Reflections from the cement coffin subject matter: vision earthvibe

Nobody (California)



Reflections from the cement coffin We act like the father of caterpillars (underdeveloped creatures) in a cocoon (in this world). Making all sorts of uninformed judgements about his children before the process of transformation (rehabilitation) into beautiful butterflies has been [contemplated] completed. Only the mother (logical consciousness) fully understands the creation she is giving birth to. Subject matter: Vision Earth Vibe The prison system probably means something different to me than it does to most people. It is because of this that my story will at first be difficult for many people to believe. I say this because my story is about the prison system; because my story is about the nature of this world; because my story is about the logical meaning and purpose of rehabilitation; because my story is about one of us entering into the prison system to travel the process for rehabilitation in order to receive vision earth vibe. The experience and logic will have to speak for themselves as they continue unfold- Vision earth vibe: The awakening of the inner-city children United States being: The National/International grass roots organization whose clearly defined objective and plan of action is the rehabilitation (transformation) of this world. The Declaration for Independence: The directive and plan of action to accomplish objective The following are the five theories that constitute the basic framework of vision earth vibe. 1)The theory of American Experiment: This world is that prison system in which we are all inmates experiencing, at diferent degrees of conscious – Awareness, the process for rehabilitation, this world is basically an elaborate mind game (A.K.A immaculate deception). It is the falsification of social consciousness. It is the ultimate deception for the greatest good because the falsification of social consciousness necessitates the rehabilitation (A.K.A transformation, awakening) of social consciousness. 2)The theory of American dream: The fundamental nature of our existence and therefore this world is consciousness. As conscious beings, we must engage this world through/with the logical thinking process in order to create the logical world that logical people desire to experience existence in. 3)The theory of the world of American Exceptionalism: America is not a nation separated from/against other nations in this world. America is the world in which there is no suffering. America is another terminology reflective of the kingdom of heaven on mother earth. America is the experience of Utopia; it is the experience of the Egalitarian society/world we desire to experience our existence in. 4)The theory of the American enterprise: The work that must be done in order to organize the grassroot body on the massive scale necessary to accomplish the objectives. The United States being is the vessel that must be built in order to travel to the world of American Exceptionalism via the creative process (A.K.A the rehabilitation process) 5)The theory of the inner-city street philosophy: A basic fundamental vernacular and way of thinking that makes it possible to rehabilitate social consciousness from the foundation up with. A logical awareness of the objective and plan of action to accomplish the objective. I was arrested at the age of nineteen. I have now been incarcerated behind the physical values of electrical fences for a little more than a quarter of a century. My focus has been to become logically aware, according to my own study and not the opinions of others, of the nature of my thinking process in order to comprehend the root cause of the decision making process leading to my incarceration. The quest to become logically aware has led me to the realization that nobody in this world is obligated to take the meaning and purpose of my existence seriously. The obligation is mine and mines' alone, I am not in this world to argue. This world is no longer in need of argument. This world is in need of a clear vision to help move our species forward. As a representative of the logical consciousness I am experiencing, I am in this world to help facilitate the organizing of our United States being. I conclude by asking you a question. If one of us entered into the prison system to travel (experience). The process for rehabilitation in order to receive vision earth vibe (The plan of action to facilitate the rehabilitation of this world), would you be interested? Would you be willing to seriously listen? I am simply one of us. A member of the United States being.

Author: Nobody (California)

Author Location: California

Date: October 17, 2016

Genre: Essay

Extent: 4 pages

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