Sinking smoothly

Leatherland, Todd Alan



Sinking Smoothly The plight of the American prisoner is oppresive. It is a journey into the belly of the beast where many are being eaten alive. Castaway by a society that has deemed us unfit for human consumption. We struggle against the [miry?] day of our existence. Without a voice we scream in silence. Unable to find our way through the maze we become lost. The mind is held captive by the cage. The illusionary bonds that bind us become the loving embrace we long for. A sense of sorrow is seared upon the soul. As we forget, we are forgotten. A seductive siren song of escape becomes a soothing lullaby. This opium for our ears lulls us to sleep, and the sinking spiral of the sweetest dreams. 9/13/16 Todd Leatherland

Author: Leatherland, Todd Alan

Author Location: Texas

Date: September 13, 2016

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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