Refocus & stay focused!

King Coe tha Great



Refocus & stay focused!! By: King Coe 5-31-2017 @ Macon State Prison Sometimes as humans we tend to err. I can never for the life of me remember what great mind stated this factoid?? But there is no known logic to berate this fact. So, instead we must program ourselves to acknowledge these mistakes and learn from them. I would love to say capitalize off of them but the human mind computes data at alarmingly different capacities. So, what you may soak up from a learning experience may not sponge into my data bank. When we remind ourselves to REFOCUS, it sometimes still doesn't register until after the fact and we tell ourselves, "I knew better!" But we knew all along our weaknesses yet we could not defeat them. So now our battle becomes SELF-DISCIPLINE.... In our effort to recognize and correct an error or prevent it from occurring again; we must practice self-discipline only then will we remain FOCUSED after our reminders. It is an eternal fight both mentally and spiritually, rather than physically. Even though some believe that certain dieting could contribute to winning that battle between self, especially on a spiritual level. It is said by a certain great mind that, "something that is done for 21 days in a row becomes a habit." So with a repetitive pattern of self motivated equipoise...we can become Habitual violators of self-discipline; in a good way. I often find my way losing focus and slipping into oblivion, like the legendary Earl Simmons. My true motivation comes from my comrades within the slave systems. My family. Both young & old.

Author: King Coe tha Great

Author Location: Georgia

Date: May 31, 2017

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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