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Russell, Stephen



Shoe Essay 18Oct 2019 Praise,[]! 14 July 2019 agent F. searched my cell (see essay cell search 18 Sept 2019) One item taken was my shoe strings. I wrote affidavits to offices of NCDPS in Raleigh, N.C, the capital. One of them answered and told my unit mgr Ms.S about the shoe strings and thermals. Sat. a.m. my Sabbath, Ms. S called me to her office, disrupting my sabbath. The agents woke me up. I had to strip for them to search my clothes. I got dressed and with cuffs and shackles was escorted to stand in her office. She asked about my shoe strings, I told her what happened. She then found out medical neglected to put my med shoes on the 490 (it is a list of med items assigned to me) So she took my shoes. Said I had to put in a sick call to get them back. She asked about why my thermals did not get changed on 10 oct 2019. Sgt. said that agents went by my cell to get them. She lied. Ms S. chewed me out and told me to get my lazy butt up to get them changed. I later found out agents came to my dorm and woke up 2 young men, that stayed up all night yelling at each other (that is how they have to talk to each other, cause we are in single cells) to get their thermals, but agents did not come to my cell to ask me for mine. I was asleep. I must sleep when the other 15 men sleep if I want to sleep. Agents gave me bobos to put on my feet. On the back is the outline of my right foot and right bobo. As you can see my foot is wider than the shoe. The Physicians’s Assist that ordered the med shoes said, shoes that are too tight caused my foot to be deformed. So I can’t wear the bobos, they hurt my feet and make my foot more deformed. I put in the sick call on 13 Oct 2019 and wrote and affidavit to Director of Health Services in Raleigh. I asked for my med shoes back with shoestrings and a copy of the 49D. I asked for the camera footage showing agents wake up the young men to get their thermals and not wake me up for same. I also told them about the damaged trays the kitchen sends our meals in. I found holes in the tray and the lid, melted trays so the lid will not seal, and bent lids that will not seal, and ink in the food area bleeding into the food. 17 Oct 2019 the lid on my tray, the corner was broke off and lid was bent so as not to seal. Some lids have graffiti gouged into them. I have found rocks and wood and plastic in my food. On the back is the outline of my left foot and shoe. As you can see my right foot is wider than the left. The med shoes helped reduce the pain in my feet. 17 Oct 2019 agent Sp. woke me up after lunch to get my thermals. I got clean thermals later that day. It is too early to tell what they will do about my shoes. I have the bobos, but will not wear them. The sad part is I know how to properly treat my health issues, but they will not let me get the non-drug, natural remedies that will give me relief of pain and reverse the damage. I am not a doctor, but I read and study. I asked God to show me what I can use, He gave me the information on what to use. If it is not a prescription drug, I can not get it. Then they tell me there is no cure for it. I know otherwise. Some I used before prison. I may write about the later. Enough for now. SGLY Stephen Russell

Author: Russell, Stephen

Author Location: North Carolina

Date: October 18, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 4 pages

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