Milbourn, Matthew A.



See! 9/10/19 Why is it important for rules and policies to be enforced and followed in prison? The answer may seem obvious-but it's not done in Michigan's prisons. The first reason its important for policy and rules to be in place is they grant "rights." Most prisoners,(and others-especially the guards) believe they (prisoners) no longer have rights. This is not true! (You still have 1st Amendment right to freedom of speech-yet.) The prison policies and rules also grant prisoners certain "rights." For instance: 1 No audio played thru speakers (only head sets); means you don't have to listen to what someone else is listening to (much of which is subversive). So a right to some peace of mind without distraction. 2 No loud talking; also peace of mind. 3 Lights on in housing units during the day; right to normal circadian rhythm. 4 No gambling; right to not owe money you can't pay and not having the "lock-up" for protection (which costs tax payers more money since you then (usually) have to be transported to another facility. (Michigan's "answer" to "problems" with prisoners.) 5 No smoking; right to healthy lungs. 6 No drinking; (Alcohol) right to not have to deal with someone not in their right mind, (drunk). 7 No drug abuse; same as with drinking with the addition of not getting into debt. 8 No tattooing; right to not get a blood born disease. 9 No stealing; right to possess property. 10 No fighting; right to live violence free. 11 No retaliation by prison staff for writing grievances for their lack of following policy and rules; right to be treated fairly, without vindictiveness. The second reason to follow prison policies and rules: Rule breaking got us into prison. But now we don't have to follow rules! How insane is that?!!! Society as a whole, wants us to "learn" to follow rules. But the example we are shown is just the opposite. And when someone tries to get policy and rules followed they are retaliated against-usually transported to another facility-probably to Michigan's upper peninsula-far from home (and visitors.) (As has happened to me and many others I know.) The third reason; (I'm sure none is needed!) So, why are the prison policies and rules not followed and enforced? Lazy employees is one reason, and then there is vindictiveness (of which there is no lack of in Michigan.) Another reason may be fear of an inability to "manage" the prisoners. But if managing takes letting the prisoners do whatever they want-which is resulting in promoting self-entitlement by rule breaking- what's the point of incarceration?! It is just to warehouse people at an expense that can never be sustained? (Just ask anyone from Michigan how their roads and schools are for instance.) Money for a prison system that isn't being run following their own policies and rules is just a WASTED EFFORT. But yet long sentences are still handed out; no incentive of "good time" is given for proper behavior; The wrong values are promoted; mistreatments continue. . . and everyone stands around scratching their heads trying to reduce the prison budget by cutting the (already) limited services and allotments prisoners are given-even cutting pay and benefits to guards (helping to create an understaffed condition). Has society gone blind? Don't they (you) care? Obviously, the tax paying, voting citizens of Michigan either are not aware or can't "see" the ramifications of what's happening in their prison system. (Ya, just let the government keep pulling the "wool over your eyes".) Your money is wasted!!! You are just "training" prisoners to do more of what you are trying to punish them for. And it does affect you-in one way or another (or will). So (please) do something about it. You have representatives in Michigan Legislature (use them!!!) DEMAND: sustainable sentences; incentive for good behavior; and certainly that prison policies and rules are followed and enforced! Open your eyes and see!!!

Author: Milbourn, Matthew A.

Author Location: Michigan

Date: September 10, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 3 pages

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