Russell, Stephen



"Seg" Wat is Seg.? It is short for segregation, modified housing, single cell, 24/7 lock down. I am in Seg, now. I am locked in a cell about 7ft by 10.5ft. As you can see, I have plenty of room. No chair. No table. I sit on the throne most of the time when I read or as I am now writing this, until my backside can take no more of it. Try sitting on a throne with a big hole in the middle for hours at a time. My mattress is almost 4in thick. I am very blessed, most of them are 2in or less thick. I lay on a solid steel bed frame. No give. They bed sits about 22in off of the floor. When I sit on the bed, my feet are 4in above the floor. Not a good sit. I have a window, about 6ft above my bed. My eyes come to about 7in below the window. The window is 5in by 3 1/2ft, but I can only see out of the top inch. The rest of it is sand blasted so I can't see out. So why bother. I challenge anyone to go to a nice hotel. Stay in that room for 30 days, if you can. Now, most people can't stay 2 wks, let alone 30 days. My last time in Seg was 112 days. I get a shower Mon, Wed and Fri. My meals are delivered. I will write another paper on meals later. If you really want to see what prison or seg is like, go a step further. Take the TV out and the phone. Your only outside contact is whoever brings your meals. No, you make your own bed and clean your own room. Yes, you can get mail. Oh, you get one set of clothes. Mon and Fri, you get one each pants, t shirt, boxers, sox. On Wed you get black shorts, boxers, sox, t shirt, 2 sheets, pillow case, 2 wash clothe, 2 towels. If you need paper, envelopes, soap, or toilet paper you must ask for it and might get it, if the officer does not have an attitude and does not forget. There are 48 cells in this dorm. There are 2 ways to communicate. #1) Yell! Any time of the day or night one or more will yell back and forth to each other. We get breakfast at 3:30 - 4AM, lunch at 10:30AM and supper at 4PM. From about 4AM to about 8AM, Mon - Fri, it is quiet. On Sat, Sun, and holidays it is quiet from 4AM - 10:00AM. Sometimes one or more will have a problem with another man. Maybe he thinks that man is a snitch. The one will go on for hours yelling about how he is a snitch and what he plans to do to him on the yard if he gets the chance. Then others add to it. So this yelling goes on for hours, anytime, day or night. One man in the cell next to me would go off and throw things. One day he threw his radio until there was nothing left to throw. Oh yes, and yell. About what I don't know. He also liked to flush the toilet, about 20-30 times. And he would kick the door until the sgt came in to spray him with pepper spray. If they spray in a cell 3 or 4 doors away, that spray will travel by the ventilation to my cell, so I get the effect, yet did nothing to get sprayed about. Then sgt has an attitude and refuses to turn on the exhaust fan to get the fumes out. How does one survive seg? First, I have a relationship with God. I read and study the Bible everyday. I have a long list of scriptures that I read out loud everyday and I am reading through the Bible from Gen to Rev. I am at II Chron now. I have found, reading the Bible out loud has some benefits one of which is it calms me and those around me. I don't read loud enough to disturb or that they can understand what I read. I read loud enough for me to hear. Rom 10:17 "Faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God." Reading the Bible out load builds my faith. That is good for me. I also learned that even if they can't hear me read, it still has a calming effect on the others. When it gets too loud in here, I will read the Bible and in a little time it calms down and get quiet, the door kickers even stop. I learned that 3 July 2002. I now use it everyday. My faith is built everyday on God's word as I read it out loud. Above, I said, "2 ways to communicate #1) Yell!" #2 is "Fish." You got to see it to believe it. Tie a string to an envelope, slide it out under your door, across the floor, catch the other envelope, pull it back under the door. Now you write short letters to each other. Some officers get very mad at fishing, some don't care. You learn who will and who won't. Some men are very good at it. Some are not. The space under my door is about 3/16 of an inch. Not a lot I can get under my door. It is fun to watch sometimes. If prison was not so bad, I would recommend it to everyone. but it is bad and I don't recommend it. At one time I thought about getting an old prison and renting it out, so people could get the prison experience, short term. I have learned it is easy to go to prison and hard to get out. It is not required that you break the law to go to prison. I have met many that did not the crime, but still have the time. That may be for another paper. I hope I gave you enough to somewhat understand Seg. If you have questions, write to me. I will try to answer. Thank you! 🙂 SGLY

Author: Russell, Stephen

Author Location: North Carolina

Date: June 19, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 3 pages

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