Slave plantation prison D.O.C.

Harris, Dewayne L.



Slave Plantation Prison D.O.C. I Am The Forgotten Locked Away in A Plantation Prison Box Punishment From The Human Minds of Men Them Wanting Me To be Who I'm Not I Am The Sins of My Fathers A Child of The Lost To Hear My Voice No One bothers Put Away in A Pen, Silenced At All Costs I Hear Curses From The Mouths of Men As They Make Money From Mistake Their Pockets gets Fat As They Sit Back And Grin Stirring Up Torment And Pain For Me As Much As They Can Make Through Their Soulless Eyes They Can Only See My Face As They Sit During Trials to decide My Rightful Place Now I Sit in A Plantation Slave box I Am Who I Am Again I Wont be Who I Am not I Am The Forgotten Soul Slave Mr Dewayne Lee Harris [ID]

Author: Harris, Dewayne L.

Author Location: Washington

Date: July 2, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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