Torres, Eduardo



Torres Resistance Resistance may be a word you recognize but it's a very fequent occasion its isn't given the recognition it deserves. Delusion is what happens when our resistance becomes futile, in any given situation delusion comes into play once resistance gives out. Resistance is spiritual, and ignorance follows delusion which follows resistance, thus, its smart to tune in resistance frequently. Immunology has it, we need to be introduced to a danger safely, to become resistant to danger in its unrestrained state. Why can't we figure out a formula to do the same spiritually? Call it eugenics, but its primarily spiritual. When we transcend into a new age of new discoveries we are able to see what works better in comparison with outdated solutions. Mental health is tricky when you allow it to be. The more you know the stronger grip you have to battle a illness which is affected by your mental deficiency. Resistance is important in the very foundations of resistance seen in mental illnesses and life. Without mental illness resistance wouldn't exist, the very nature of illness creates a remedy to it and that is by the fact behind the saying every problem has a solution. However, resistance is best seen in its medical sense. Even though I know spiritual perspectives are more correct, I don't know how to explain them in detail. So, as we can see in health, resistance and illness go hand to hand. Like I said earlier delusion is follow by ignorance and thus resistance and ignorance are polar opposites, we assume ignorant people do less resistance than a healthy aware person would. In conclusion resistance can help or thwart illness of the spirit. And spiritual illness is caused by delusion or ignorance, which comes after resistance gives out. So we can assume all harms done by abuse are all due to the principles of resistance and balance. --ET 4-14-20

Author: Torres, Eduardo

Author Location: California

Date: April 14, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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