Coffin (July 9, 2013 - Tuesday - Roughly 6:13 A.M.) As soon as I opened my eyes this morning a little after 4:00, my consciousness continued speaking to me about the nature of consciousness. It seems reasonable to consider that consciousness is best suited to teach me about the nature of consciousness. It also seems reasonable to consider that consciousness teaching me about consciousness is consciousness basically teaching me about myself. The hypothetical separation between myself and consciousness is automatically implied. I perceive myself to be the vehicle (i.e physical being/physical world) in which I exist. This allows me to recognize the separation between myself and consciousness that hypothetically exists. This hypothetical separation can also be considered in terms of the physical world being separated from the non-physical world of the visible world being separated from the invisible world or something (somebody) being separate from nothing ([nobody?]). I mention these other terminologies through which it is possible to explore this consideration, but I want to remain focused in on moving through consciousness as a terminology. The separation of consciousness, hypothetically, out of consciousness would appear to really be the manifestation of consciousness out of consciousness in order that consciousness may have experience with itself, through the hypothetical part of itself that appears to be separated. So, although undifferentiated consciousness is the substantial reality of underlying the hypothetical consciousness – the hypothetical separation of consciousness into particles of consciousness, the particles of consciousness into particles of consciousness, the particles of consciousness would appear to exist with a different nature of consciousness by virtue of the separation form undifferentiated consciousness, subsequently, undifferentiated consciousness manifests itself as particle consciousness. We see particles consciousness as the physical being/physical world and have the ability to see/experience the living existence of undifferentiated consciousness through the hypothetical particles of consciousness. The quality of our experience with particle consciousness would then appear to be a reflection of our awareness of undifferentiated consciousness and this degree to which we comprehend the nature of our existence with each other – the purpose of our existence with each other. The point consideration that I opened my eyes to this morning is that we have being so caught up in fighting against particle consciousness, whether by non-violent or violent means, that we haven’t stopped to seriously consider whether or not we should be fighting against particle consciousness. As a result we have been unable to see more clearly through the particle consciousness in order to progressively connect with the undifferentiated consciousness that it would appear we, as one United States being, essentially are. The importance of substantively connections with who we hypothetically are would appear to become much clear with the possibility is considered that undifferentiated consciousness and the inexhaustible source of energy (i.e. zero point emotional field) are basically one and the same source being personified by the two different terminologies. Additionally, if the only viable plan of action for accomplishing the objective is the reprogramming of particle consciousness from negative polarization to positive polarization, it seems reasonable to consider that the connection to undifferentiated consciousness is the key. The possibility of programming particle consciousness is best suited to teach me about the nature of consciousness. There are to excerpts that I lifted from a book while at Soleao that seems to speak of these same things except in a slightly different way. The name of the book is Dark Majesty written by Texe Marrs. Texe Marrs appears to be a particle consciousness – negatively polarized who is caught up in the paranoia of political conspiracy plotting behind closed doors to turn the masses into poor and starving beggars and cloned mindless slaves. The interesting thing, for me, about the book is that it appeared to make the argument for the necessity of a new world order as opposed to the argument against it. Simple logic would seem to suggest that any world order that has any children, women or men suffering in it is not a new world order but the same world order currently being experienced. The new world order would then have to be, it sems, the world of American exceptionalism created on Mother Earth. In the first excerpt, Texe Marrs writes, “A master magician who knows how to wield the forces of alchemy. The theory goes, understands that the restructuring of reality cannot be brought into being by brute force or by muscle power, or militarism, the true alchemist, notes Peter Partner in his insight filled book, The Knights Templar and Their Myth, is aware that, “The occult world qualities are transmitted by sympathetic contagion, not established by argument. The art of wizardry calls for the magician to line up materials which he wishes to transmute in such a manner that they will act like a contagious bacteria. Each cell must exert a influence on the next so that as a whole (holism) the individual cells will result I a totally new product. In other words, if magic is to be used to create a new world order, the individual cells – that is, the 6 billion people who make up the planet Earth – must be brought together as one. Though they may be diverse in terms of their culture, ethnic beliefs, nationalities, religions and languages, their diversity must be harnessed and fitted to become part of the whole” (pg. 240). Maybe it would be better to think of the programming of particle consciousness (i.e. the physical being) as the reverse programming of particle consciousness. The obvious implication then becomes that it is not a question of whether or not particle consciousness has been programmed. The question becomes what is the nature of the programming that particle consciousness is following? In this ideologically constructed world, it seems reasonable to consider that the nature of the programming is degenerative. This programming would appear to be most evident by the common belief in death. It seems reasonable to consider that practically every physical being in this world believes that death not only has to happen but that dying is simple – is simply a natural part of life. Everybody seems so certain of it that to suggest a consideration that says otherwise is almost like committing a blaspheme against the church. So when I have listened to passionate arguments on behalf of death, I have wondered if the argument is just the programming of particle consciousness speaking. What if death is being born in to this world in order to first experience death so that we may mature to appreciate and respect the gift of life once we complete the creation of this world to reflect the divinity we are intended to experience. I ask people this question: what would you do if you only had on year left to exist in this world? Would you behave the same as you do now? Would you waste time arguing with people – hating people – being negative – holding on to the resentments or would you focus on enjoying the rest of your time? What about ten years? Would you act the same as you do if you only had ten years left to exist in this world? What about twenty years? What about sixty years? What would you do if you only had sixty years left to exist in this world? I say that I would devote time to trying to understand how it would be possible to create a world in which I could exist forever. The point consideration being that if the natural inclination of a organism is to seek to live (i.e. the law of self preservation), then why is death so commonly accepted as a natural part of life when it doesn’t have to be. It would appear to be evidence of the physical being being degeneratively programmed. The argument always seems to be that people die in this world everyday so it must be a natural part of life. But what if people die in this world every day because practically everybody believes death is a natural part of life? The reverse programming of particle consciousness would then seem to have to be a shift from degenerative thinking to regenerative thinking – from belief in the ideological death God (i.e. dark majesty) to accepting the possibility of one day experiencing life. The point consideration with this is the necessity of reverse programming particle consciousness. If reverse programing is considered in the connect of “The art of wizardry calling for the magician to line up materials which he wishes to transmute in such a manner that they will act like a contagious bacteria,” the materials assembled would appear to be particle of consciousness. This is also spoken of it seems in a more ordinary way as the domino theory (i.e. the theory that if one act or event is allowed to take place, series of similar acts or events will follow). (roughly 2:32 P.M.) What we appear to be talking about here is the projection of undifferentiated consciousness evolving into critical mass. If the restructuring of this world’s reality has to be transmitted by sympathetic contagion – not brute force, muscle power, militarism or argument, the sympathetic contagion would appear to have to be the living power of undifferentiated consciousness. I want to say more about this in relation to the power of world model alignment, but I am going to move on to the second excerpt. Texe Marrs writes, “What those who would control men’s minds are most desirous of is a type of computerized universe. Computer scientist David Foster, an authority on cypernetics, has written about this concept. In his book, the Intelligent Universe: A Cybernetic Philosophy, he sets forth a concept that the universe is alive and intelligent. The universe, Foster writes, is like on giant computer. It is, he adds, a computer that can be controlled by the minds of experts, men of superior minds and intellect. As foster explains: ‘I put forward a new theory of the universe which suggested the universe was something like a gigantic electric computer and that if the energetical and material interactions could be regarded as a sort of cosmic data processing… since man is a part of the intelligent universe then it would be reasonable to suppose that he incorporates cybernetic (computer system) design principle; are indeed; a cursory examination of the structure of the human psyche and body indicate a system basically capable of achieving steersmanship (cybernetics comes from the Greek word kybernetes, meaning “steersman”).’ Foster further proposes that the great universal computer can be ruled over by a controller and master. All that is necessary, he contends, is form someone to learn how to “program” the universal computer.” It seems reasonable to consider that what David theoretically perceives to be the great universal computer that someone is capable of learning how to program is possible the particle consciousness I have spoken of. It would seem unreasonable to think in terms of learning how to program undifferentiated consciousness if undifferentiated consciousness can reasonably be considered to be the source of our existence. It would be like the child come out of the mother’s womb and they saying that he/she has to learn how to program the mother to give birth. Undifferentiated consciousness has made it possible for us to exist because we are who we are and it seems that particle consciousness makes it possible for us to be co-creative with each other – makes it possible for us to create the world we desire to experience in partnership with undifferentiated consciousness. For – as a result of these considerations and other, it seems reasonable to consider that when David Foster speaks – theorizes the existence of a universal computer that is capable of being programmed – that he is intending to speak of this world and the physical being in it existing as particle consciousness. It seems that we have the ability to program particle consciousness – that maybe we are obligated to do so in order to finish the creation of this world as is intended to be; civilized. David Foster goes on to write in his book, “’In the beginning was the word and let there be light.’ For light is the mechanics of information and the word is the utter foundation of computer technology.” The theory should be that it is possible to program particle consciousness (i.e. the mechanical universe) because it is nothing new and already being done. The degenerative programming of particle consciousness is openly spoken of through the terminology of “social engineering.” The theory would seem to be instead that we have the ability to reverse the degenerative programming of particle consciousness to a regenerative programming. The effects of the reverse programming would appear to include – I’ve already said that so let me continue forward – maybe the biblical story says is the best and the easiest – proverbs 6 – chapter 22 – “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it” – this seems to speak to programming. But also it seems to reflect the way I was raised up. And now that I am older I am travelling the way I should go – and I will not depart from it. But it seems that I feel the presence of divine beings have joined me. But I also feel that divine being are allowing me to join – to unite and travel the way I should go – with them. It seems that I now see more clearly why I just can’t talk readily about it. And another way to consider the ineffectiveness of judgment – each physical being – it seems is programmed to do what they do – to think like they think – to feel like they feel – it doesn’t appear that we are able to control exactly how what happens happens – only undifferentiated consciousness seems to the exact measure will be – right now though – our physical being exist in the chaos of ignorant fool. It seems that the whisper of Mother Earth has long warned us the wisest among us are those who understand that they are fools – I keep my intentions good – I make the best decisions that I can no matter how foolish I may sometimes feel. I keep it simple. Try to always do my best and work to focus as much emotion into the objective as much as I possibly can. The reverse programming appears to also be connected to the strengthening of intent. The divine will. It deems that what I haven’t said or it speaks more clearly to me. It seems that when we talk of creating a new world we are talking about reversing the programming of the world and stabling the program (i.e. hypothetical framework) to finish the creation of the world we desire to “experience our existence in. It seems the key is resetting the programming from ideology to divine law. Principles thinking. I now see the connection to the terminology of “machine language” and “assembly language,” as well as the connection to the ordinary language philosophy. It seems that the machine language corresponds to the programming of particle consciousness. The [illegible] – mathematical structure of the machine language may be represented by propositional calculus (“The branch of symbolic logic that uses symbols for unanalyzed propositions and logical connectives only). Propositional calculus seems to correspond to the effective alignment of word models/perceptual forms. I suppose the machine language can also be thought of as a algorithm, The machine language would appear to be the language that programs the physical being – whether the language is formulated to download or upload consciousness. On the other hand, the assembly language seems to correspond to the story that speaks to the heart inside divine beings- the experience with the path. The hypothesis is becoming clearer.

Author: Nobody (California)

Author Location: California

Date: October 17, 2016

Genre: Essay

Extent: 6 pages

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