Reflections from the cement coffin May 30, 2013

Nobody (California)



(May 30, 2013-Thursday-Roughly 5:48 PM) I keep reaching for greater degrees of clarity in my communication with you. It seems today that I have turned a remarkable corner in relation to the endeavor. I really can't explain it except maybe to say it is the perceptual clarity I am now experiencing. I haven't moved through reflections on paper since early wednesday morning at roughly 4:21 AM. I have since then been in my mind listening to and battling with emotional intelligence reaching for the clarity I am now experiencing. The observed movement and synchronicities I have experienced helping lead me to the clarity have generated reflections I still intend to move through on paper in order to continue from where I discontinued Wednesday morning in order to show the work. It appears that we are in the developmental awareness process of becoming the United States being; a global grassroot body. If we are going to consider ourselves to be among the leaders of this world, it seems reasonable to consider that it will be necessary for us to take responsibility for the conditions of it. What I am intending to mean by sound leadership in this world is not using our armed forces in foreign lands to prop up the trickle down economic pyramid scheme to operate as it does in our nation. What I am intending to mean by sound leadership is making clear to this world that our declaration for independence is a directive for creating the world of peace and stability for each member of our body - making clear to this world that political ideology is not a accurate representation of the potential of our political system - making clear to this world the organic principled divine nature of our governing system and therefore the work that we have here to do at home to get our house in order - in order to facilitate creating the world of peace and stability. To make clear the nature of this world via principled logic/simple logic and a practical plan of action for transforming it. this is the responsibility of our grassroot body; to lay out a clear vision for this world, so sound and practical that to reject it would be to admit to foolish ignorance. It seems I have now made the necessary peaceful connections to begin communicating with you as both individual members of our United States being and as our United States being, with much more clarity. Still, I speak with no certainty. I continue to express my intention to communicate with you as clearly as possible about the path I am experiencing. Nobody

Author: Nobody (California)

Author Location: California

Date: October 17, 2016

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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