Shut it down

Tamez, Brian Christopher



Shut it Down Disclaimer / permission papers already signed Tamez, Brian C. Hughes Unit Ghandi sat down for peace, and was recognized for his efforts at nonviolent protest around the globe. Former quarterback of the San-Francisco 49'ers(SP) Kalvin Kapernack disrespectfully took a knee during our national anthem, and was awarded a contract with Nike. I with arms shackeled, and leg irons on, respectfully took to my knees and requested to speak to rank, and, or safe prisons at the Alfred Hughes unit, in Gatesville, TX and received a concussion; hematoma, staples + stitches about the face + head, a ruptured eardrum, fractured nasal, + facial bones, as well as fractured ribs etc. And if this wasn't bad enough upon arriving back at the unit from the Local Emergency room...I was assaulted by yet another Crew of Ad. Seg. officers, + returned to the local E.R. for treatment, yet again! If you have read my prior essays it is easy to put the pieces together that led up to these assaults. It is also clear to see that I reached out for help, but no-one cared to listen! This is a clear case of harassment, and retaliation by officers, and the administration of the Texas department of criminal Justice. Sgt K..., officers M..., D... and K... were the orchestrators, and participants of the first attack, attempting to force me into a situation that was against policy, + my best interest. Officer M... was the leading assailant as he kicked the ordeal off by striking me with a set of handcuffs all over my head. The second attack was supervised by Sgt. C..., as officers G... + a few other Seg. Officers beat me until I was unrecognizable on my face. The nurses were present during these attacks, as well as an officer from a nearby unit working overtime, officer W... Hopefully they tell the truth when subpoenaed. Anyhow, as Ive said before, it is sad when people employed to be part of the solution become key participants in the ongoing problem. "They" will kill you in here! Anyone know a good Lawyer? So, If it doesnt fit, we must acquit, and if it only serves the purpose of employing the unemployable of the local town, we must shut it down!

Author: Tamez, Brian Christopher

Author Location: Texas

Date: November 14, 2018

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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