Reguarding restoration of credit

Whitecell, Davy



1 Davy Whitecell Reguarding Restoration of Credit 11-29-19 Yesterday I woke to the news. The president restore's Seal Team Six galligar's trident, fire's the secretary of the Navy. This is a promise fulfilled the P.O.T.U.S. Is doing what he said he would oh me Im still here. yesterday I had a hearing for a rule's violation report "A.K.A. '115' they called it a fight yet all it was was some junkie with a big mouth calling me a child molester. Their isn't anything worst than a child molester in prison and to put a jacket, on some one with out paperwork could get someone hurt or killed. you see if you don't know what a jacket is that's a false accusation or rumor about a prisoner. To other's That cause's action against that prisoner to cause some kind of action a plot to remove them from there program to get them off the line because they poss a threat to the way of life for other's, with me. The dope fiend's hate me because I dont use drug's the dope dealer's consiter me bad for bussiness only because I'm not buying any drug's and I have many year's of recovery, even the fake ass Christians cant hide cause god watche's and see's everyone and all they do weather it good or evil, I sat on the yard for two hour's last night while the Luietenant and his crew read the report and decided what to do, yet called me right after dinner while the dope fiend that was speaking in a meeting just the other day was waiting outside asks me what 2) happened as I was asked by the Lt. to take a couple of lap's on the yard track cause they werent ready for me yet. I told the informant I dont answer cop question's The Srgt. sitting in his office when I walked in to the program office and announced my presence asked me one question "Hey [redacted] you ever been in the military?" My answer plane and simply to the point K.I.S.S. Keep it Simple Stupid Nope! Denied everything at this point in time I must put restrictions on my own activity and earthly desires my service is this reporting the war from the field I told the Srgt. whom never identifyed him self yet is asking questions I say Im just a no-body telling everybody about Jesus. That last name Jesus it just kills the conversation for most and once again the Srgt didnt want to hear anything but a answer to his question. Thats why I don't answer cop question's especial when they are just over paid lazy security guard's that are undertrained to deal with the over flux of mentally ill and crimminal terrorist, that see America as there enemy since they committed a crime that landed them in prison yet there are more and more inmate's being found to be not guilty of the crime's they committed or were set up by those who used them for information and promised them a deal to spare them a life sentence it's the old Ill tell so I get a lesser sentence for doing the crime but the first to make the deal skate's the punishment 3 It's like watching a old rerun of a t.v. show, but the book my homeboys wrote called "Frank the Shank" the story of the LMP the La Mirada Punx's it's funny and laughable. The disclaimer state's the names have been changed to protect the guilty yet everyone from my town in Southern California that know's my nickname, don't need to read about the lie's told about me in the book one being I was seen raping a woman at a party, changing my nick name then using photo's in the book of me without my permission, totally a violation of the law if they researched my murder case at 17, and had all the documents my so called homie's whom have lived off my reputation and good name for way to long I had a youngster the other day come up to me with his young buddy telling him, "Man this is the Big Homie" I had to be harsh! I told him I aint no bodie's homie! I said all my homies where are they were are the we love you "Bubba" package's or the here's a wet 40 - on your book's it's not much but it beats a blank, we'll son miss me with all that homeboy shit. I work here in my cell everyday. While my homeboys are out there living on my name still making money on just one sentence or one sheet of paper I destroyed and drew on I can draw you a hundred dollar bill and sell it for million's fool's / yet I sit in prison guilty of a crime that never took place and if it even had, I've been in a mental health treatment program which has done nothing but feed me medication "snake poison" for years to 4 do what? Keep me calm from who? why the computer's? The geek squad that is high on rock star's and Starbuck's "A.K.A "crack in a cup" while they daily over load a system with more and more data to create a false senero to keep their job's and god help you if you get upset and say any thing when you start makeing to much sence in the open public of the prison court you are slienticed by being lead back to your cell and theaten to be moved on shiped out or it just happen's if your care start's coming together in the court system all of a sudden you get a trans-pack notice your being shipped to another prison so although it is legal for us as inmates to help each other in legal matters if things like I said start going your way the ad/min just nips it in the butt move the upstart's to concore is to divide right? Divide and concore the enemy is everywhere and even like the gospel say's your best friend's and family will turn on you. So i already know that as a warrior and a Southern California Sovereign, a English dog I woke this morning to the real news that there was a earthquake 6.3 in the greek isle's region to those in Italy may God hear your war cry's many year's the original Mafia refused to be involved in the drug trade. Said that was for the nigger's "ignorant people" "Dirty one's" stright out of the movie the God Father, but the so called world has become so overly sinister that anything one may say or proclaim will be countered by protest like a protester protesting the propester for protesting at a protest over something and god help you if you say the word white! or white people so if your name is white or so forth boy your 5 really in a fix! in this day and age when every arguement is finished or started if you are white you might as we'll be a cop or a Nazi, it is almost like being Jesse James no offence to Jesse "you know who you are" C.F.L." But I've been seen where at the Indian Casino in San Bernardino California wearing Jesse's T-shirt winning jackpots on the slots on camera so if we are in a surveillance state where are the collection's of the thousand's of T-shirts I've stelthy worn over the year's advertising this once 68 in billboard of a chest in my younger year's now at 52 in the program office the Luietenant say's to me you are a big guy? While some 20 something my kid's age in a level 4 maximum california State Prison Mental Health Unit is gonna fuck with my mind by talking shit to me in my vent while he by's drug's and it take's him 2 month's to pay me a dollar in a Sugar Shack Honey Bun for a rat ass piece of state chicken he wanted to trade for, you call want to hear about how someone can die over a butt naked 25 cent soup when some one dont pay their bill's or wants to make a deal with another inmate when they have nothing they all come begging until someone send's them a package or puts money on their book's while some one like me the system wishe's to make a example out of dont be like him he is a mad man? a what? Why? Because my name is a good name remember defication of character is a civil crime in California as well as false reporting by state employee's so if the United States Senate agree's that making false 6 report's is a crime as we'll Senate Bill 2681 P.C. 118.1 pc civil code 52, all the reporting by state official's about me, all false and made up about me I was warned in 2015 my file's were exposed to the dark webb as we'll as all my history so what does a foot print and social security number do for me when I'm locked up out of the way and any one of million's of billion's of world wide net user's can exploit my name rank and serial number, so they can have all the metal's they can have all the trophie's but the patche's and the tattoo's we'll if you crack up and cant hang you can loose your Patch and we'll my tattoo's will go with me to the grave yard, and all those I earned cause I dont need no stinking badge's my father hated cop's I didn't have and don't have any hate for anyone but its funny how hate rear's it's ugly head, when over one word or a photo or simple drawing can spark a flame and music between rap & rock and punk and country I'm suffering, battle fatigue here while I watch all these really really smart people run around here in circles trying to fix everyone. The Trumpster said it best If it ain't broke dont fix it, give law enforcement the tool's nessicary to stop the crimminal's yet what end's up happening is the punishment dont fit the crime's and when you have people doing time with people who are never getting out those people have leverage over those who have a date to be released since the Federal court ordered the State of California to cap the total inmate prison population at 137% I believe they are so out of control and hard pressed to find each and every loop hole to keep, more around and 7 like me some one who was due to go back to my family back to my 'bussinesse's plural" and work to be recieved by my church and family of God & reguarded by my friend's waiting for my return to society for a 10 year sentence for something that once again was a false report and never happened, I can even prove the facts in my case, case's where when I've even requested the file's for prior record's that are suppose to be in my current file that are only from the last prison I was at but the Record's Department are not releaseing them and the staff here dont know why? We'll I can tell you all that read this it is called simply "corruption" when a Srgt can grab his ball's and tell you you have none! Then you prove your's are bigger, now they run and hide and don't answer your request for simple documents its so funny how someone with 3 year's on the job can sucker a correctional officer into lying and getting other's to risk there job's yet that's what one staff member did. For the sake of a internal investigation still underway I will not disclose name's yet if anyone wishe's to believe I am making false reports for the Archives they can alway's personally contact me at my prison address here and I will be more than willing to provide the case no. To my current case to which I should have been released already yet my document came up missing after a 6 day stay in ad/seg in Donavan State prison where my junkie dope fiend cellie unbeknownest to me placed a poking device in the light fixture in thru a bolt hole that was missing a bolt it was a eyeglass frame handle that he had made to poke hole's in his pants to sew then tweeked out of his mind got scared I would assumed since he never told 8 me he put it in their nor that he broke off my handle's from the eyeglasses that were spare's I had just sitting around as I didnt use them anymore only until I was released 7 days later and I recieved the property 4 months later did I relieze he was the one whom had installed the so called weapon in the fixture these are the game's you have to be aware of even your cellie's you have to keep an eye on in this day and age if you get a good one of if you are singled celled, I tell people all the time this is the greatest state in the country its the only one where if you kill your cellie they will never give you another one. Kinda like that new law that was just passed about abusing puppie's but different! These are the thing's we see behind the walls the so called information officers won't tell you the general public for matter's of libel or for safety or security reason's everything can be a safety issue if they lie they are affaird if I tell you the truth they fear for there job's, house's car's incomes's ect. But me it's cheaper and more of a profit to testi lie together cause everyone will be on the same page as the one's who come to work and risk there live's to keep inmates 1/2 of whom dont care about themselve's enough to want to live, have no hope and if a dope dealer packs a outfit with drugs or there nose with meth and puts money on there books most even for a T.V. set or radio C.D player and some C.D.'s will do just about anything for you even stab someone kick the shit out of some body all in the name of boredom and gang stupidity well happy trail's to you until we write again from the Swamp Donkey Town, Mule Creek where Balah's ass had more brain's then most people here: me lost to the world thank God Davy Whitecell Crazy? Maybe

Author: Whitecell, Davy

Author Location: California

Date: November 26, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 8 pages

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