Kiser, Paul J.



Reflections 11-15-18 I'm in the "hole" right now, I hit a guy in the head with a fab motor for stealing my mp3 player. Segregation is a loud dirty place. People lose themselves down here because that's all they have left. Just today a man in the cell above me has plugged his toilet to flood his cell. The overflow cascading down like a pungent waterfall. The C.O.'s eventually shut the water off and the shower stops. Out in front of my cell a mini-lake has formed. The water, reflecting at an angle the barred window. Blue sky and white clouds not crisscrossed by razor wire. Sometimes a glimpse of freedom can be seen in the water of a segregation toilet. Kiser KDOC Mistakes 11-15-18 Mistakes are turning left when I should have done right When I should have bought the Crunchy instead of the creamy When I sent Sandy's e-mail to Cindy Mistakes are not When I picked up the P2P THE Needle THE Gun THE Sentence. Mistakes are not knowing The choice is yours to find out. Mistakes don't hurt Choices Will. Do. Kiser KDOC

Author: Kiser, Paul J.

Author Location: Kansas

Date: November 15, 2018

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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