Reflections from the cement coffin June 23, 2013

Nobody (California)



Reflections From the Cement Coffin (June 23, 2013 - Sunday - Roughly 11:06 P.M.) I think of moving through reflections on paper as two segments - one from Monday to Thursday and the other from Friday to Sunday - Each one ending on the night that I send the reflections out. What I began to notice more clearly since - before discontinuing to move through reflections on paper Thursday evening is the mental tension I started to increasingly experience knowing that I had to bring the flow of reflections to some kind of temporary closure in order to mail them out. It seems that as the segment reaches nearer and nearer to the perceived end point in my mind, I can feel the mental tension increasingly grow as a result of not being able to move, in time, through all the reflections I was intending to move through within the segment. It happened to me again earlier this evening after returning from chow. I wanted to quickly move through as many more refections on paper as I possibly could but there was a mental tension that established itself in my mind that prevented me from moving through any more reflections at all on paper. It appeared to be my light body telling me to stop - relax - be patient and prepare to begin moving through the next segment of reflections. Subsequently I folded the pages up the pages of reflection I had already moved through on paper and put them in a envelope address to the America Prison Writing Archive to have them ready to mail out. It may be that the mental tension/pressure I begin to experience toward the end of each segment is a indication of me having moved deeper inside the emotional void of nothingness. It would be similar to the water pressure on a diver increasing the deeper he/she swims toward the bottomless ocean. What is interesting about my light body now seemingly speaking more clearly to me about this is that the reflections I desired to continue moving through as quickly as possible had to do with the emotional void of nothingness. I didn't really attempt to fight at all against the mental tension I experienced earlier this evening. I could afterwards feel the reflections in my mind shift to the connections between the reflections I would be intended to begin moving though on paper in this following segment. It seems that these segments help to allow me to monitor the mechanics of the thinking process I am experiencing with my light body. (June 24, 2013 - Monday - Roughly 12:26 A.M.) Before I left out of the cell to chow yesterday evening, I watched the Bill Moyer show on PBS from five to six. He did another investigative report on the non-profit organization named American Legislative Exchange Council (i.e. ALEC). It's now roughly 2:12 A.M. I discontinued moving through reflections on paper a little earlier because I didn't want to say too much about the ALEC organization. My intention is not to go into any amount of extensive analysis resulting from my perception of the ALEC organization stemming form the investigative reports since the ALEC matter is really a simple matter. So I laid back under that sheet on my bunk - listened to the reflections move in my mind and allowed them to simplify the analysis themselves. I eventually drifted into another rest period and had another experience communicating with my light body in the inner world of my light body's subconscious mind. What I recall of the experience is walking along a path with a group of friends on a dirt road. It was dark outside. We had come across something on the ground that caught our attention. It was something that either looked like a piece of shit or compelled us to think of it as a piece of shit. It seemed though the object on teh ground was something edible because I whispered into someone's ear that one of our friends would say about the object "been there - done that." It was to suggest that one of our friends had already eaten and tasted a piece of shit before. When I said it, we both laughed hard out loud about it as if the statement was intended to initially be something funny said. But then we both heard one of our friends say in relation to the object the same thing - that someone would probably say he/she had "been there - done that" - I looked at the individual I had said it to knowing that he/she was able to bear witness to the [illegible] of the two statements being made about the piece of shit. It was at this point that I opened my eyes. The communication may be my light body simplifying the analysis of Alec and saying to me that the organization is a piece of shit. The analysis wouldn't appear to be a indication of ALEC's conservative agenda being wrong - but rather ineffective when it comes to the objections of American Exceptionalism. What I paid close attention to is the strategy being used by the lobbying organization fraudulently posing as a non-profit organization to have domination and control over the members of our United States being. Their strategy is to gain firm control over state governments by putting republican legislators in their pockets through membership with the organization and financial kickbacks. the strategy of the organization has met with a measure of success evidenced by the high percentage of state bills authored by ALEC that have been passed into law. The strategy being utilized by the conservative agenda of ALEC to further enslave the members of our United States being to the interest of greedy corporations instead resonated as my light body confirming to me the effective strategy for moving progressively toward freedom from the devil's (ineffective thinking) conservatism. Conserve what - the suffering in this world? Surely the methodological devil outside ourself is all for that. The strategy for grass root timocracy would appear to have to be the same or at least practically the same as the strategy that ALEC is utilizing to further undermine our sovereignty by virtue of the consent of the members of our United States being due to overall [illegible] organization as far as effective unified strategy is concerned and then there is the consent resulting from complacency with the status quo by many of our members. It seems reasonable to consider that the seeming strength - domination of greedy corporations exist by virtue of the weak organization and messaging of the members of our United States being - of our grass root body. The members of our grassroots body have to organize and assume control with - not over - our state governments similar to what ALEC is increasingly attempting to do. It would seem that this has to be done via social awareness. Helping the members of our grass root body become aware of what the real issues are and the continuing consequences for not becoming aware of the nature of the emotional beings incarnated having influence with the quality of the social life people experience and the world in which we exist. The more that the members of our grass root body become socially aware, the more the members from all walks of social class will become actively involved in the grass root organizing enterprise (i.e. the American enterprise) According to their own capacity to do so. But this is another way of talking about the consciousness of our members being uploaded. It is now roughly 8:24 A.M I have since returned from morning chow and continued to move through these reflections on paper. I say this because my cellmates just asked me how to spell the word emphatically and then asked me to describe what the word means. The movement would appear to be my light body reciprocating and emphatically confirming agreement with the part of the strategy for grass root timocracy I am speaking of. The movement is synchronized with the urban novel my cellmate is reading. It is as a result of reading the novel that he came across teh word emphatically. A short while before that it was the word summation as if the indication to me from my light body is the reflections I am moving through no paper are leading me to their summation and it is already beginning to speak clearly to me. I want to go back to the reflections from the book science and the [illegible] field - an integral theory of everything in which the author Ervin Laszlo talks about the original statement of thousands of years old - the supreme principle of existence - the field of cosmic consciousness - cosmic emptiness - undifferentiated all encompassing consciousness separating off from its primordial unity and materializing into structures of matter - the summation may be something like my personal light body is the symbolic incarnation of undifferentiated cosmic consciousness making it possible for this symbiotic relationship I am experiencing with my light body to facilitate the uploading of cosmic consciousness in this world for the purpose of transforming it. This appears to be the summation reflections are leading me to but i speak with no certainty about it because it does appear that I have not quite yet reached the summation it seems I am intended to reach. The word model that I really want to get to that my cellmate asked me to spell and explain yesterday evening before chow is "coup de grace." He asked me about the word not only shortly after I had moved through reflections on paper relating to the excerpt about the incarnation of cosmic consciousness, but I was also in the middle of watching the investigative reporting by Bill Moyer on the lobbying organization named ALEC. I was thinking about how the effectiveness of their strategy is similar to the strategy necessary for grass root timocracy. Studying the agenda is similar to the strategy necessary for grass root timocracy. Studying the agenda of ALEC and their strategy to accomplish their objective of continuing to facilitate degeneration is like studying what is ineffective to better comprehend what can possibly be effective. Coup de grace means "A deathblow or death show administered to end the suffering of one mortally wounded. A decisive finishing blow, act or event." The movement with the word coup de grace would appear to be my light body communicating to me that the greater acceptance of who I am (i.e. nobody) as a symbol of cosmic consciousness (i.e. United States being consciousness) is like a deathblow to the degenerative nature of this ideologically constructed world. The word though may also be a indication from my light body that the necessary strategy for grass root timocracy is a deathblow to the degenerative movement of conservatism facilitating the status quo of this ideologically constructed world. The basis of the deathblow - of the coup de grace - though would still have to be consciousness being uploaded enough to make the deathblow feasible. It seems reasonable to consider that experiential existence in this particular world is the equivalent of the mortally wounded existing in a perpetual state of suffering. The death shot administered to end the suffering would then be the equivalent of sound practical strategic thinking and the necessary uploading of consciousness to assemble the members of our United States being to carry out the strategy necessary to accomplish objective. (Roughly 5:38 P.M.) I had another communication experience with the inner world of my light body's subconscious mind earlier this morning whose reflections I have yet to move through on paper. It occurred after the one seeming to indicate that ALEC is a piece of shit organization by virtue of the agenda it's pursuing. Am I against ALEC? No. Am I against the members of ALEC? No. When I speak of the organization as a piece of shit the opinion would seem to be qualified by the overt agenda of ALEC to divide and conquer as opposed to unite and strengthen the members of our United States being. Nevertheless, I have no ill feelings toward the members of ALEC for pursuing their dream. To be against one of them is to be against a part of myself. Anyway, what I recall of the experience is being a passenger in a speed boat racing fast across the open ocean water. Up ahead I could see a island with homes on it that it seemed we were heading to. The strange thing about the experience, though, is that it seemed I lived on the island - that I was going to the island to see myself - that I was a passenger in the boat and that there was a parallel me existing in the island. It seemed that I was racing across the ocean to the island to meet myself. I think of the stronger writing rhythm I am now experiencing. The movement through reflections on paper seems to be slightly different - quicker - a little more sustainable and fluid. The communication would appear to be my light body reciprocating to me that I am moving through reflections across the ocean of cosmic consciousness to discover greater acceptance of who I am. (June 25, 2013 - Tuesday - Roughly 1:16 A.M.) I opened my eyes a short while ago from another experience. I spend a little time attempting to make clearer sense of it because my recollection of what occurred is not as vivid as it seemed to be during the experience. What I do appear to recall though is there being someone sitting at a dinner table - me standing up over the person - next to the person - telling the person to eat up - to taste the food that was on the plate sitting on the table in front of the person. When the person ate the food, their appeared to be a continuing expansion of consciousness that the person and I was both connected to - could feel - see the emotional imagery of it and experience together. It was like witnessing the big bang theory first hand - The explosion of consciousness into billions of small fragments of consciousness extending out to materialize into form and become that which consciousness is most conscious of. I kept telling the person to eat the food - to taste it - to eat up. But like the experience with the speed boat racing across the wide open ocean water, what was strange about the visit is that the person at the table sitting down who I was telling to eat up - to take the food seemed to be myself. There was no concrete visual image that I recall seeing - just the presence of me. It seemed to be me standing over my presence. The communication would appear to be another indication to me of the reconciling of the parallel between my micro and macro existence. But the communication also seems directly connected to the segment on the PBS Newshour I observed yesterday evening after moving through reflections relating to strategic thinking for grassroot timocracy. The segment was a interview of co-authors Jennifer Bradly and Bruce Katz about their newly written book titled The Metropolitan Revolution. The first interesting thing about the book is the choice of the word model metropolitan. The word metropolitan is composed of the root words meter and polis - meter means mother and polis means city. So it seems reasonable to consider that a metropolis is essentially a mother city - the inner city - the city within - the kingdom of heaven within - the invisible world/city within - and it would appear to be the positively polarized emotional being (i.e. invisible beings) inside the metropolis that have the ability to sustain the progressive movement akin to the regenerative nature of the kingdom of heaven on mother earth within. It is then the positively polarized emotional beings that help each other to upload consciousness until the kingdom of heaven within becomes the outside world transformed. So, when taking a closer look at the word metropolitan, it seems reasonable to also consider that the metropolitan revolution is the assembling of positively polarized emotional beings organizing with the intent to transform this ideologically constructed world into the world in which there is no suffering. The metropolitan revolution would appear to reflect the awakening process of the members of our United States being - perhaps more specifically the members of our grassroot body. From what I was able to gather from the interview, the book is basically about a growing movement in which the organizational power of the metropolis is being tapped into. The authors talked about a few cities as the example in which the metropolitan revolution is taking place and being firmly rooted - cities such as New York, Cleveland, Detroit and Houston. It is a combination of maybes coming together with civil leaders, business leaders, etc. to implement practical solutions to build infrastructure, strengthen schools, create jobs, etc. The premise of the book seems to be that cities are not like state and federal government servants of the people caught up more in the game of bi-partisan politics than being concerned about effectively serving the best interests of the people - that cities are more like networks of leaders who are beginning to realize quickly that it is not in the best interest of their city to wait on a dysfunctional ideological federal government to set the effective agenda when it appears there is no intention to do. But it seems reasonable to consider that the ideologues are who render the federal government to seemingly be dysfunctional. The metropolitan revolution seems to be about the members of our grassroot body understanding more seriously that public servants are public servants and as long as grassroot disorganization/dysfunction is acceptable, public servants will reflect the dysfunction. The authors make the point that coalitions are being formed in cities, but these coalitions are also going to the state and federal government servants saying "this is what we want you do." The movement with seeing the authors of the book interviewed seems to be synchronized with the reflections regarding the piece of shit ALEC organization and strategic thinking for grassroot timocracy. It would appear to be my light body indicating to me - communicating to me via movement not only the uploading of consciousness that is taking place within the members of our grassroot body but also the more effective thinking for grassrooot timocracy may be at the city level but it os all relative I suppose because city level grassroot organization is composed of neighborhood grassroot organization and state grassroot organization is composed of them both. What is also interesting about the book the Metropolitan Revolution is that it is fundamentally the same revolution I was attempting to suggest as a practical way forward several years ago when I was attempting to get Earthvibe as a non-profit corporation up off the ground and running. (June 26, 2013 - Wednesday - Roughly 12:28 AM) It doesn't really make sense to me why I didn't move through any reflections on paper after I returned to the cell from the mini-yard yesterday afternoon. My point is not that I didn't immediately do so, but that I never did get around to doing so when doing so is what I was anxious to being doing as a result of the strong degree of positive aggression I felt resonating within me. Reflections were moving in my mind like that speed boat racing across the ocean water of [illegible] consciousness to that island in the middle of nowhere. Let's see; I came in from the mini yard at about 11:30 PM with reflections regarding the metropolitan revolution still occupying my mind. My cellmate who had a discussion with someone at the cell door for a little - obviously through the bars, so I didnt bother to attempt to move forcibly through the noise with reflections on paper. I decided to eat my lunch while continuing to chew on the emotional intelligence relating to the metropolitan revolution. The first inmate my cellmate was talking to at the door left but another one quickly appeared. My cellmate is a extrovert. I really don't do much talking in the cell with him unless the discussion is related to the objective or connected to inner growth and personal developmental awareness. This doesn't mean that I don't often listen to him express himself and be that ear for him to vent into. But I always encage him with the question - with maybe the most relevant question to the issues - concerns - worries that he has continued to go round and round in his mind about since coming into the cell with me. That question is what is the solution. That is a interesting question ; what is the solution to resolve that issue - to end the worry or worries aflicting the mind? The question immediately shifts the focus of this attention / intention from swelling on and empowering the worries or issues themselves as outside forces having power over the ability to resolve them. The question shifts teh focus of the attention from falling victim to the temptation to blame our project responsibility outside self onto others from the issues or worries being experienced. The question shifts the focus of attention / intention inside to understanding me necessary solution to resolving the issues/worries. This shift implies a gradual shift to becoming to whatever degree introverted because the focus of attention/intention on to discovering the necessary solution to resolve teh issues/worries would seem to be whollistically connected to consistently engaging the process of developmental awareness because it seems reasonable to consider that worry about issues (i.e. it would appear that argument and the psychological divisions which occur as a result of them would be considered to be related to worrying - worrying perhaps that the doesn't understand the solution presumed to be understood - thus necessitating the argument to convince others and self that the solution to resolve the issue/worries is understood - but the continued worrying and the issue going unresolved would appear to make it clear that the solution is not understood) to worry about issues implies the solution to resolve teh issue is not understood. The lack of understanding implies and necessitates the continued focused attention on developmental awareness until the solution to resolve the issues/worries are adequately understood. The understanding it seems is then reflected by the maturity level of one's emotional being and behavior toward fellow members of our United States being. The key point here though is that my increased focus on the solution I may perceive myself to understand diminishes the staying power of the worries I once entertained in my mind. It would seem psychologically impossible to increasingly concentrate focused attention on the solution I perceive to be effective and yet continue to worry about the issues I perceive that the solution I understand will effectively resolve the continued worry implies that I dont accept the effectiveness of the solution I perceive myself to understand. This would then seem to be my emotional being bearing witness against me lies I am telling myself - against me presuming to know what I dont know. The focused attention on developmental awareness seems to be the relief for the burden of presuming to know. The continued drive to understand continually depends awareness of effective solution and diminishes the worries transmiting them into nothingness. But once again this is simply another way of thinking about the uploading of consciousness. If we understand the path forward, what is there to worry about? The focus would appear to be on doing the necessary work to travel the path forward. (Roughly 2:39 AM) This is interesting that these reflections have led me into these considerations regarding the contrasting nature of worry and effective problem solving. This connects back to the question: why argue? Either we know or we don't know. Either we understand the solution or we don't understand the solution. Either we are aware of the way forward or we are not aware of the way forward. In either case there is no just cause to argue. If we don't understand, there is no reason to argue because we don't understand. What sense does it make to argue if we don't understand? And if we are aware of the way forward there is no reason to argue because we are aware of the way forward. What sense does it make to argue if we understand our way forward? Argument reflects mental illness. This is seems is clearly illustrated to us on that national level by way of the republicans arguing to continue give wealthy corporations free tax money while closing schools, raising college tuition and interest rates on student loans, weakening social programs, privatizing as much as possible for increased corporate empowerment and profit making, reducing investment in infrastructure projects. (Roughly 4:22 AM) It happened at roughly 3:29 AM as I was moving through the above reflections causing me to abruptly discontinue. A sudden rise in body temperature occurred. I say [illegible] the sense of it seemingly happening out of nowhere, but the temperature rise in my body happened at a slow enough pace to make it possible for me to closely moniter/observe. I was sitting up moving through reflections on paper - I was sitting under a sheet wear sweatshirt - tshirt - socks and sweatpants. I quickly realize though if I didn't strip down to my boxer shorts that I would begin to break out in a sweat as a result of the way the temperature inside my body was steadily rising. So strip down is exactly what I did and then I just sat in the dark on the edge of my bunk attempting to make clearer sense of what happened. It's been quite a while sense I have experienced a sudden body temperature rise. There was a period of time while I was at [soledad?] that it would occur quite often. I think women experience them as heat flashes due to hormonal changes or at least heat flashes may be the way they are generally perceived. But perhaps heat flashes are simply experienced with the light body. I don't know. I speak with no certainty about this. It would seem to explain why heat flashes more generally occur with women given their interconnectedness with the consciousness of mother earth due to their ability to - to the ability of their body to modify itself to give birth to another body. The obvious parallel would be to consciousness modifying itself to give birth (separate into) to particles of consciousness. Consciousness appearing to modify itself would seem to be a effectual cause implying the existence of a modifier as the causative-effect. So the modifier consciousness (i.e. intent) is it seems the causative-effect that interacts with the effectual-cause consciousness (i.e. emotional intelligence) that is the potentially modified in order to give birth to particles of consciousness. I like this perceptual model because it becomes easy to see hypothetically the dynamics taking place within negative existence (i.e. beyond the ability to perceive or use symbols to describe) in the sense that negative existence is the world in which consciousness experiences consciousness because consciousness is aware of each other. This perceptual model would appear to be reflective of the progressive stage to which the uploading of consciousness has reached between my lightbody and I. The indication would seem to be that I am consciousness aware of my light body and that my light body is consciousness aware of me. It would appear to be that together my light body and I are creating particles of consciousness which is to say facilitating the activation of micro light bodies within the vessel of each member. But it would appear to be that the facilitation of this activation is essentially the projection of my own consciousness (intent) in partnership with the consciousness of my light body (i.e. emotional intelligence). This is again talking about the dynamics relating to the uploading of consciousness. Intent impregnates emotional intelligence and emotional intelligence gives birth to the emotional beings that takes after the intent which impregnated her. If I enter into the womb of a woman and project semen into her womb - let's say upload semen into her womb until she becomes pregnate, her body eventually modifies itself to give birth. Of course the woman is the higher power within the symbiotic relationship. She has the power to determine whether or not I am allowed to enter into her womb - she has control with/over her body. This analogy or parallel of course becomes confused when man, due to his mental illness, forces himself into the woman's body or seeks to gain control over the woman's body. I am talking strictly about the mechanics of the creative process minus the mental illness conditioned by this ideologically constructed world. The creative process with the woman's body seems to be a easy and practical way to consider the symbiotic relationship between consciousness and the modification of consciousness into particles of consciousness. This may be one of the reasons why, despite my desire and intention to do so, I didn't move through reflections after returning to the cell from mini- yard yesterday. It is as a result of exploring the question why that reflections have led me to the consideration of this perceptual form regarding the relationship between consciousness and the modification into particles of consciousness. (June 27, 2013 - Thursday - Roughly 12:50 AM) When I experienced the sudden change of temperature within my body yesterday, I was moving through reflections on paper related to the republican argument for the trickle down pyramid scheme as effective government and way forward along our path. The sudden change of body temperature would seem to have bene my light body communicating with me and confirming the reflections related to the republicans. The confirmation was then seemingly underscored by the communication with the inner world of my light body's subconscious mind. After listening for a period of time to the reflections generated by the movement move inside my mind, I entered into a rest period and had the experience. What I recall of it is a discussion that was clearer to me during the course of the experience then it was after I opened my eyes. There was one word that appeared to resonate with me though. The word was bench mark. The discussion would have seemed to have had something to do with a benchmark decision. It may have had something to do with the supreme court decision regarding the rights of gay members of our United States being to marry. One of the definitions of the work benchmark is a reference from which measurement may be made. To the degree that peace and stability is desired for the gay members of our body is the measure of degree to which we desire peace and stability for ourselves. But the resonance of the word benchmark also seemed to be connected to the reflections concerning the significant degree of mental illness of republicans and the conservative movement in general. The question would seem to always be - conserve what - the suffering in this world? The rape of women and molestation of children? The word benchmark would appear to be my light body acknowledging and confirming that the support of the republican party be members of our United States being is one way to measure the mental illness of our collective body. As long as the republican party is empowered by members of our body to legislate its religious ideology - political ideology of trickle down pyramid scheme into public law as well as their religious belief system concerning abortion, it will be a measurement of the mental illness of our collective body. This seems to be a reasonable consideration. (Roughly 1:42 AM) Let me get back more connected to the reflections regarding argument and worry possibly being a indication that the perceived solution to the issues compelling the argument/worry is not adequate understood. First though let me clarify what would appear to be a straightforward distinction between argument and dialectical discussion. The dialectical discussion occurs when differing opinions are genuinely striving to reach a higher degree of [illegible] regarding the issue or subject matter upon which opinions differ for example, if the issue is how to achieve economic stability and do away with the national deficit and state government - local government fiscal uncertainty, one opinion might be to stop operating the trickle down pyramid scheme. The other opinion might be to continue operating the pyramid scheme but if the discussion is truly dialectical, simple logic will prevail and agreement will be reached concerning the more effective way forward. A dialectical discussion/debate is essentially the process by which differing opinions are contrasted in order to reach the higher degree of understanding. The prerequisite though for the dialectical discussion is not only intellectual maturity but also a genuine intention to discover the more effective way forward. On the other hand, the argument would appear to be a process whereby mental illness is inflamed and on full display. Where there is a argument between two or more people, there is at least one person who doesn't care about reaching a higher understanding of discovering the more practical way forward in the matter. No matter how illogical the individual's position is the only concern is appearing to be right - the individual is only concerned about being right in his her her eyes. The process of a dialectical discussion may simply be [thesis?] (i.e. democracy) - anti-thesis (republican) - synthesis (grassroot). Aggreement and compromise is the natural result of the dialectical discussion. It is akin to the process of developmental awareness. So when I talk about argument I am not talking about dialectical discussion. (Roughly 4:29 AM) Emotional imagery. I just opened my eyes from another communication experience with the inner world of my light body's subconscious mind that seemed more like movement deeper into the emotional void of nothingness. What I recall is someone telling me to tell them telling me to show them. It would seem that the being speaking to me was telling me to show them them them the way but all I recall is the being saying to me "tell us. show us." The communication would appear to be my light body not only bearing witness to her existence but to the existence of micro light body's being activated as well. The directive to "tell us. show us." would seem to be indicative of the assembling of our collective grassroot body as the United States being family we are intending to become. The communication would also appear to be indicative of the progressive degree to which the uploading of consciousness has reached and is continuing to move forward into. It is now 6:24 AM. I laid back down to listen and eventually drifted back into another rest period and had another experience. I opened my eyes a little after 5:30 AM. What I recall of the discussion are questions being asked of me. But I don't recall exactly what the questions were. I remember feeling empowered and intrigued by the questions - there was a fun excitement being reciprocated. The fun excitement and empowerment I felt would appear to be indicative of the growing interconnectedness between my light body and I - between the members of my light body and I. The feeling of intrigue by the questions would appear to be indicative of the necessary continued uploading of consciousness for myself as well as for my light body. But the continued uploading of consciousness or developmental awareness would seem to be indicative of the eternal - immortal - divine nature of the path of self - discovery - consciousness becoming aware of consciousness and vice versa. The interesting thing about these experiences is how they often occur after I lay down with the intent of listening more closely to reflections move in my mind. The feeling of moving deeper within the emotional void of nothingness was strong during both experiences this morning. I am able to partly make the determination as a result of the pull of emotion I experience as I am moving from the inner world of the subconscious mind communication back to the outer world of the conscious mind communications. The awareness of the distinction seeing to only indicate the reconciling of the parallel. No matter the degree of recollection of these experiences I perceive to be movement in my light body deeper into and through the emotional void of nothingness, the indication always seems to be a deeper perceptual awareness and innerconnectedness with the emotional void of nothingness I appear to be moving in/through inside my light body vehicle. (Roughly 3:30 PM) A interesting perception occurred to me this morning before release to the mini-yard. It would appear to be my light body responding to the reflections concerning me traveling in my light body into and through the emotional void of nothingness. This is a clearer look at the necessity of reconciling the parallel existence between the micro and macro light bodies uniting them into the divine "I" - meaning that mother earth is my light body (micro) and my micro light body is the consciousness of mother earth. The necessity of uniting the two light bodies via the uploading of consciousness into the divine "I" (i.e. I am you and you are me) would appear to be the prerequisite would appear to be the key for activating the engines of mother earth as a light body vehicle - as a bio-energetic space vehicle for traveling deeper into and through the emotional void of nothingness. The engines necessary to activate the movement of mother earth as a light body vehicle it seems reasonable to consider are essentially the members of our grassroot body of the micro light bodies of mother earth - hence the divine "I" - we are mother earth and mother earth is us. - We are the micro light bodies and the micro light bodies are mother earth. The obvious substantiation of this divine "I" consideration would seem to be that as we awaken to our [illegible] mother earth awakens to manifest the world of her divinity. Is it possible for mother earth to transform herself and we not be transformed right along with her? Or is it possible for us to transform ourselves and mother earth not be transformed along with us. Better yet, is it possible for us to upload our levels of consciousness and the level of consciousness of mother earth not be uploaded as well? The practical way it seems to perceive travelling in the mother earth lightbody vehicle deeper into and through the emotional void of nothingness is the perception/experience of the transformation of mother earth into her higher forms/ worlds of existence as a reflection of us travelling in her light body vehicle. We travel in our mother earth light body vehicle into and through the emotional void of nothingness which is the same as the zero point emotional field. But it appears to be through the vortex (i.e. portals of perceptual forms that make it possible to access multidimensional fields) that we are able to move into and through the emotional void of nothingness. I'm getting ahead of myself here with the wholistic connection between the vortex/vortexes and the zero point emotional field. The vortex is essentially the world model. In the beginning was the vortex (word)... but why is this important? It seems to be that it is only through the cortex that we are able to travel, access to the zero point emotional field and create from within it. My intention is to explore the natures of the vortex as a word model/perceptual form more clearly in coming reflections. But it seems reasonable to consider that my movement through reflections on paper over the years has to do with me moving through the vortex. What I am talking about is inner space travel. Ervin Laszlo writes, "Thus, the evidence for cosmic consciousness is not entirely indirect; it has an experiential basis. Combining the implications of the in-formed universe with the testimony of altered state experiences we can state - more exactly, re-state - the likeliest story" (pg. 120; Science and the Akashic Field). The testimony of altered state experiences is generally thought of in the abstract but in my case it would seem to be as practical as the shift in my thinking from ideological to divine principled and the continuous uploading of consciousness as a result. It seems the path I am experiencing is the likeliest story to bear witness to the living existence of cosmic consciousness as well as to the feasibility of inner space travel via the uploading of consciousness. The hypothesis of the Higgs Field seems to speak of the connection between the uploading of consciousness and inner space travel in another way. Ervin Laszlo writes, "The current hypothesis is that particles acquire mass through interaction with the Higgs Field. The mass they acquire is proportionate to the strength of the Higgs Field times the strength of their interaction. Even the mass of the mysterious dark matter in the universe is believed to arise through interaction with the Higgs Field - more precisely, with a distinct variety of Higgs Field, without the different variety of Higgs Field there would be nothing for us to observe in the universe, nor would we be here to make the observation" (pg 64). It would seem though that, if the mass particles acquire through interaction with the Higgs Field is proportionate to the strength of the Higgs Field times the strength of the interaction, the symbiotic-reciprocal relationship the hypothesis is attempting to establish with the interaction between the particle and the field of energy would be impossible to do because the interaction of the particle is dependent upon the strength of the Higgs Field as opposed to the interaction of the particle having independence with the field of energy. If it is possible to quantify the strength of the Higgs Field, then it would also appear to be possible to quantify the weakness of the Higgs Field. By the nature of contrast, strength is just a higher degree of weakness and weakness a lower degree of strength. So if the mass that particles acquire have to be proportionate to the strength or weakness of the Higgs field times the degree of the interaction between the two, if the strength of the Higgs Field is weak, it would seem to limit the interaction. The mass which the particles are capable of acquiring to a state of weakness (i.e. degeneration). The partriarchal religious ideologies would appear to be a good illustration of this, if the Higgs Field is likened to the patriarchal god and the believer to the particles. The interaction of the believer with the patriarchal god is not reciprocal. It is authoritative. The believer has been limited by the weakness and therefore collectively unable to resolve the issue of suffering in this world or to put forward a practical hypothesis to do. The point consideration is that the strength of their Higgs Field is weak and so because the mass they acquire through interaction with it is proportionate to the strength of their Higgs Field, they are limited and imprisoned by its weakness. The Higgs Field hypothesis underscores the possibility of interacting with the zero point emotional field. It appears to attempt to describe the symbiotic-reciprocal relationship between particles and the Z.P.E.F. the Z.P.E.F. would appear to be indicative of activity instead of non-activity by virtue of creativity. The mass of particles having their origin from within the Z.P.E.F. - the inclination is to use the word model strength to describe the activity of the Z.P.E.F but the more practical word model to describe the activity may be potential. It is potential that allows - makes it possible for a independent reciprocal relationship to exist with the Z.P.E.F. It is a field of potential. Particles acquire mass according to the degree of quality and strength of the interaction with the zero point emotional field. It seems reasonable to consider that the way I travel in my vessel determines the mass (i.e. degenerative or regenerative) which it requires; acquires. Nobody

Author: Nobody (California)

Author Location: California

Date: October 17, 2016

Genre: Essay

Extent: 14 pages

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