Returning home




Returning Home The longest I have been away from home is 2 years it seems when I try to move far away I always end up home. My home is a big brick castle with fences all around. Normally its guarded at all time to protect me from my family who love me but hate me all the same. I cant remember all the guards that guard my home because I hire different ones sometimes by the Dozen. Sometimes its as if I click my heels together and chant "there is no place like home". I travel the yellow brick road to the red brick build which is my home. This isnt a fairy tale that home I hate so much is prison I realized even on the out side I would box myself in a small room when I got home sick. People are not honest with themselve because I miss this place when Im not here I have spent so many years in that my body is built for it and I hate it. At first I was ashamed to think about it came to me like a bad cold. It got stuck in my throat I got a head ache. I told my self the last time I came to this place was my last but here I am again against my will. The science of why we come back to this place still makes me study why after all the hard work I put in to educate my self, to rehabilitate my mind of all the messed up concept I created when I had no other way is my curse. In my eyes people dont want knowledge because knowing makes you get off your butt and take blame for false concept. All my life I knew wrong from right my mom taught this at a young age, still my way of doing whats wrong then giving it another name of right is what got me here. I can complain all day about the things that happen in my house but untill I fix whats inside of me my house will forever be destroyed. The anger I feel inside about being treated like a child is my stinking thinking that placed me in a kid mind frame all over again. So this time even though I traveled the road less travelled to get here I must figure out what god who he is to you. to me its everything that moves, Im listening but this time I wont decode his answer to create a bad master peice only designed to make me return home. Do not fear if your my neighbor or live up the block the address you choose becomes your home. Please enjoy it but dont complain if you return more than you want or never leave. some people loves there homes more than other. Rather it be a castle or a shack the way you feel about it makes it special. Im in a home of my own choosing no matter how I ended up back. I have to discover how to leave and never return. But while Im here I will make the best of it seeking first to under stand then fix the problem.

Author: Bobby

Author Location: Texas

Date: March 28, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 3 pages

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