Slavery in the south

Brownell, Charles A.



Slavery In The South Our Fathers, sons, and brothers fought in a very revolutionary war of the mid 1800's era of the United States of America. The country was split between the Union (North) and the Confederation (South) in a dark time when the south stood up against the north as a statement of "you will not tell us what we can and cannot do!" Many lives were lost, but in the end of the bloodshed came the end of slavery of all of nationalities of people in our country. The blood of our people was spilled, lives lost, though from it came the freedom to all in an end of the practice of torturing others against their will and forcefully making them perform hard labor for their "owners" benefit. This should have marked the end of all slavery in the U.S. The state of Arkansas owns, supports, and operates the largest government supported "slavery" ring that the state its self has ever seen. Unfortunately, it is not the only state either. Arkansas has over 18,000 slaves and gains more every day, stripping away the incarcerated person's rights, degrading and demeaning the incarcerated, and forcing the incarcerated into labor all under the guise of a "Criminal Justice" system called the Arkansas Department of Corrections. The legal system as a whole, is designed to ensure the state of Arkansas can and will always have slaves. Arkansas maintains loose open laws that allows easy conviction through "interpretation" and hold, powerful dissolution on all levels. The entire system is designed to place our fathers, sons, and brothers in prison to perform slave labor. This is to the point that they do not hide that they prosecute men, women, and children very differently. An adult male, an adult female, and an underage child or "teen" can all go and commit the exact same crime. The crime is Grand Theft Auto... The men will get 40 years sentence on a class Y felony and forced to do 70 percent of that time and will get a one year denial for "Nature Of Crime" from parole. The woman will get either 5 to 10 years probation or 2 to 3 years of prison and will be out on parole after a couple of months. The Child or teen will get either 5 to 10 years probation, 1,500 to 2,000 hours community service or 2 to 4 years juvenile detention... unless if it is a teen male 16 or older. He will get 20 plus years in prison being tried as an adult. The focal drive of our system is to ensure you end up in prison. This is especially true if you are being defended by public defender (pretender). The State of Arkansas is also riddled with trouble of attorneys and judges accepting bribes to put males and male juveniles in prison. The Arkansas prison system, just like all other systems, are paid large sums of money each year to house, rehabilitate, slave out, and release to later bring people back labeled as "criminals" under false pretenses of criminal reform and corrections. Arkansas maintains between a 90 to 98 percent positive conviction to incarceration rate, a 99 percent parole denial rate, and a 98 percent return rate for parolees for technical parole violations which are a simple violation of parole rules and not on an infraction of a Law. 99 percent of the parole violators will get a 1 year denial to be put back on parole from prison. Arkansas wants so bad to hold their slaves to make more money because of this incarcerated person. The actual recidivism rate for criminal law violations is only between 2 and 8 percent. Arkansas wants to open more prisons to hold our people, our citizens, A.D.C.'s slaves as long as possible and prefer for life through what we, the incarcerated, have come to call "Life Though Installments." A.D.C wants these incarcerated people because of all the profits they get from them. There is a great money in Human Trafficking. The Federal Government pays the state a set amount of funds for each and every day they house a person at the cost of income from the citizens of the United States. Each person is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars per year by the Federal funds in housing, classes of correction, classes of education, and costs of medical and transportations. Fees and funds from the phone systems, inmates' funds, commissary, video visitation, and in person visitation. The largest profits are from the slavery or forced labor in factories, farms, plantations, and internal jobs that A.D.C. then doesn't have to hire or pay free world people to perform that role or function. 1 Slave: 1: a person held in servitude as the chattel of another: BONDMAN (Websters Seventh New Collegiate Dictionary) 2 Slave: 1: to work like a slave 2: to traffic in slave (Websters Seventh New Collegiate Dictionary) A.D.C views each incarcerated person as their chattel or property. In this, they have no problem informing you that you will do what they tell you to do or else. The "or else" is disciplinary action of some type. Disciplinary can be done by beatings, forced sexual acts, and/or solitary confinement... all are cruel and unusual punishment. A.D.C's slavery is through their "JOB" assignments via classification. If you have a serious medical condition, be ready for the fight of your life to protect your life as it is your responsibility to somehow prove your medical problems. A.D.C will not regard your objections as truth and have no problem killing you claiming an "accident." People have already already passed away because they have medical problems but A.D.C. simply cared about their "money" by slavery. The worst of the worst in A.D.C. slavery is "HOE Squad." This "JOB" assignment is all physical hard labor in the fields of the plantation. You go out hot or cold, they do NOT care. If you are first coming into a unit from the streets, you are Class II and got assigned to hoe squad for 60 days till you finally get your top class ... Class I. Hoe squad is used as a "punishment" job assignment for the trouble classes of Class III and class IV. There are many more JOBs in A.D.C. and all of them either produce products for A.D.C. to sell and make money or to NOT have to hire and pay staff to do. A.D.C. sell the concept of the "JOB" or slavery as "We are teaching them good work skills and ethics." For the Blood, Sweat, and Death of citizens made slaves, A.D.C. makes millions per year. What is sad is the incarcerated do not get paid or compensated for their work or time unlike all other states. A.D.C. is actually teaching men to fear and hate their supervisors or bosses. Nothing in slavery, nothing in force teaches a person good skills or ethics. Many men that entered A.D.C. at a young age, had great difficulty dealing with their bosses after being released in the real world because of the strong distrust, fear, and hatred instilled by the slavery system of A.D.C. who are damaging men mentally and permanently from social interactions. True slavery is "forced" activity, work, without care of your health, the conditions, and without compensation in which the slaver will use punishment to control the slave. A.D.C. controls incarcerated persons by threatening to take away our visits, our contact with our loved ones, our privileges and worst of all by putting the person in the hole taking all of this away and subjecting them to the temps and elements as well as the pests to be ate alive by the mosquitos and everything else. The most common way to hide the slavery is the Disciplinary Reason. "Disobeying a Direct order!" Slavery is very alive and thriving in the State of Arkansas and its entire dissolute system that supports it. Arkansas is under the Dark Heinous rule of money and corruption in a ring of human trafficking and slavery in the South.

Author: Brownell, Charles A.

Author Location: Arkansas

Date: December 19, 2018

Genre: Essay

Extent: 10 pages

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