Reflections from the cement coffin June 6, 2013 – Thursday – roughly 3:23 P.M.

Nobody (California)



Nobody California Reflections From the Cement Coffin The theory of independent thinking is basically a theory suggesting that through effective thinking it is possible to create the world of American Exceptionalism on Mother Earth. Effective thinking is the prerequisite for effective conduct with and toward the members of our United States being. It is the prerequisite for effective broad-based grassroot organizing, etc. The importance of effective thinking would appear to be obvious, but what has possibly made it less obvious are the numerous ideological strands that presumptuously settle on what/who effective thinking is. So what has not been so obvious about the importance of effective thinking are the elements which make it possible to think effectively. But, when I talk about effective thinking, I am really talking about experiencing the process of effective thinking. It appears that effective thinking is a progressive process we have the ability to enter into by way of application of divine law. By contrast, ineffective thinking has compelled us to experience a counter-productive process leading to massive debt and generational suffering. The distinction between experiencing the process of effective thinking and the process of ineffective thinking seems reasonable to think of as being the same distinction between entering into the process of regeneration (i.e. sustainable regeneration) and being compelled to continue to experience the process of degeneration. The conflict in Syria seems to be an extreme example of the consequence of being compelled to experience the process of ineffective thinking. Both sides of the conflict seem to belong the ideological boot. If they believe in the day of judgment ideology, their objective is not to build the Kingdom of Heaven on Mother Earth right now. The objective would undermine the religious ideology believed in because to achieve the objective substantiates the falsehood of the ideology. Part of the point consideration is that, if the objective is not to eradicate suffering in this world, it then seems reasonable to consider that there is a silent complicity and complacency with the suffering. The other part of the point consideration is whether or not it is reasonable for either side of the conflict to complain or cry out when they experience the extreme degree of the same suffering they are complicit in and complacent with in this world? The difficult thing about this consideration are the children who also suffer. This point consideration may sound more harsh than it actually is. What I am attempting to connect this to are the consequences of not understanding how to enter into the process of effective thinking. This would appear to be the missing ingredient to understanding the substantive solution to conflicts here in our society, as well as to the genocidal conflicts, such as in Syria. A substantive solution is applicable to every conflict in this world, though. Unless the root cause of the conflict in Syria is addressed, at best it may be temporarily settled, as it once was, only to continue to simmer underneath the facade of peace only to erupt again once the situational factor triggers the repressed frustrations. Such is the case right now in Syria, Iraq and other hot spots in this world. To not address the way of thinking is to go into these hot spots without the intention of substantively addressing the conflict. But it seems impossible for us to substantively address the conflicts of others in this world until we first address our own. The real issue needs to be discussed and addressed, which is the mental illness conditioned by ineffective thinking. It seems that this is the responsibility of our grassroot [body?] to illustrate through action how to enter into the process of effective thinking.

Author: Nobody (California)

Author Location: California

Date: October 17, 2016

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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