Robbed of heritage, life, and liberty

Brownell, Charles A.



Robbed of Heritage, Life and Liberty F0 P1 by Charles Brownell © September 2020 Haven't figured out and cannot understand if it is HATE or if it's a complete lack of care and empathy. Perhaps this negligence and deliberate indifference is just deep seeded corruption. There are certainly deep seeds of racism. For some unknown and undeniable reason, the Law Enforcement System, better known as the Criminal Justice System, has a thirst for taking away peoples identity, their heritage, liberty, and life. The cruelty of the people in this system is unsavory and the corruption is absolute. In all of Congress Judges, Attorneys, Police Officers, Correctional officers, Administrative, and Support Staff including Governors... from top level to lowest this corruption is absolute. The hate, cruelty, and very criminal behavior is exhibited by nearly every person in and with this broken and corrupt Criminal Justice System. No one polices them but themselves so "THEY" can do what they want. This corruption also corrupts the people incarcerated by this system. Majority of the incarcerated are otherwise good people who made a mistake and many more than the public knows are actually innocent of their crimes. This corrupt system of abuse, torture, and murder has broken and damaged them and corrupted them because it is required for survival in this system. This entire system craves to consume all people it can by mass incarceration of DEATH. They profit and grow either way. They thirst on making people into meaningless numbers devoid of identity and/or statistics for their own profit. They profit greatly on the abuse, rape, damages, and death of the people... even if it's at their own hands. This system particularly targets African Americans, Hispanic/Latino Americans, and Native Americans because the United States is secretly at war with these races bordering Genocide and has ben since before the U.S. constitution. They've P2 murdered millions upon millions of each of these ethnic groups. True numbers unknown though the body count is insanely HIGH and growing daily. It's September 24th, 2020 and the Racism and Murders of the people by the Criminal Justice System has the people outraged. This deplorable activity has been increasing sharply since 2016 and in 2020 following the deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor and the police shootings of others, there's wide spread civil unrest. Protests, Demonstrations and Riots over these corrupt and unjust murders of people by Officers of the Criminal Justice System. Even with video evidence, Judges and Attorneys in the Criminal Justice System defends these murders and and criminal activity of their own people because they're all part of the same corrupt system. They call it "Justified" and render their own criminal activity "acceptable" and "Ok" for them and only "wrong" or "Criminal" for everyone else. This IS complete disregard for the LAW and IS Anarchy! Its terrorism! The terrifying fact that is disgustis is that the Criminal Justice System (the Government) profit off all of this. They profit off the murders, abuse and torture, rape and robery of the people. They turn the people into meaningless numbers by taking away their freedom and life through murder or imprisonment and often both. They take away peoples identity and make them historical statistics. They profit off the deaths of people even those murdered by their own hands. They use Racism, #BlackLivesMatter and #MeToo movements as fuel to feed on and profit off of. They use alleged "CRIME" and sufferage as tools to rob people of their heritage, life, liberty, friends, family all ot make profit that feeds the beast... GOVERNMENT! Robbed of Heritage, Life and Liberty F0 P3 News Media, a vile and vicious beast itself and tool of the Government as well as private investers, is a pond scum bottom feeder selling bias views, lies, and helps the Criminal Justice System destroy lives. News Media says that Government officials are concerned how people are "demonizing" the Criminal Justice System (Law Enforcement) and they don't understand how or why the people would do this. How? How do "they" NOT understand? For nearly two centuries the Criminal Justice System has been exploiting, abusing and torturing, rapeing and murdering people all over the United States and especially African American, Native American, and Hispanic/Latino American ethnicities. THE PEOPLE HAVE HAD ENOUGH! The people are appalled by the horrifying terrorization through tyrannical and dictatorial archaic and barbaric treatment and murder of their loved ones both out in society and locked away in prisons. This insanity shows everyone there is no equality or freedom! The Criminal Justice System doesn't protect Life and Liberty... Oh no! They Take It! My Heart and Soul, prayers, love and thoughts goes out to the families and friends of ALL PEOPLE murdered, shot, abused and reduced to numbers and statistics. Robbed of their Heritage, Liberty and Lives. So much has already happened as the horrors of events play out in the lives and minds of loved ones, and the altered and filtered stories air in the News Media... So much has already happened... THAT NEVER SHOULD'VE! #SAY HIS NAME/#SAY HER NAME! #Defund The Criminal Justice System! #ALLLIVESMATTER! #AllInThisTogether! As a Native American of the Cherokee Tribe registered with Cherokee Nation 1/4 Native blood but 1/8 Cherokee Nation only because the Cherokee people can't recognize Northeastern Band Cherokee and Keetoowah P4 all as the SAME people as they are, I'm No stranger to Racism. It's of no help I, despite my degree of indian blood. Love white skin. My own people have attacked me as not being Native or "good enough" because of the white skin color. I've been terrorized by white people, treated like scum and a dog for being light skinned and NOT white yet told that I'm NOT Native either. I've received this exact same racial treatment by African Americans too who like to call me "White Boy". I've been called "peckerwood and "albino prairie nigger"... I seemed to only fit in with the "freeman" or black cherokees and the white cherokees. This is even despite my direct blood ties with former Cherokee Chief Wilma Mankiller and being related to two very well known natives of history Poccahontas and Stan Watiee (wish I knew the spelling better). This is all Nothing compared to the RACEISM I've been subjected to and have seen in the Criminal Justice System in the Arkansas Department of Corrections (ADC) prisons. In ADC, I've witnessed people of all races abused and tortured, raped, and murdered by both Criminal Justice System staff and Inmates. I've been witness and victim to Raceism by staff and Inmates and have been through one Race Riot. ADC refuses to correct my administrative documents as does the court which is to correct my RACE from Caucasian/White to Native American which means technically I'm illegally detained on grounds of mistaken identity. According to an African American administration employee, I am NOT Native American but it is obvious I am mostly white and thus am telling lies. I'm denied my heritage and rights to sweat lodge... again illegal. I know a white Mexican that is half mexican and ADC racially profiles him white as well and denies him his Mexican heritage. He Robbed of Heritage, Life and Liberty FO P5 is NOT caucasian. Majority of the ADC employees are African American just as Majority of Inmates are African American. Why is this? All prisoners, ADC has robbed us of our names, heritage and identities. They try to take away our individuality and make us all the same, all uncomfortable and oppressed as well as depressed and dehumanize us so were less than living people... we're that white guy, black guy, mexican... Much of the Criminal Justice System Staff and Officers are Gang affiliates with the same Gangs the Inmates are. So much hate and raceism. So many people's loved ones raped, abused and tortured, and murdered in here and nearly NO ONE know their name. No one knows who they were. They were just another number... It's no different from the Nazi death camps! #Prisoners ARE PEOPLE and MATTER TOO! ALL OF THIS AND THEY PRETEND TO WONDER WHY THE SUICIDE RATE IS SO HIGH, #1 IN THE NATION. IN BOTH PEOPLE FREE IN THE PUBLIC AND IN PRISONS IN THE STATE OF ARKANSAS... The Criminal Justice System is corrupt. This will soon be ALL states if this keeps going unchecked, not stopped. People abused and murdered by the system is not and should not be a "norm". THEY MUST BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR ACTIONS AND FAKE EQUAL TRIAL AND PUNISHMENT LIKE ANYONE ELSE! Everyone #STAND STRONG and #Speak Up as #All of us united because #ALL LIVES MATTER and we are #All In This Together! We're all proud of our heritage and #United We Stand because divided we fall. Force #CRIMINALJUSTICESTAFFBODYCAMS with full audio. #Defund The Criminal Justice System and #CRIMINAL JUSTICE REFORM. STOP the corruption, abuse, rape and torture!!! STOP Robbing us of our heritage, lives, and liberty!

Author: Brownell, Charles A.

Author Location: Arkansas

Date: September 24, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 5 pages

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