Rehabilitation control

Tex, Twisted



Rehabilitation Control A crime is committed, a law is to break, with arguing syndicates comes marginalized mistakes, so the targets’ identity leaves no room for a cardinal escape – Now, the individual’s in custody, the subject’s encaged, so process commences the public declares its wage by societies’ chosen, by societies’ Elected Brigade – Justice is rendered – with a sentence that’s made, and all the parties involved proudly say Vengeance is paid, the Dues of the Debt are written, and Prison entraps its enslaved for a duration of time, the admission – for the very essence of age – A Cage is meant for animals, so as animals prisoners behave, and those violent behaviors surface – As prison conditions persuade with all the vision in dreams, an all the memories that fade, this rehabilitation’s succession controls – with an order to obey – This suppressive state control depends on an oppressive state of decay floating in a sea full of turmoil, drowning in an Ocean of Rage, as this state’s control is labelled, as a position of grace to save, but nothing is rescued in this vicious cycle’s cave, and millions of minds are ruined by an imprisoned life in a maze – Rehabilitations’ perversions committed, is a brutal submission of ways society must unite and come together to end incarcerations’ craze – for too many Men and Women, minds continue to drift in haze, a solution must be provided, to put an end to the torturous days –

Author: Tex, Twisted

Author Location: Ohio

Date: October 19, 2016

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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