Reflections from the cement coffin June 10, 2013

Nobody (California)



Reflections from the Cement Coffin (June 10, 2013 - Monday - roughly 8:29 A.M.) I opened my eyes shortly after 1:00 A.M early this morning after entering into a rest period at close to 11:00 P.M. I wanted to continue moving through reflections on paper relating to divine will. Divine will would appear to be same as divine intention. In the most practical sense, all we are really talking about is the meaningful application of divine law - the conscious intention to apply divine law to the process of creativity. The reflections I moved through last week on paper all seemed to be concentrated around the symbiotic relationship between the expression of will and divine law. To talk about this relationship between will and divine law is to essentially talk about the nature of the thinking process that every single member of our United States being is obviously connected to. It would seem impossible for any member of our United States being to deny being connected to the thinking process. Every member of our United States being is subject to/of the thinking process just as I am. This seems impossible to deny. And so to shift the thinking process from ideology to divine law would then also shift the collective behavior of our members from that of being divisive to unifying and holistic. This appears to be the importance of the expression of divine will in order to upload the consciousness level of our members and complete the shift. My intention was to continue moving through reflections relating to the thinking process and divine will after I opened my eyes at roughly 1:00 A.M. The reflections I moved through last week on paper with a visit into the inner world of the sleeping lady's subconscious mind. All that I was able to recall of it is a vague discussion about how to more effectively engage the process of thinking for the sake of unification. It appeared to be the general subject matter of the discussion. Most of it was vague to me but the reflections that followed all week concerning the process of thinking would appear to verify the subject matter of the discussion during the visit. The point of this is that I intended to continue moving through reflections related to the nature of the thought - of the thinking process but I ended up entering into another rest period and experiencing a similar visit. My eyes suddenly opened at close to 5:00 A.M. The emotional imagery from the visit was strong but other than that I was only able to recall another vague discussion about the thinking process. These recent reflections concerning the thinking process would appear to reflect me existing now in a much deeper space within my mind, hence the deeper insights and perceptual alignment I am receiving. (June 11, 2013 - Tuesday - roughly 2:00 A.M.) Eyes suddenly opened after experiencing another visit into the inner world of the sleeping lady's subconscious mind - but my recollection of the events that occurred are vague - the emotion - all imagery of having been there in that space and time is what appears to be clear to me - but I wonder why these vague recollections continue to happen to me - it seems to have been quite a while since I have experienced a lucid visit - I wonder if it is indicative of now appearing to exist in my mind - the depth of perceptual alignment having reached such a point that it seems I have transcended the outer world of the sleeping lady's conscious mind - it would maybe seem reasonable that the more clear this parallel experience becomes clear to me experientially the less necessary the eventful visit with people, places and things becomes necessary for me to experience - if the purpose of the continuous stream of visits was to acclimate me to this parallel existence - in other words - if my perceptual alignment has now reached such a point that I appear to consciously exist in the sleeping lady's subconscious mind - what would be the necessity of the event filled visits continuing to acclimate my perception to my parallel existence - this may be the cultural harmonics between the subconscious mind and the conscious mind - between the inner world and the outer world - between the invisible world and the visible world - what I am talking about here appears to be the establishment of the bond between heaven (subconscious mind) and earth (conscious mind) - but another way to think of this perceptual alignment is as the building of the bridge between heaven and earth - between the world of American exceptionalism and this ideologically constructed world - I think of the bridge to nowhere having to do with Alaska that was tossed back and forth like a political football during the 2008 presidential race - this bridge I speak of establishing the bond between heaven and earth can be considered to be the bridge to nowhere it seems because the experience is essentially taking place in one place - the mind (i.e. the principle of mentalism) (Roughly 4:34 A.M) The early morning hours seem to be the best time for me to move through reflections on paper, due to the quietude and lack of distractions. But the dilemma that occurs when it comes to taking advantage of the early morning hour quietude is that it is also seemingly the best time for me to just lay underneath the covers and listen to my thinking process (i.e. emotional intelligence). Sometimes it is difficult for me to discern which one I should do; move through reflections on paper or listen to reflections move in my mind. (Roughly 6:32 A.M.) I discontinued moving through reflections on paper in order to listen to reflections in my mind. Emotional intelligence began to speak with me about the distinction between moving through reflections on paper on paper and listening to reflections move in my mind. The distinction appears to be a matter of engagement. I before perceived myself to be moving through reflections in my mind when I listen to emotional intelligence speak from within. But it seems instead the movement (i.e. engaging) I perceived myself to be doing only appears to be so by virtue of the reflections I observe moving. It would appear to be a case of the sleeping lady having metaphysical intercourse with me, as opposed to me having it with her. I am the passive participant during the intercourse when I'm in listening mode. I suppose the physical equivalent would be a woman getting on top of a man and having sexual intercourse with him. The question is is the man having sexual intercourse with the woman or is the woman the one having sexual intercourse with the man? They are both participating, of course, but, with the woman on top, it would the woman is the active participant and the man the passive. In other worlds the woman is engaging the man and the man is receiving the engaging intercourse to the pleasurable benefit of them both. In the case of metaphysical intercourse, allowing the sleeping lady to engage me, by listening to reflections move in my mind, would seem akin to a preparatory stage for the conception of higher forms of reflections to listen to and contemplate. The mental tension or emotional ambivalence that I experience during the more intense listening sessions would seem to be a reflection of me not listening closely enough or of having yet to comprehend the reflections I'm listening to. Well, it seems reasonable to consider that, in alignment with the thinking process advancing awareness with each developmental degree, the sleeping lady will continue to speak to me until I comprehend the intent of the reflections she is speaking. She teaches me what is necessary for me to understand. Instead of the mental tension and emotional ambivalence being a reflection of me not comprehending the intended awareness of the reflections spoken, it would instead be a reflection of me being impatient with the thinking process as opposed to allowing the process to unfold - allowing the sleeping lady to engage me at her pace. The importance of this consideration appears to be in more clearly understanding/perceiving the connection between me engaging the sleeping lady (i.e. thinking process) in metaphysical intercourse and moving through reflections on paper. The distinction between moving through reflections on paper and listening to reflections move in my mind seem connected to more clearly comprehending the creative dynamics between divine law and expression of free will. If it is reasonable to consider that listening to reflections move in my mind is akin to the preparatory stage for the sleeping lady conceiving higher forms of reflections to contemplate and listen to, then it may be that me moving through the reflections on paper is engaging the sleeping lady in a way that facilitates the birth of the higher form reflections. This would appear to be the same operating dynamic in relation to facilitating the creation of the world of American exceptionalism on Mother Earth. I listen to emotional intelligence in my mind - engage the reflections on paper - grow from the clearer perceptual insight received and allow the process to continue to repeat itself until the uploading of consciousness is complete within the members of our United States being and transformation is achieved. So after discontinuing moving through reflections a little after 4:34 A.M. in order to listen to reflections move in my mind, I soon entered into another rest period. I could feel myself being pulled into it. When my eyes suddenly opened close to 5:30 A.M., all that I was able to recall of the visit experienced in the inner world of the sleeping lady's subconscious mind was another discussion having something to do with engaging the thinking process. My recollection of the discussion is incoherent but something about engaging the thinking process is clear to me. It would appear to be the sleeping lady confirming previous reflections relating to the subject matter. The overall indication appears to be for me to resume engaging reflections aggressively on paper again. In recent weeks I have primarily been doing a lot of listening to reflections move in my mind. The stronger connection to the expression of divine will seems to be indicative of it being time to move aggressively on paper again. (Roughly 9:13 P.M.) I like to observe and monitor the process unfolding inside me. I went to the yard this morning and had productive discussion with Robert - came back to the cell a little after 11:30 A.M. - moved through reflections on paper a little bit before attempting to lay down and rest a short while - difficult to do when my cellmate is up moving around - he exists outside himself - will based on external causes - difficult for me to concentrate inner focus as I otherwise would be able to without the distraction - as I listen to him and observe wondering why he can't seem to understand that all I really want to talk about - think about - work toward is the objective - I really don't care about the frivolous shit he often talks about - when it comes to discussing viable solutions or comprehending the dynamics of this ideologically constructed world - he has attention deficit disorder - but there is no real sincere desire on his part to understand - but the same can be said for many people with special emphasis on ideologues in leadership positions - this is interesting to me - this lack of desire to understand - that at least a sizable portion of the members of our United States being are afflicted by - the culprit would seemingly have to be the presumption of already understanding - I figure that it has to be related to the strengthening of my will/intention - when I came back to the cell from chow this evening - I primarily listened to reflections move in my mind while watching the game - the NBA finals - I had a desire to move through reflections on paper - but there seemed to be a blanket of mental tension covering me - like handcuffs gripping me - the indication seemed to be for me not to force myself to focus through the commotion surrounding me but to continuing listening to reflections - what is interesting to me is the way the blanket of tension just disappeared a short while ago - cleared up allowing me to move easily through these reflections - the point of it seems to be the presence of the sleeping lady - although my desire is to move aggressively through reflections - it seems that she won't allow me to force the issue - that I still have to remain within a certain flow - maybe restructuring my resting pattern is in order - these are the reflections now speaking - it seems more reasonable for me to go back to staying up through the early morning hours to utilize the quietude and just get my rest periods in throughout the day - it may be that the discussions between Robert and I have for the most part ran their course - miss the yard a little more - stay in the cell - double down on writing time - rest when my cellmate is up moving around - tune him out a little bit more than I have been - cool cellmate when considering how much worse one can be - but he's quick to waste my time with a lot of bullshit small talk if I allow him to - like he thinks cell time is kicking it entertainment time - it's just the level of awareness he is at - makes it difficult to stay powered up and concentrated inside my mind to the degree that I desire to remain perceptually inside my mind - but maybe me being able to observe how emotionally irritated I become when it seems I am being perceptually pulled outside myself (i.e. mind) would appear to be reflective of the deeper place I have reached in my mind - of the level of connectedness I have achieved with the sleeping lady - still am achieving - but this ambivalent dynamic is seemingly a part of the process as well - allowing me to now compare and contrast - to even more so value my presence - my existence inside my mind - inside my world - my universe - the womb of Mother Earth - the sleeping lady - Okay - let me go back to this before moving forward with that - it is said to be out of your mind is to be crazy - but wait does it really mean to be out of your mind in the more ordinary sense - disconnected from the inner world of the sleeping lady's subconscious mind - the conscious mind would then seem to be the world of experience manifested - the chaos of this physical world then being a direct reflection of the disconnection - this would seem to be one of the meanings of the Biblical silver cord being loosened - the meek shall inherit the earth - the bridge between heaven and earth - it seems reasonable to consider that the subconscious mind is heaven and the conscious mind is earth - the meek shall inherit the earth - to inherit the earth implies that we have yet to inherit the earth we are intended to inherit - if this is not earth then what is it - it would appear to be the American experiment - an ideologically constructed false cloned - imitation of earth - to inherit the earth may be to first and foremost inherit one's conscious mind - to enter into one's own conscious mind and become consciously aware of one's own existence as a living conscious being within the mind and not just a reactionary like robot reacting without conscious thought to the judgments and ideological agenda's of this world - to be meek is to humble self to divine law - to be allowed to establish the bond between the conscious mind and subconscious mind in order to create order out of chaos and subsequently inherit the earth that is intended for divine beings to exist in. (June 13, 2013 - Thursday - roughly 3:06 A.M.) I suddenly opened my eyes at roughly 2:36 A.M. I had another visit into the inner world of the sleeping lady's subconscious mind. My recollection of it was more lucid than my recollections have been in recent weeks regarding the visit I experience. I've been laying underneath the covers attempting to recollect and make sense of it as much as I can. What I recall is sitting in what seemed to be the lobby of a processing center. The spacefulness of it was probably the equivalent of the lobby of first floor of a skyscraper building. The lobby was clean, brightly lit, enclosed by giant glass windows, sparkling white marble floor and there was a group of us present. It appeared that we were all waiting to be processed into the experience of our freedom. I recall one of us waiting began to sing a rap song to celebrate the coming moment he was about to experience. The scene shifted - well - first I was told by someone that I would be able to find someone I knew singing and dancing across the street at a performance for high school students. The communication seemed to be mental. I became aware that the someone I knew was a lady who was an old friend of mind who I hadn't seen in a long time. It is then that the scene shifted and I was suddenly in the high school auditorium, at least perceptually, observing the performance. But maybe it was a celebration of some sort. It was like a Broadway performance. The lady who was my old friend was wearing what seemed to be a green velvet dress that left the shoulders and neckline bare and flared out around at the knees - something like one of Cinderella ball dresses. The face of the lady was clear and vivid. Staring at her face is what I recall mostly. She was a brunette, her appearance makes me think of Janet on the television sitcom Threes Company. Maybe this is the importance to the connection with the woman as an old friend; the number three and its personification of the cosmic trinity - not the ideological religious opinion of the trinity - but the divine trinity - the three concentric circles cosmology synchronized with the divine nature of our governing system existing underneath the contrasting ideological construct - the divine trinity synchronized with sacred geometry. The presence of the woman as an old friend seems to be a personification of these things. The scene then shifted again and I was walking through an empty parking lot back into the lobby for processing. But I observed some men in the parking lot selling green clothes. They all wore green clothes. Their pants, shirts, shoes and even the hats they wore were green. There was some kind of writing on their hats that spelled out a catchy phrase. I don't recall what the phrase said but it was vivid to me during our experience. I kept repeating it. I considered asking the men if they were a gang before I purchased any of the clothes from them but I decided against doing so because I could sense that they weren't. Sensing that the men were not a gang would appear to be reflective of my ability to perceive beyond the - this ideologically constructed world. The scene then shifted again and I was back sitting in the lobby waiting to be processed into the experience of freedom. I recall sitting there looking at my new green clothes and how they fit wondering what Maya would think of the new me. It was at this point that my eyes suddenly opened. (Roughly 7:41 A.M.) I wanted to take the time to listen a little more to reflections speak to me about the possible indications of the visit. The more concise analysis would maybe be that the visit further confirms the reflections I've been moving through relating to the establishment of the bridge between the subconscious mind (heaven) and the conscious mind (earth). The empty parking lot between the lobby and the high school auditorium may personify the connecting bridge - the men selling the green clothes may reflect the renewal process the establishment of the bridge signifies. This takes me back to some of the reflections I had yet to move through on paper regarding parallel existence in the conscious and subconscious mind. (June 14, 2013 - Friday - roughly 12:00 A.M.) Went to the mini-yard yesterday morning so I discontinued moving through reflections on paper. Had a nice workout - got a good sweat in - then walked and talked with Robert. The workout in the hot weather had me feeling real relaxed after I made it back to the cell, ate lunch and laid back on my bunk continuing to listening to reflections move through my mind. I did so until count time at 4:00 P.M. - after count time - until evening chow - after evening chow - while watching the fourth game of the NBA finals - I turned the television off and entered into a rest period at about 9:00 P.M. My eyes suddenly opened a little before 12:00 A.M. - after experiencing another visit into the inner world of the sleeping lady's subconscious mind. The images of events occurring are too vague for clear recollection. The emotional imagery of having been present there - though - in the inner world is still strong with me. The continuing visits into the inner world which I also think of as the invisible world would seem to possibly reflect my increasing presence there and therefore my increasing presence here as nobody - this is to say nothing more it seems than the continuous visits varying in degree of recollection and experience would appear to reflect the increasing presence of myself in my own mind - but how is it possible to exist both here and there or there (visible world) and here (invisible world) - the establishment of the bridge between the two worlds - we are talking about parallel existence again - but there are even a number of ways to look/consider the nature of parallel existence (i.e. divine paradox) - for instance - dimorphous - "combining qualities of two kinds of individuals into one" - and then one of the meanings of parallel is "something equal or similar in all essential particulars: counterpart" - the counterpart it seems reasonable to consider is simply a necessary - is simply another way to look at the necessary contrast for experience to be possible - so to speak about the nature of parallel existence is to consider the nature of contrasting worlds (i.e. heaven & hell) and contrasting ways of thinking (i.e. double-mindedness) reflecting individual existence - the contrasting worlds and ways of thinking (i.e. principled vis-a-vis ideological) are essentially the same because of the all-encompassing underlying reality unifying all things and yet at the same time the contrasting worlds and ways of thinking have difference in order for creation/experience to be possible - the principle of polarity appears to underscore this as well (i.e. like and unlike are basically the same - the difference is only a matter of degree and it may be reconciled) - the establishment of the bridge would then be the reconciling of the paradox - I think of Kant's emphasis on the possibility - the obligation to reconcile the dualism between nature and morality - the unreconciled paradox or parallel existence would appear to be reflected by this suffering world to [where?] as the reconciled parallel existence would appear to be reflected by the world of American exceptionalism on Mother Earth - maybe these reflections have something to do with the visit I experienced before I began to move through them - they definitely appear to be connected to the primary subject matter discussed by Robert and I on the mini-yard - which was the quest for immortality - the movement now feels more clearly synchronized to me (Roughly 1:53 A.M.) This world is in chaos because my mind is in chaos. But my mind appears to be in chaos because of the emotionally intelligent beings that exist in my mind. To reconcile the chaos between the emotional beings that exist in my mind is to reconcile the chaos that exist in this world in which I exist. It is to create peace and stability. The work is a continual process until the job is done. (Roughly 2:02 A.M.) I don't focus my attention on the suffering in this world. I focus my attention on the practical plan of action that will create the world in which there is no suffering. The shift in perception and intent is almost like night and day. (Roughly 2:10 A.M.) After I got out of the shower - dried off and got dressed - I spent a little time engaging the minds of two young inmates who were waiting to get into the shower - "Do you mind if I ask you guys a few questions? Are you opposed to discussing insight on how to more effectively play the game? I've been incarcerated for 22 years since the age of 19 so I accept the possibility that I'm probably out of touch with a few things. I'm asking you these questions to see if I make sense to you. Is it reasonable to consider that there are eternal laws that govern this world and our existence in this world? For instance, if we look at the eternal law of cause and effect, if I generate a negative cause with thought or action, according to the law it will be determined that the game moves in a way to make sure I experience the negative effects of the negative cause I generated. So, if we have the ability to move the game in such a way to act against us, is it reasonable to consider that we also have the ability to move the game in such a way to act for us and on our behalf; to help guide us along our path to experiencing a life of peace and stability? We speak of this through simply street philosophy as respect the game and the game will respect you." The discussion lasted for about 10 or 15 minutes - the intent being to introduce them to the vital role of eternal law in the quality of the path we experience while at the same time analyzing the process of their thinking - what proves to be interesting to me in many of these kinds of engagements is the disconnection between the individual saying they understand or can at least see the important connection to eternal law and the lack of interest in further understanding the operation of eternal law - how is it possible to not have the burning desire to understand the eternal laws which govern this world and our existence once awareness of them occurs - how is it possible to acknowledge a lack of understanding of eternal laws and then not seek to understand - how is it possible to acknowledge the difficulty - if not impossibility of effectively playing a game if the laws governing the game are not understood and yet not avidly seek to understand the laws governing the game - the dynamics of the power of intention would appear to be the key to understanding the reason why my discussion with the two inmates walk like talking to four people; each inmate confined within the density of his ideologically constructed mindset. I'm talking about the double-mindedness. On one hand, the inmates agreed to the importance of understanding the operation of divine law. But then, on the other hand, there was the part of the inmate that really showed no interest in doing so. The psychology is interesting to observe. But the same psychology is observed in the republican and religious ideologue - maybe a clearer illustration of this is the engagement I attempted with the 20 year old inmate in the cell next to me who is several months to his release date - I told him - well - I made him a simple diagram illustrating the relationship between intention, thought, and emotional being - I wrote it out in basic simple street language - the agreement was that he would ask me questions until I was able to help him gain a clear understanding of his ability to create from within the successful lifestyle he desires for himself - the ability to clearly comprehend his interconnectedness with the macro world around him allowing him to understand how to clearly navigate his path from Point A to Point B, C, D, etc. without the fear of coming back to jail or falling prey to some other unforeseen circumstances - after he looked at the diagram he told me that he didn't have any questions because it was simple enough for him to understand - plus he already knew that positive thoughts lead to positive things - that he had already understood that before coming to prison - so I asked him why then he was unable to apply what he understood to prevent himself from coming to prison - that maybe the indication is that he doesn't understand the relationship between intention, thought, and emotion as much as he thinks he does - he really showed no interest to take the discussion any further yet he has expressed the difficulties he foresees ahead for himself along his path - so one one hand there is a part of him that says he understands the dynamics of creativity from within and is therefore uninterested in the insight I may be able to help him gain and then on the other hand there is the part of him that is really not sure how to navigate his path - the uncertainty comes from dependency on things outside of self such as if I am able to get a good paying job etc. - the approach is different from the approach of independent thinking - I suppose what I am attempting to say is that principled thinking/divine thinking is so practical - the logic is so simple - makes such profound sense that focus on the application of it leaves me content to humble myself to the circumstances I experience outside myself because divine thinking requires the change to take place from within - in this sense the uncertainty is removed from one's path - the certainty is the work - the application of divine thinking - there is a simple path to follow that is difficult for many to see because of the double-mindedness - the presumption to already understand weakens the intent to understand - the double-mindedness though is the unreconciled parallel in the individual's mind. (June 15, 2013 - Saturday - roughly 12:05 A.M.) I listened to reflections move through my mind all day yesterday, regarding the connection between intent, thought and emotional being. The three components appear to be another way of looking at the cosmic trinity. I wondered why reflections occupied my mind so grippingly the way that they did. Possible confirmation of what I sense in my heart - that the nature of intention is the most fundamental key to understanding the process of creativity from within. This was one of the point considerations I put on the table yesterday morning as Robert, Dave and I walked the track in discussion. For the sake of concentrated focus, it seems that it is possible to master the game from within through developing a sound understanding of the power of intent. The question that David asked during our three way discussion seems to have allowed me to make a number of more connections to the power of intention. "What creates the emotional charge that moves us," is the question David put on the table? He is attempting to more insightfully understand how to overcome his anger issues. It would seem to be the power of intent that creates the emotional charge which moves us either forward or backwards. The strengthening of intent requires increased inner focus, as well as being perceptually clear about the objective being sought. The increased inner focus allows increased detachment from the situational factors that seek to negatively influence perception and therefore help to charge negative emotion as a result of negative intention. This disallows the necessary space to constructively perceive the situational factor. In the case of David, if he works to focus on and strengthen his intention to accomplish his objective (i.e. being a better father to his children and husband to his wife), then he would seem to have to move his focus or significantly decreased the attention he pays to the situational factors taking place outside himself that he has no control over and invest the intention - the attention rather on his developmental awareness. If his developmental awareness is the key to overcoming his anger issues and becoming a better father/husband, then the lack of work on developmental awareness betrays the seriousness of the intent and therefore the power of the intent to charge emotional being to move him forward toward his objective. There's more analysis to the consideration that intention is the electro-motive force which charges emotional beings to generate movement. Right now, though, I am primarily paying attention to the movement of the question. Once I returned to the cell, I listened all day and evening to reflections move through my mind relating to the power of intention until I entered into a rest period sometime after 9:00pm. I want to go back real briefly to Robert and the synchronized movement experienced with him on the mini-yard Thursday morning. After I stopped engaging the minds of the inmates, my intention was to go sit down at one of the tables, face the side of the hill (i.e. Mother Earth) and continue moving through reflections on paper. I had a good workout - had just taken a shower - the weather was nice and sunny - I was feeling fresh and invigorated - ready - anxious to continue moving through reflections on paper. I had assumed that Robert went back to his cell during the voluntary in-line because I didn't see him initially. But as I made my way closer to the tables to sit down and write, I saw him sitting down at a table with his head down reading from one of his books. "Wait a minute. Let me finish reading this paragraph," is what he said to me. It didn't take him long to finish "Come on. Let's walk. I wanna talk to you about this." What he was reading had to do with the quest for immortality. He was intrigued by the considerations that immortality may have to do with the undying legacy one leaves behind to children and family in general. The Elder Rothschild or any of the patriarchs of the super old money dynastic families would seem to be considered to be immortal in the sense of immortality having to do with legacy. I suppose it would be a vicarious immortality - the memory of someone living on forever through others - etc. etc. - but there are a lot of questions such as what if nobody in this ideologically constructed world is actually alive because the uploading of consciousness has yet to be completed in order that we may begin to experience life - how then does the memory of someone live on through somebody who is not actually alive - maybe what the biblical character Jesus said about allowing the dead to bury the dead is somehow related - if immortality is possible through legacy then there would never be a need to develop and strengthen the intention to create right now a world that sustains immortality - but also immortality through legacy would imply that Hitler and other devils (i.e. ineffective thinkers) are immortal. The other consideration regarding immortality seems to relate to the first, which is the possibility of immortality through some great literary work. I suppose any consideration concerning immortality, other than it being the actual experience right now, would have to be limited to living through the memory of others - it seems like another belief system - a hypothetical system of thought with no intention to actualize the experience right now. Robert and I explored the considerations as well as the consideration that the quest for immortality is the quest for meaninglessness. This consideration may connect back to the possible misconception Dr. Kroner may have had about the dualism of nature and morality having to exist as a moral necessity, "According to Kant, man is the meeting place of two spheres: what is and what ought to be. As Dr. Kroner has shown, Kant's attempt to reconcile the dualism of nature and morality in some supersensible unity, in some ultimate subject, does not prove successful because 'Kant intends to exalt the moral law as the summit of man's total existence, and yet he also wants to put God above this summit.' Thus the dualism must continue to exist as a moral necessity" (pg. 42; Berdyaev's Philosophy: The Existential Paradox of Freedom & Necessity by Fuad Nucho). (Roughly 4:24 AM) My eyes suddenly opened a few minutes ago from another visit in the inner world of the sleeping lady's subconscious mind. Most of the experience is vague and incoherent to my recollection, although such doesn't appear to be the case during the course of the experience. There was a presence in the experience with me. But I am going to speak in terms of the presence in the visit with me as a counterpart because of its connect/relation to the world parallel - rather to the word parallel - to the perception of parallel existence. What I seem to vaguely recall is me and the counterpart searching for another presence that appeared to be elusive to our perception. The individual being that the presence we were in search of was appeared to shift back and forth between two spaces always out of our definitive perceptual grasp. But the back and forth shifting was more like Tachyon speed like sprinting across the space between the two spaces or places where a clear visual of the presence appeared to happen. This reminds me of the empty parking lot in one of the previous visits possible personifying the established bridge between two parallel worlds and therefore the reconciliation of the two. My counterpart and I began to have a discussion about the presence of the shifting Tachyon speed like individual being we were observing. It seemed that I spoke with uncertainty and she spoke with certainty. It was like one of those discussions in which a woman is speaking to a man from the instinct of her strong womanly intuition - telling the man not to do something foolish, but the man doesn't listen and discovers through experience how foolish his decision was. My counterpart said to me, "That was Richardson." I responded, "No it wasn't." We went back and forth like that a few times; That was Richardson - No it wasn't - That was Richardson! - No it wasn't - I'm telling you that was Richardson - No it wasn't - Now I'm talking with certainty is what she finally said to me before my eyes suddenly opened. I also heard the words to a popular song "And life keeps on giving." It is the words to the song and the discussion that I vividly remember. The visit would appear to be connected to the reflections related to the discussion of immortality and the point of consideration I put on the table with Robert. The word Richardson makes me think of the biblical directive to store our treasures (i.e. riches) in heaven. One way to make practical the seemingly abstract directive is to think in terms of storing as the uploading of consciousness - the riches as the good intentions to not be against somebody - the concentrated - focused invested emotional currency (i.e. intentions/money) in creating the world of American exceptionalism on Mother Earth in which the experience of immortality is possible - the storing up of riches in heaven would then be the equivalent of paying the monetary debt owed to this world - the uploading of consciousness until creation is complete - part of this storing up riches in heaven would be moving away from the trickle down pyramid scheme - shifting away from giving economic benefits to super wealthy corporations who don't need it to giving economic benefits to the strengthening of our infrastructure and social network programs to strengthen and make progressively stable the lives of the poor and needy - this is just a matter of choosing to no longer follow behind the devil (ineffective thinking) and utilize our economic system to upload consciousness - to follow the simple - basic biblical directive making crystal clear the meaning of pure undefiled religion - James 1:23-29 - the perfect law of liberty - staying away from dividing ourselves against each other - making sure the poor and the needy have basic necessities - that no member is suffering - this is one of the practical ways of looking at the directive to store our riches up in heaven. This may be a connection to the word Richardson - the true wealth of immortality - it seems reasonable to consider that all the millionaire-billionaire-Republican trillionaires stashing the swindled taxpayer loot in offshore accounts and all the governments of this world swindling money and resources would trade it all in for the existence of immortality - yet our treasures aren't being stored up in heaven - but maybe Bill Gates working to establish a forum of billionaires, who are interested in utilizing the riches of this world for the greater good, to discuss how to more strategically and efficiently utilize the riches of this world to eradicate suffering - this would seem to reflect a serious step toward a more concentrated logistical approach to the objective but also the storing up of riches in heaven - me and my counterpart in the visit not being able to definitively grasp perceptually the shifting back and forth of the individual presence may reflect the plethora of perceptual forms I am sifting through in my mind attempting to narrow down to the most common denominator - but the elusiveness of the ultimate perceptual form would seem to be indicative of the nature of immortality - not to be limited by definition but to be - the experience is to be sought - I looked the word Richardson up in the dictionary to see if there would be some kind of confirmation - the word model I discovered is Richard Roe - not exactly the same as Richardson but the correlation between Richard and Richardson will due when the meaning of Richard Roe is added to the equation - "A party to legal proceedings whose true name is unknown" - the meaning not only reflects - well - it seems reasonable to consider that the party is essentially nobody and the legal proceedings are the process of developing - of developmental awareness I am experiencing - the connection would appear to be the nature of the process not only being unknown but the experience of immortality the process appears to be leading to being unknown as well. But let me get to the point consideration I raised to Robert during our discussion on the mini-yard about immortality. What became clear to me during the discussion is the possibility of the experience of immortality having to occur within the world of duality. If it is reasonable to consider that there can be no experience without duality/contrast - then it is equally reasonable to consider that the experience of immortality in an immortal world would have to occur in a world of duality. This goes back to the point T.C. raised one day while he and I walked laps around the track - that if there is no experience beyond duality - then it is reasonable to consider that there is no experience beyond the realm of duality in which we currently exist - that our experience is happening right here - right now on the body of Mother Earth - that we are obligated to create the world of immortality that we desire to experience and exist in - the issues with this consideration for many of the members of our United States being is that the trickle down economic pyramid scheme and the co-conspirator religious ideology has domesticated the minds of our members with so much fear and judgment against each other that it is difficult for many to even hypothetically imagine existing in a world or creating a world right now in which the [things?] of (i.e. division) political ideology and religious ideology (i.e. suffering) are non-existent - the fear compels argument and denial of the possibility when the word immortality is mentioned - it is beyond the imagination yet hypothetically it is possible to imagine - why argue when divine law lays out clearly the path to the experience - the visit and the catch word Richardson seem to be confirmation from the unknown to nobody of the existence of immortality and the perception of it being possible to experience it once the creation of the world is complete via the reconciliation - reconciling of the parallel. (Roughly 4:24 PM) One of the interesting things about the visit I experienced early this morning is that, before I entered into the rest period, my intention was to listen to reflections move through my mind relating to the excerpt about moral necessity. I wanted to continue moving through reflections on paper, but I could feel myself being slowly pulled into a rest period. I didn't want to go though. I wanted to resume moving through reflections on paper. I could feel the mental fatigue of sleepiness beginning to set in but I still wanted to stay up and resume writing. Then I began to suddenly - unexpectedly experience a moment of clarity and wakefulness during which I was allowed to see deeper perceptions. It appears to be the movement through reflections on paper that generate the deeper perceptual forms. It is through the thinking process that light geometrical forms are generated to create realities. Perceptual forms would appear to be synonymous with geometrical forms (light geometrical forms generated by the divine law thinking process imply the potential of dark geometrical form to be generated by the ideological thinking process) and geometrical forms synonymous with archetypal forms. The generation of these forms would appear to be the same as evoking these forms to manifest themselves and create the reality reflective of the intention utilized to generate the forms through the thinking process. One of the deeper perceptual forms that revealed itself had to do with comprehending why it is necessary for the nature of reality to exist as it does. I traveled deeper within my mind listening to - being guided by the perceptual forms. The clarity lasted for a short while and then the cloudy mind of sleepiness returned and I drifted into the rest period to experience the visit. It was the process that I attempted to pay close attention to. (Roughly 8:26 PM) The movement occurred as soon as I returned back from evening chow and turned on the six o'clock news. I was able to catch a news report about a high school student who was a part of a foundation called Our Family or something along those lines. The student spoke about creating sustainable communities in Kenya I think it was, as well as around the world and was doing the work to accomplish the objective. He was being taken around the world to different countries to give speeches about the work he is doing. When asked about him being considered to be one of the twenty young people who are going to change the world, he said that he is only a representative of the people who are working for change. The foundation being about family (i.e. our United States being) resonated. The objective of creating sustainable communities (the word model sustainable seems to be synonymous with the word model immortal/eternal - what is more sustainable than that which is eternal -) resonated. The language he used about being a representative of the people resonated as nobody speaking. The movement of me seeing the news report seems to be synchronized with the reflections I had moved through relating to light geometrical forms being generated through the thinking process to create realities. It seems reasonable to consider that the shift in thinking toward the creation of a sustainable world will be the result of manifested geometrical light forms. (June 16, 2013 - Sunday - roughly 12:36 AM) Yesterday morning, after my cellmate left to go on his visit, I began to do my meditative stretching routine. The time was about 8:00 AM - I had a short while beforehand discontinued moving through reflections concerning the reconciling of the parallel and a practical perception of immortality - I was continuing to listen to reflections move through my mind when the tier worker came to the cell door and handed me a folded up piece of paper with some words on it through the bars and left without saying a word. Strange I thought. My initial consideration, as I opened up the paper to see, was the perhaps it was from my uncle sending me some timely words of wisdom from the Holy Qur'an or something like that, but as I began to read what was written, I quickly realized the paper was sent to me from Robert up the tier or maybe it would be from down the tier since he is in the second cell. He had written down for me on the paper the following: Power of One! From the very imperfection of men follows the indispensability and inexchangeability of each individual; a biological example will make this clear. As is well known, when one celled life forms evolve into many-celled it pays the price of losing immortality, and also sacrifice their omnipotence from all-aroundness for specificity, for the principle of division of labor has deprived the cell of its functional versatility, but what it has lost in the way of independent functioning is offset by its relative indispensability within the organism. In other words, separation is sin. It is imperfection. Unification then becomes the moral necessity of each individual. The moral necessity illustrates the value of each individual member of the body. The biological organism that travels the path from being divided against itself as a many celled organism to becoming united with the many cells into a one celled organism or a United States being will be the example to make the moral necessity clear, the division of labor weakens the biological organism (our United States being) because members move in different directions pursuing various personal agendas amounting to uncommon objectives causing the inability to enter into the experience of immortality and omnipotence because the division of labor unorganized logistically toward one common objective makes impossible the uploading of consciousness necessary for immortality and omnipotence. But what is initially lost through the experience of divisions is eventually offset by the recollection of moral necessity within the organism. I like the perception that the dualism is not the moral necessity but rather the obligation of the individual organism to reconcile the dualism is the moral necessity that would obviously have to exist until the reconciling is complete. Once I got the opportunity to speak with Robert about the reflections on the paper, he told me they were a summarization from a portion of the book he was reading. I told him how synchronized the summary was with the reflections I was moving through on paper shortly before he shared the summary with me - that it was as if the summary was a summary of the reflections I was moving through the summary seems to more concretely ground just how practical it is to perceive the possibility of the experience of immortality. (Roughly 2:14 AM) I feel like I am in my natural element when it comes to the early morning hours. I suppose though that it that it is the stillness and quietude that I feel as my natural element. What it seems that I am now able to more clearly see with Robert is the significant degree of synchronicity that I have been experiencing with him reflects - may reflect my observation of the - of one of the light geometrical forms being generated within him through the thinking process. The light geometrical form being generated within him would appear to be reflective of the exponential growth he acknowledges experiencing since the paths of he and I have met. Of course his intent to understand and the work that he does to strengthen his intention facilitates the light geometrical form being generated and manifesting itself within him. This is the light body that so much is spoken of but maybe very little is understood. But the question is, for those who don't actively have the intention to develop awareness due to the presumption of already knowing and having existence figured out, what is the mechanism for shifting the intention to the intent to understand beyond the ideological prison initially retarding the intent? It would seem to be a matter of witnessing what works at gaining self-mastery with the world in which we exist. No matter how small or large it may be, that desire to comprehend what it is that is witnessed to be working will open the door for the light body to begin generating itself, at least this seems reasonable to consider. (Roughly 4:03 AM) I discontinued moving through reflections on paper in order to listen to reflections move through my mind. I was allowed to see deeper perceptual forms as a result of the process. The process would seem to essentially be the reciprocal-symbiotic metaphysical intercourse between myself (intent) and the light body (thinking process/mind/the sleeping body). So obviously the - my light body has the ability to create other light bodies. Robert spoke of this the other day as his memory having memories. It seems reasonable for me to consider the connection to the statement expressed by my light body talking to me - telling me that my light body has other light bodies - that it takes one light body to manifest the other light bodies. This seems reasonable to consider - the many light bodies having to come from one light body - maybe this is another practical way of perceiving the biblical hypothesis of the first born - the first born being the first light geometrical form generated via the thinking process to create - the first light body gives birth to other light bodies and then it is from the example of the first light body that other light bodies give birth to other light bodies - the other light bodies then becoming the one light body to create other light bodies - it seems reasonable to consider that every member has the ability to perceive the creation - the movement of their light body through and within other members - I think of this as the process of sustainable replication or regenerative replication - regenerative replication would appear to be spoken of allegorically as things getting better and better - the contrast to this would then be degenerative replication personified by the conditions of the world - the saying that things are getting worse and worse - in the former it would be the replication of the light body and in the case of the latter it would be the replication of the dark body - this is what is done through political-religious ideology - the replication of the dark body which is way the rehabilitation of the dark body (i.e. against somebody) and the subsequent increasing generation of the light body requires to do as the declaration appears to indicate which is to detach from the ideological bands and binds one to the dark body - if my light body is capable of creating other light bodies - the ability would have to be applicable to other members and their light bodies as well - it is the same as perceiving the ability of consciousness to give birth to particle consciousness - the division occurs and then the ability to reconcile the divisions from particle consciousness by particle consciousness - the generation of light bodies would appear to be the allegorical intent of the biblical receiving the spirit through adoption - but also the organic nature of generating the movement of social consciousness - it seems reasonable to consider that if I have first generated the light body within my individualized self that I am then able to work to generate light bodies within others - this would be the equivalent of projecting consciousness - of uploading consciousness to create the light body within our collective self via the strengthening of intent - but the connection I want to get to is to the sustainable replication of the light body - or of the ability of the light body to generate itself - self generating - it seems like a practical way of thinking about the biblical reflections about if the individual takes one step toward the higher power (i.e. upload consciousness/strengthen intent) then the higher power will take two or more steps toward the individual (i.e. toward manifestation). (Roughly 10:18 A.M.) When I discontinued moving through reflections on paper sometime after 3:00 A.M. to listen, I after a while began to experience a shift back and forth between the inner world of the sleeping lady's subconscious mind and the outer world of the sleeping lady's conscious mind. I experienced another discussion during the back and forth shifting but it was difficult to make out. Only the sound of words incoherent to my recollection were clear to me. I didn't even really attempt to make sense of it as a result of the strangeness of it. But it would seem that the reflections I began to move through on paper after I opened my eyes at roughly 4:03 A.M. would seem to be related to the discussion. What happened though is I discontinued moving through reflections on paper at a little after 5:00 A.M. I entered into another rest period and experienced a visit that is still vivid to my recollection. What I remember is walking through the hallway of a school campus. There were other students moving about around me. It seemed as if I was searching for someone among the other students. I had a paper in my hand on which I had signed up to play a role in a school play named Cataclysm. My school counselor walked by me but tapped me on my shoulder as he did and told me to follow him to his office. When we got to his office, he sat down behind his desk in his recliner chair and told me that he hoped I didn't mind but he had signed me up to play a role in the school play named Cataclysm. I thanked him and told him I had already signed up for the play - that he could always include me in things like that. I then asked him what the play was going to be about. He got up from his chair - walked over to the wall where there was a giant world map and started talking to me about the play but I don't recall what was said. He afterwards sat back down in his chair - looked at me and said, "Can I ask you a question? Why don't you come into my office and communicate with me? It's okay for you to come in and communicate with me." I thought briefly about what he said and was about to tell him that I hadn't come into his office to communicate with him because I was first attempting to simply my mind from how complicated it had become due to the process I was experiencing - I was about to say that but then my cellmate began to ask me, "Are you awake? Are you awake? Are you awake?" It seemed that he was in the visit with me. In my mind I was telling him to be quiet so I could finish talking to my counselor. But he wasn't in the visit. When I opened my eyes to look at the clock, the time was roughly 5:38 A.M. He told me he thought I was still up writing. What I have neglected to say about the visit is that my counselor what a white man with a long handlebar mustache. It was the handlebar mustache that I recall focusing in on. As a result of the handlebar mustache, the counselor makes me think of a wizard or a warlock. The counselor personifying a wizard would then be indicative of the magical nature of America - dark geometrical form magic or light geometrical form magic - when talking about transformation - it appears that this is what is really being talked about - the magical nature of America. Do you believe in magic? This is the question Disneyland has been asking the members of our United States being for a considerable amount of time. (Roughly 1:58 PM) There appears to be a number of different ways to look at the possible indications of the visit. My intention is to move through a concise analysis on paper as opposed to the more extensive analysis I have been listening to in my mind. The play being about a cataclysm and my role in it appears to be reflective of my role in the great change taking place in this world - the shift from the building of the dark body to the building of the light body - cataclysm reflects a great change but it also reflects the allegorical great biblical deluge as in the flood - Noah and the building of the ark - in practical right now time terms the allegory translates into the theory of the American enterprise - the great broad-based organizational effort of the grassroot body - the building of the vessel being the building of the light body - the visit would appear to be the light body confirming the endeavor and therefore bearing witness - increasingly to the progress of consciousness being uploaded and her awakening - my cellmate asking me at the end of the visit if I am awake would appear to be the light body asking me if I am awake - once again bearing witness to the increasing degree of her awakening and uploading of consciousness - the uploading of her consciousness via corresponding intent - the genetic coding - right match - metaphysical intercourse - the sacred/divine marriage - etc. - the birth process - the uploading of her consciousness in relation to the creation of her light body - much clearer perception - the obvious implication would appear to be that through ideological thinking the uploading of consciousness of the dark body has been occurring and therefore the constant wars and bloodshed - the dark body is patriarchy - the sleeping lady's dark body is patriarchy - patriarchy is essentially matricide - it appears the feminist movement has been undermining its true intent by getting caught up in the shadow of patriarchy via argument - the fight is not against patriarchy - rehabilitating the mental illness conditioned by patriarchy has to seemingly occur through progressive engagement of the thinking process - the empowerment of womanhood is synonymous terminology for the uploading of light body consciousness - however this consideration of the light body bearing witness to her increased awakening would appear to apply to the uploading of consciousness of the micro light body within myself - my personal light body - this increased awakening of my light body would appear to reflect the increased perceptual clarity of the movement of my light body through the members of our United States being in the immediate environment around me - it seems reasonable to consider that if my personal light body's consciousness has been uploaded to the point of increased awakening - rather if I have effectively downloaded (i.e. transmuted) the consciousness of my personal dark body and therefore uploaded the consciousness of my personal light body (i.e. awakened her) - it seems reasonable to consider that upon her awakening she will increasingly make her living existence more clear to me in order to bear witness to her awakening - even to the point of telling me to come into her office and communicate with her - to the point of asking me if I am awake - but the question may really be asking me if I am the creator who uploaded her consciousness to awaken her - I obviously have to be awakened in order to be aware that I am - the point appears to be recognition and acknowledgement between my light body and I - this doesn't detract from or diminish the symbiotic-reciprocal relationship between my light body and I - the reflection I jotted down the other day fits in here - it was a sudden realization that to develop awareness is to develop the light body because it is through the light body that I experience and create - what I perceive to be my developmental awareness appears to be the uploading of my light body's consciousness - due to the vicariousness of the experience my developmental awareness is contingent upon the uploading of my light body's consciousness and the developmental awareness of my light body is contingent upon the uploading of my consciousness - the uploading of my consciousness would appear to be reflective of the strengthening of intention and the uploading of my light body's consciousness would seem to be reflected by the transmutation of negative emotional being via the increased polarization of the positive emotional being - this is another way of thinking about the reconciling of the parallel - the moral necessity seemingly necessary to become experientially aware of the symbiotic-reciprocal relationship between myself and the light body. (Roughly 8:01 PM) This is a game changer - a significant perceptual shift. If the creative process implies the obligation to create the light body, the obligation underscores the detriment of being against somebody - of being judgmental against each other. Negative emotional being polarization uploads the consciousness of the dark body and not the light body. Every member of our United States being is obligated to create their personal light body - to upload the consciousness of their light body. The light body is also spoken of as every individual's personal creator. There are more connections I intend to move through on paper in relation to this. The perceptual shift allows me to begin to communicate more clearly about what I am doing. I am working to strengthen the consciousness of my individual light body as well as facilitate the uploading of consciousness in others. This is the work it appears the grassroot is obligated to do together as one United States being. It is now much clearer - the biblical admonishment that to ask yet ask remiss is to not ask at all and is therefore to not receive. It appears that we ask for peace and stability - for eternal life - for the eradication of children being molested - women being raped - wars and genocides committed - for the eradication of criminal syndicates voter approved in high places - of the war against the poor and needy in this world - we ask by creating our light body - let us focus on creativity - I am the creator of my light body just as every member is the creator of their own and therefore we together are the co-creators of the macro light body in which we all exist. Nobody

Author: Nobody (California)

Author Location: California

Date: October 17, 2016

Genre: Essay

Extent: 28 pages

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