Slavery, reconstructed: law enforcement?

Abdullah, Ayyub Rahim



"Slavery, Reconstructed: law enforcement?" ARA © 10/1/2019 ADX Max Plantation (CO) “My first encounter (law enforcement: le) was, age 4, A.D. 1958; Chicago, Westside! Had I been aware then, my life would’ve been: shortened: I thank G-d for my slumber! That brings me to the reconstructed- where [Ebon?] (and: Asian; Spanish; natives; etc.) are re-enslaved! no doubt, with their participation (willing or not)! Compare: Govt Employees, Union Locales? Voting-blocks! So, I’m 65 years wise! How wise are you? Take this quiz: “The youth (of: [Ebon?]; Spanish, Ghanian; Asian; and, Native American) were tested – unbeknownst to them – by various ‘polyhistor'! The test consists of: (1) removing their fathers, from each youth's household; (2) placing, as father figures, street hoodlums – foster-fathers – and; (3) neighborhood ‘le’ (law enforcement)! Naturally, youth (male and female) – of targeted-racial groups- gravitate; towards the ‘father-figure’ in their lives (post-age 4-16 years old)! Out-of-one hundred percent, what percentile end up [deranged?]; (a) before, age 12; (b) between, age 12 and 16; and; (c) between age 16 and 21?” Note! The answers, vary, by states ([cf.warmer?]-states more time, for crimes)? Will you believe, a concerted plan exists; based on the ‘isms’” devilism; globalism; hypnotism; negativism; nihilism; patriotism; racism; sexism; and, tribalism? Coupled with, covertly shrouded ‘nepotism’; linking-together Branches (of State and Federal Govt)? And, any supervision (of Govt) ‘done or not’; by Govt (‘who will guard, the guards; themselves?! Martial), oversight? So, then, what ‘Abraham Lincoln’ said (‘… the night to rise up, and shake off the existing government’); is carte blanche (‘…their Right, it is their Duty, to throw off such Government…’ - Declaration of Independence, para 2), right? In prison, after covert operations (Tuskegee; crack & Contra; [Cointel?] pro; et cetera), targeted groups (by race); by same percentage (supra) ‘look to be as one would their father or mother’! Especially, the young; and, those raised [durance?]! Not to forget, returning (to prison)! Could this be, classic; cognitive dissonance? What with ‘polyhistor’ avoiding, ‘outing Government; and, the rich? Consider, the ‘Media’ only-protect ‘The Constitution’; and the sword and the shield’? How can ‘We the People,’ be shielded; by a ‘Government who protect its Kleptocracy and Kakistocracy’ (guarding the interests, of the rich)? Well, as the ‘youth’ (blossoming, recidivists) admire (‘le’); the ‘govt’ admire, the ‘rich’! With ‘the same’ (‘gang type following’) obedience! Instead of pursuing justice, as a youngster does, ‘these want to impress’ (father or mother)! You can compare this, too, 'Pavlov's conditioned response (1904 Nobel Prize Winner)? I must emphasize, the elite (‘polyhistor’ are educators; lacking: ‘the isms,’ used by the Govt! But not all, are willing slaves! Although, I can’t know (Interpret, I see, ‘TBD’ channel) texting, or, blogs, news broadcasting (anything of this [ilk?])! Please let it be known (on ‘TBD’ Facebook), if I’ve missed such? I am, extremely, interested? What ‘Satan’ said (‘this thing’ – it didn’t know what ‘Adam’ was- ‘is nothing, only hollow and easy’), for ‘the base’; seems-true? ‘Law and order, have left the country’ leaving, behind; the stench of bad wine!; ARA © Are y’all wine-os, ‘out there’?” ARA © 10/1/19

Author: Abdullah, Ayyub Rahim

Author Location: Colorado

Date: October 1, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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