Since Governor Jerry Brown’s solution

Chaney, Laurence



[No Title] 8-21-15 Since Governor Jerry Brown's solution to Californias prison over-population problem was implemented in 2011, AB109 and Prop #47 have actually lowered state prison population. By keeping non-serious, non-violent offenders in the county jail systems. The feds refuse to give California more money to build anymore prisons. Gov. Jerry Brown came up with the idea to over-crowd the county jails instead. In order to build more county facilities...Oh, and by the way, California has 36 prison facilities that are still over-crowded. So here I sit in Southwest Detention Center in Murrieta, CA. I am a 4th termer now serving my 5th term in county jail. My 4 prior terms were all drug cases and non-violent. All served in the state prison fire fighter program a camp facility. Lowest security level. In fire camp I received 3 for 1 time credit or served 33% of my time. Now due to Gov. Brown's AB109 my latest drug charge doesn't allow me to go to state prison because its non-serious and non-violent. So I'm serving a county prison term as a level 5 inmate (the scale goes to 6). I'm locked in a cell 22 hrs a day, housed with pre-sentenced inmates (some facing double life, or even the death penalty). We get 90 minutes of yard once a week. In the state prison system the inmates that qualify for 50% time credit are now receiving 33% time credit. These are violent or potentially violent crimes because like I said, all non-violent offenders are not being sent to state prison. We serve our time in the county jail system housed as high-security level inmates and receive 50% time credit. I am serving more time than violent offenders. I'm a drug addict that sells drugs, serving more time than a criminal whos hurting people. Why is that? Because the feds won't give up more money to build more prisons so now the powers that be in California have decided to overcrowd the county systems? I wish I knew. Whats happening to us non-serious, non-violent offenders in the county system is bullshit. Here at SWDC theres a program thats offered, its kind of like a substance abuse/re-entry program thats called "GOALS". Theres 3, 13 wk phases to the program, and for completing one phase you are eligible for 42 days off your sentence. 126 day time reduction. There are 32 spots in the program. This jail houses about 1200 inmates, about 400 are doing county prison term which by the way GOALS is for. I applied for the program and was denied. I appealed this decision and 3 different levels, and was denied. I wrote a letter to the jail commander asking him to let me participate in this program. I asked him how can I be denied into a drug program when all my prior offenses are drug cases. I was sent a letter stating I was denied the GOALS program due to my criminal history, but wished me success in my efforts toward rehabilitation, and encouraged me to seek additional assistance upon my release from custody. How ironic is that? Upon my release I will be homeless, without transportation, and broke. No gate money I don't know who is getting put into those 32 spots, but a 47 yr. old, 5 time loser, a serious drug addict with a 28 yr drug history, isn't one of them. Respectfully submitted Laurence R. Chaney

Author: Chaney, Laurence

Author Location: California

Date: October 15, 2016

Genre: Essay

Extent: 3 pages

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