Run!: Revelations 13:15-17

Matthews, Felton Louis, Jr.



"Run!: Revelations 13:15-17" pg 1 of 10 by Felton L. Matthews Jr. The amazing thing about this COVID-19 pandemic in this age where social media has now turned into "social distancing" is the fact that some of you "still" persist in your evil. The Angel of Death is floating around and none of you are seeking Lamb's blood! A ESP nurse had commented that I have none outside my cell door. I told him, "This type does not need to be painted outside your door. It's painted on your heart". Yaweh (G-d) has slapped the world governments in their faces and they, especially our own United States governments, persist in doing evil. They persist in denying access to court and justice. They persist in allowing police to get away with murder, or at best, punish it very isoltingly. They persist in locking up sex offenders who may not be guilty of their crimes, or at least do not deserve the sentences they have gotten due to the "Me Too" movement. (Note! I have exposed this movement for what it really is in my book: "The Gladiator School Instructor's Manual") They refuse to punish peon subordinates who persist in violating the rights of inmates and people. The very worst administrations cover up wrong doing by subordinates instead of punishing it! The State of Nevada and the United States are the worst for this! I am Felton L. Matthews Jr. Son of the same man who was nicknamed "Cobra" in Dallas, Texas. I am a wrongfully convicted and punished child sex offender. I am an illegally discharged U.S. Army soldier. pg 2 of 10 I am a black African-American male. I am also denied access to court and justice by the United States Justice system through an illegal and suspect use of the Prisoner Litigation Reform Act. I cannot get the justice due me because I do not have money and it has nothing to do with merits; I may or may not get out of prison on parole due to this COIVD-19 conspiracy created by the New World Order fueled by the Rothschild-Illuminati-Masonite-Ikisat (serpent-dragon)-conspiration or consortium. And you know what? It is going to backfire on the whole system like a clogged toilet. I am going to do you all a favor. You do not deserve it. My daughter Aurora S. Matthews and "Karate Kid" do not deserve it. My ex-wives, Aurora's mother Rashelle M. Wade and my kids do not deserve it. My grandchildren are innocent. They will not be told the truth about me which, in my opinion, is different and way worse than being out right lied to. I write for my grandchildren's sake. I will explain to you how the New World order came about, what can be done about it (If, you got the guts.), and where I sit among it all. Other than this, may COVID-19 take them all. 1). Resources At there is a 47 page treatise called, "The Truth about Islam". It is with my play called, "The New Scarlet Letter." It will explain to you how false religions came to be and who the Anunnaki really are. They are the enemies of Yaweh (G-d). They "are" Satan or pg 3 of 10 the enemy. Just like Yashua (Christ) has a body, so does "Satan" or "Shaitan". At the same location and it should be published as my latest book is, "The Gladiator School Instructor's Manual". It is a Prison Survival Book. It is also a book explaining to you how to fight and kill police officers and it can be used against either National Guards or invading enemy soldiers, or, at least make them real hesitant to do their jobs. What's the difference?! They are hesitant to answers 911 calls in poor ethnic neighborhoods anyway! Tell me, are you not sick and tired of "this"? The cold bloody part is that you will need the book's guidance to use, not only on our own U.S soldiers and police, but also the Russian, Chinese, Muslim, and various Latin mercenary-cartel soldiers. You need a total world wide rebellion to stop a New World Order. You hate violence? You don't have to read or use my book. You do not have to get involved. You do not have to believe what I have written. But believe this, "It is happening". You can either choose to live on your knees, loving and worshipping the pindar (The dragon's penis) or you can die with your dignity on your feet in defiance. You must run and you "all" will fight. Believe that! Everyone must get involved. My last resource I will direct you to are my writings at the American Prison's Writing Archive at Hamilton College in New York. The essays: "Science and Theology", "Addendum to Science and Theology", "The Origins of Sex Crimes and Abuse", and my last pg 4 of 10 essay on Prisons and COVID-19 will support why I believe it is my burden to build: "A light speed space drive". "I discovered it", not by sitting in a classroom at Princeton, M.I.T, or Stanford, but by studying the history of the Anunnaki (Those who came from heaven to earth) and Ancient Astronauts, the shape of the ships in credible U.F.O encounters and symptoms of alleged abductees, the development of Tokamacs and plasma energy, and a flaw or an exploit in Einstein's theory of relativity. I may not be allowed my freedom or even killed, because through the Book of Enoch, I have discovered the "End game". We as humanity as a species have one option. Also the Knights Templar and the Illuminati in their foolishness and blasphemies gave me a few clues. "Iter will come to nothing in Southern France!" I-am-a-line! 2). What they did 2A). Security in exchange for freedom The United States has started a witch hunt. They got U.S. citizens, even the world, seeing sex offenders and terrorist on every street corner! They passed laws and registrations and legislation based on a few sensational and isolated incidents to tighten and justify controls and take DNA (Deoxyribo nucleic Acid) on us all for various reasons. The sex offender issue is the Salem Witch trials reborn! If the issue was that serious, then explain why our own justice system, the American Justice System, treat rich child sex offenders differently from "us" poor black ones? pg 5 of 10 To make my point, look at Jeffrey Epstein and Bill Cosby. Epstein was murdered. The end result looks like suicide and it's only a practical means to an end. His "services" were enjoyed by the powerful and elite, the Clintons and the British royal family. The girl's parents knew their children were being used by Epstein in his "Mile high Pedophile Club". But someone explain this to me, "I cannot enter the U.K. or Australia because I am a child molester but if you are royalty or rich and never been prosecuted for it you can?" You are a star like Bill Cosby or R. Kelly and you can afford good counsel and you avoid trial for years and you "buy" your way out. Yet, due process is met when they give you a public defender who does no investigation and tells you, "Take the deal"? This socio-Judicial disparity is a "perk" of the New World Order. They crack on first timers like me as a showing of justice. And do not be black, latino, or a poor Asian. Epstein was assassinated, believe it or not! The media helps the New World Order, heck, they are a body part of Satan or the dragon. They speak through the Media, even the internet. The beast has been given the power to speak! They are indeed the Mouth of the dragon! The need for security in America is based on the fear that our country's evil is catching up without government. Next, I will show you how COVID-19 was used to set up the "Mark". pg 6 of 10 2B). Revelations 13:15-17 "Young and old, rich and poor, free and slave come before the beast and recieved it's mark!" Think about it. Something has to occur to humble people before the beast in order to come to it. Buying and selling has to do with money: "E. Plurbis Unum." The world governments cancel all commerce due to COVID-19: "You cannot buy or sell". Then they go around taking everybody's temperature with a swipe or the forehead and check your blood through your hand. "Okay, you can go back to buying and selling." John the apostle did not understand the science in the vision he saw. Oh, but we do! The Rub The Corona Virus had been studied for years! The Chinese have business ventures all over the world. Is it "really" a coincidence that the largest COVID-19 outbreaks in America are in and around areas where these ventures are in Georgia outside Atlanta?! It's right where they have those ventures! The governments treat this as a lab accident! Accidents need to be paid for. The Chinese been had the virus! The second part of the rub is look at where COVID-19 is kicking "the most ass". It's in the U.S. and Italy. It is the two largest places for Christianity and it is the epicenter for all the child sex abuse scandals, prosecutions, and the "Me Too" Movement. "Hmmm! I wonder why?" Muslims hate the U.S. and the Vatican with a passion. But, this is not the work of "Allah" - not at all people! pg 7 of 10 The Rub Continued So, the Chinese, who is in direct competition with the U.S. economic wise, creates or weaponizes COVID-19. They buy land and business' in the U.S. They bring it over here and there and your government strips you of your livelihood and tells you when you can buy and sell based on an exploit that both the U.S. and Chinese through the New World Order created "just to control you"? Under the guise of safety and security too? Then they play with your forehead and hand to clear you to buy and sell based on a book you do not believe in written by a follower of Yashua (Christ) over 2000 years ago? Well, I believe in that book! 3). How Viruses Work/Mutate What virologist do not understand is that viruses are "little hackers". They live naturally in one host that are used to them in nature, and when they are spread to another, they start to replicate or try to find a way to replicate. They did not reach the first step of the evolutionary ladder to evolve into a larger life form (If you believe in evolution). So, all they know how to do is replicated. In the new host, said viral matter is trying different cells. Some replicate in mucous membranes (Rhino Virus) some replicate in the membranes of sexual tissues (HPV: Human Papiloma Virus). Some replicate in the tissues of lungs (Influenza Virus). Once Mr. Corona finds the codes for Human lung instead of Bats - "Bingo".. pg 8 of 10 "This" is why some people are "carriers" and some get sick super fast. The virus' have not hacked the target cells in question. It's genetics. It is Anunnaki - First Seven descendants from Adam - genetics. Yep. I figured that one out too, and I did not have to go to medical school to do it. But heres my issue. And I did brag I could slip a bio weapon into this country. Obviously, there are soldiers "like me" out there cause someone, maybe "Charlie", beat me to it. "Query: Did the Corona Virus, which naturally is found in bats, have the same two week symptom manifestation before they got sick? Or, is the two week symptom manifestation a mutation indigenous 'only-to-humans!?" 1). If "Mr. Batman" gets sick in less than two weeks, the two week symptom delay is due to a mutation between bats and humans. Again, the hacking issue. 2). If the pure Corona Virus strain goes into humans and they get sick as fast as Bats. Then, and only then, the two week symptom delay is a product of weaponization! CDC must go to Stately Wayne Manor and seek the Wisdom of "Batman". The issue could be Bat species dependent as well. The Corona Virus was first allowed to be mutated (Hacked) in humans, weaken for two weeks sleep, and "then" spread. Sorry "Charlie" you are caught. pg 9 of 10 Closing Scared? You should be. But Beijing did not call the "shot". Why? Because of the moral and religious touch on the COVID-19 spread. It's the New World Order. Below is some advice. This is how you start the Rebellion. 1). Walk away from the system. Start learning to live without money. Grow your own food, purify your own water, hunt and raise your own meat. Build your own shelter and learn to make fire and your own clothes. Hey, it's better than the "mark". 2). Educate your own children K-12, teach skills and Arts. 3). Work out your own salvation. Who can save you or your family? or do you prefer the beast? I understand, you got children, babies, loved ones, it's easier. However, Yaweh (G-d) does not forgive this. What-do-you-believe!? 4). Contact me for further instructions. There's a way to do #1 above but "we" cannot do it alone. 5). Walking away damages the system. The greedy cannot suck your blood for money. (Land lords, banks, money lenders, etc, etc.) 6). You cannot live outside the system by force The Government harasses you. Oh well, seek my book, "The Gladiator School Instructors Manual". I now leave, you, my readers with a very interesting poem(s). (Poems) on back Author, Felton L. Matthews Jr. pg 10 of 10 Last Stand at the Seplechure (1) My enemies have built my seplechure Cold and white in stature My end is near but I stand brave Awaiting in the darkness, doom and grave. (2) They do not understand in darkest night My resolve to live and courage to fight They shall not enjoy the death of me My weapon drawn upon the enemy. (3) Dying the wolf I show the fang I cock the bolt and bust that thang. I shall not go quietly, I stand and fight. Spitting death and bullets from my weapons sights The enemy's screams fill the deep dark night My execution becomes a firefight! (4) Now I lay dying before the sun And I know I am not the only one Though the seplechure closes an eternal tomb, The house of Death has many rooms. And as the last bullet hits me I-take-them-with-me! Soldiers stand and fight. Thats what we do. If I go to Hell so-do-you! Shield: Between them and Me {Devil and the Deep blue sea} With sword drawn back to the sea Between life and death Between "them" and "me" You are my shield Your love protecting No injury occurring Or attack affecting In your kiss is the courage I found To face the world and stand my ground Into battle charging I face my death Your name I whisper in dying breath "I", your fallen soldier dead by the sea Between life and death Between "you" and "me". FM. By author Felton L. Matthews Jr. dedicated to all who stands up against the New World Order and runs and also "fights" (hint.)

Author: Matthews, Felton Louis, Jr.

Author Location: Nevada

Date: June 3, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 10 pages

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