Sexuality in prison

Gardner, Jeffery Jason



Sexuality in Prison by Jeffery J Gardner CDOC is a hostile environment for heterosexuals. VDOC is totally opposed to any material that shows female nudity, even though this material was allowed for years. Sexual health plays a big part in physical and mental health, but VDOC couldn't care less. At least for heterosexual men. VDOC has went as far as banning issues of Conde Nast Traveler and National Geographic magazine. Studies done by sexologist around the world shows that sexual material, even pornography is beneficial. These sexologist have found that people who are taught that sex is bad for shameful and deprived of sexual material, are the only people likely to become depraved. On the other hand, if you are homosexual you can see all of the male nudity you want. For homosexuals going to the shower is like going to the strip club. Prison is more accommodating to homosexuals and they can live, form relationships, and be intimate. They are afforded a level of happiness that is denied heterosexuals. It's hard to believe that material related to the core of humanity and plays a major role in the life of every person has no protection in prison. Inmates are allowed material that is socially acceptable by free society on religion, politics, economics, etc... So, why are they denied socially excepted sexual materials? Is it to dehyumanize or cause psychological pain? In the 14 years of my 15 years in VDOC, that material such as Playboy was available, the atmosphere and quality of life was better. If you expect prisons to produce well rounded rehabilitated individuals, then material that promotes socially excepted views and ideas on sex should be allowed. These restrictions seem to be religious based and I see nothing specific study to support this arbitrary ban.

Author: Gardner, Jeffery Jason

Author Location: Virginia

Date: July 11, 2017

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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