Reverse psychology: to end shame?

Abdullah, Ayyub Rahim



Permission Slip on File! ARA "Reverse Psychology: To End Shame?" ARA 9/8/19 ADX "Humans know, most, how the past guides; one's present, then, future! Hearing, a song for many, takes them (back) to where they heard it; before! So too, the eyes; past, present... The title (above) works similarly, as it's the past used; to obstruct shame! I won't 'cook everything for you' ('me, me, me generation,' or 'fast food/take out' - opened up internet - 'and selfies')! Suffice it to say, bestows one - with - lack of conscience (cf. '3-branches of govt')? Media reports, daily, 'Trump lies'; as truths! Which shades/covers, his lack of conscience! And (could've writ, differently), the base: 'love/worship him, the more, for it'! There's a movie ('On Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest,' great; Jack Nicholson)--note, dual meaning used ('great, Jack Nicholson'; 'not again'; or 'great, Jack Nicholson'; fantastic artist)--where 'he's in and escapes a nuthouse (with help from, some, kooks)! I mention it, here, because (title) 'to end shame'; is a mirror! Like thoughts (often y'all think durance, kooks), one's agin another, become (down-the-line) anothers; agin you! 'Point a finger...three-point-back'! So, the moral: keepers lose shame, empathy (even), when using 'reverse psychology'! In prison, hacks must: lie; steal; even, kill (job category); especially, now with Trump (McConnell; Kennedy; etc.)! The movie (above) did, likewise! Then, who are the nuts??? As I said (previously): 'The teacher will appear...'; and, when one says, 'you can't teach me nothin' they're nuts! Here's a ditty (by: Harold C. Schonberg): 'depending on where personality is stronger, one can more easily psych the other'! My "view is, 'Trump' ('Mesmer' wannabe), 'Nostradamus' prediction": like all things satan uses, evil folk write 'their story based on past ones'! Remember, 'Ms. Cleo'? If I reach one (of y'all), I'm blessed? Strange, hacks read mines (going/coming); some, play massa (destroying)! But (supra) the difference (devils & humans), lies in the behaviors! 'One comes in with truth (in their hearts); but, leaves with satan...The reader (the eyes, ears, or thoughts) will mark one; forever! Amazing, I'm convicted (unjustified), my ancestors were slaves? Yet, monopoly (during slavery) is, still 'intact'; same: 'twisted-minds'; '...great, again'? Only justice ('Jesus shall return, set things right': not 'son'; etc.) Now, is truth unveiled! Nature, takes away--from Kakistocracy, Kleptocracy--what was stolen; without right! (cf. Habak Kuk 1:4?)" ARA 9/8/19 ADX enclosed, also: 'Guard Is: Durance; I Almost, Understand; When 'Common Sense' Prevails; and, 'Alone, 'men' cannot, 'change'...! ARA 9/3/20 ADX Max (CO) Permission on file (please return xerox, of this?)! Thanks & take care cc: file (NAB, bible: Lev. 19:12, James 5:12) 5 pages (2 pp front & back) ARA "Guard Is: Durance (on Earth); Prison, Hereafter?" ARA 9/8/19 plantation ADX Terminated (Sept. 30, 2996): U.S. Civil Rights Commission (42 USC 1975-1975d), see Hannah v Larche (1960) 4 L.Ed.2d 1307 (cites, 42 USC 1975-1975e, procedures) cf. DiBlasio v Novello (CA2, 3-9-2011) 413 Fed. Appx. 352: 358? Termination (Oct. 25, 1994, P.L. 103-419, 82, 108 Stat. 4342)! See, 5 CFR 7801.101 General? If not clear, U.S. Common on Civil Rights (investigative laws 51995q) are terminated (Clinton [Teron?] Congress): 1996! As part (of Elec. Branch) now, <commission must be comissioned (to investigate); by two (2) coordinate branches (Congress/Executive)! Its Rules/Statutes removed, so govt is, the only one; to activate (45 CFR 701.2 et seq.), the (We the) People obstructed! The Democratic-Republican Party: In 1854, under the Republican Party as defined, it was one (1) of two political parties (of USA)! It opposed the extension (of slavery)! The Democratic-Republican Party was opposed, to the Federalist Party (dissolved in 1828)! Yet, in the 19th, 20th, and; 21st century these two (2) are: one party! Private prisons (Plantation slavery): 'govt by criminals,' or, 'Kleptocracy'? Trump skirts (laws, helps Russia: retracted funds for Wall farce), and; prisons used--as chart--for the domination (of USA); by Russia! Sounds outrageous, huh? First, cutting out contact (durance, with 'out there') 'out there,' with reality; second, contact with safety (cf. Charles Whitman (1966) killed--mom, wife then--shot 15-people and wounded 31 others in Texas?), 2019 continues (54 years later); third, Trump (as, other, POTUS) follows seeds (of monopoly) planted (connect, above); and, fourth, furtherance (of racism & satanism) aimed at 'exo-' outsiders (until none remain, then cannabalizing: won)! An example: rhetoric used on high (by 3-branches)--cf. denied-in Re African...Slave Descendants, 375F. Supp. 2d 721-781 (descendants lack article 3 - constitutional standing, judiciary; executive branch [encumbents?] art. 2 - Congress and Courts 8331 601 clerks Title 5 US Code; and, militias/voting blocks, to provide oversight tripartite?--supported by monopoly! At Federal prisons sharecropping flagged; the first spiral, out-of-control, for USA! So, nature protects (earth); as the base, shall, see! Latest, 'Dorian'; see: Paris, Dorian (Greece)? Now I write the obvious (nothing new...); compare: Antigone, whose two brothers (Eteocles, and Polynices killed each other: seven against Thebes) united, Romeo and Juliet (Pyramus & Thisbe; etc.)! As well, Antony and Cleopatra's suicide, resemblance. Anyway the relatedness (of things) goes, without saying! This includes Seth killed Osiris (Anubis brought him back to life)! Note: Isaiah (45:1) writ 'anointing' (Heb. Mesiah/Christos), see Mark 6:13 & James 5:13-15 of Isaiah (King Cyrus, Isa. 44:28)? Point-of-fact, art. 3 (state equivalent) Judiciary (scale of justice) from 'Anubis' (scale of justice weighing deads souks in underworld)! Or, 'snake entwined around a staff') 'Asclepius' (Greek) and 'Aesculapius' (Roman) coopted (by army Med caduceus, two (2) snakes around staff with angel wings at top)! Everything created, is related...(cf. sponge and; aerogel; computer and math; 'redshift and expanding universe'; global warming and dendrochronology; or, seesaw and lever?)! 'Duality': prison and crime; or, prison and economical gain??? Wow! As many states (globally) use prisons--as city/state major income--govt becomes: guards, and rich, wardens! Privatization, just, another corporation; except, not-govt-supervised! 'Aristotle,' may not have foreseen (in Poetics), 'pity and fear'; tragedy and psychology (credit: Sophocles) as a means-to-an-end (wealth accumulation & racism: prisons)? If he did see, then; like 'Cyrus' use (supra), becomes demonic? Of course, duality (privatization and privation) serves: the rich; but subsumes, poor remain, such! As govt aim, 'to serve rich' and; 'hope for crumbs'? There's no catharsis (just; hatred for less fortunate; hacks, here, hate & lie as trained; 'out there as police' likewise, do! 'Cain and Abel' (I can - Bela), says, aryans (white supremacy) from 'Arius' (coined: arianism; Egyptian Ankh--ansate cross--to swastica)? 'Kakistocracy,' from 'the base' (folk); 'too, govt'? 'What genre (of citizen) curse, their children; and, their children'?" ARA 9-8-19 ADX cc: 2 (Lev 19:12, James 5:12)

Author: Abdullah, Ayyub Rahim

Author Location: Colorado

Date: September 8, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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