Slaves of the state

Bazrowx, Timothy D. V.



Slaves of the State An Essay Based On True Events By: Timothy D.V. Bazrowx 
 Slaves! The very word brings up feelings of hatred, and degradation, yet although thought to be abolished with the, "Emancipation Proclamation of 1863" issued by President Lincoln, it still exists today. There is another form of slavery that is alive, and well in todays age, that surpasses racial borders; It surpasses religions; it surpasses financial levels of social class (in some cases), and seems to only benefit one class of people, and that's the politicians that have learned that there is a system in place that lines their deep pockets with taxpayers cash, and the good ole boys that benefit from the payoffs of big exclusive contracts issued to them, also paid by taxpayers of this, and other states. I know by now you may be wondering just what it is I'm talking about? And how this has anything to do with slavery as in issue? What I'm talking about is the huge, so called Criminal Justice System, or at least huge criminal justice systems for states that created a mega-business out of the criminal justice system, that is fueled by devouring, and creating devastation in the very populace that allows it to survive by keeping it fed with warm bodies, and their hard earned dollars stolen from their paychecks in the form of "Bills" that raised taxes each legislation, or by passing laws that allow corrupt DA's, and Judges to send more of the public to prisons, without much fanfare legally, or illegally, and then if the latter, let them fight their way back out thru the Law Library's theirselves, trying to find a way to receive justice out of an unjust system. There are at least four states that I know of that use the legal, or Criminal Justice System in this fashion, and they are known by me because of these very same law books that I have had to use these past 30 years, and they have the most cases of injustice (although there are probably more), that I have seen. These state are, Florida, Texas, New York, and California, of which do have high crime rates, but more than that have made mega-businesses out of these criminal justice systems, and painted a bleak picture of crime, and social misfits running amok to keep sympathy towards passing bills that take even more of their hard earned dollars, and family members away from them. I could do a state by state comparison, but because there is a lack of space, and time, I will speak only of Texas, of which I have been tied to since birth, but worse than that, to the criminal justice system on, and off, but never totally free of since 1980. The subject that I have contentions with is the slave labor this system uses [that needs reformed] slaves of the state to keep this mega-business running. This system steals the job skills of those incarcerated in the Texas Prison System. This state has "No," pay system for the forced labor, and job skills used by us that is beneficial to those that work as a matter of principle that we have instilled within ourselves, more than our fear of reprisals that, "They," can give us. I mean what can they take from a man, or woman that has nothing left in this life in the first place? They steal our very knowledge, and skills, that is what they capitalize on, and our willingness to work, so that we don't have to sit in our cells all day, or dorms watching soap operas all day, or playing Dungeons & Dragons, and last but not least slamming bones, Playing Dominos. Texas has a unique system that they use in lieu of money, or a paycheck, they call it, "Good-Time," whoever came up with this oxymoron should have their derrier's kicked with these Chinese made prison boots I have to wear daily earning this , "Good-Time," in lieu of a very small paycheck for my, and others very real job skills we use to "Let-Them," earn millions of dollars each month, that's right each month, that in turn lines politician's pockets in different ways as well as gives jobs to those that supervise the skilled men and women, that they themselves lack, but do get paid for. Most states pay below minimum wage, or what I call a nominal wage (just what they can get away with,) to those that labor for the state, so that they can at least help themselves in some small way, and keep their Social Security Number active, instead of all the zeros, for decade at a time. These that also have no family, or friends supporting them, or sending any type of monetary help. The gist of what, "Good-Time," was is pre 1977 law, a person worked, and followed the rules, this good time piggybacked the actual time they did, and when they earned it, brought down the time to come up for parole, and if they didn't make parole, when their time equaled their sentence, they were done with this state forever, unless they found their way back with a new charge, but good time had a real value then. After 1977, the good time did the same thing, except instead of a shortway discharge, it turned into Mandatory Supervision Release, when their time equaled their sentence they were released, but now had parole supervision, but good time still had substantial value. After 1985, changes were again in the wind; good time lost more value. With changes in Mandatory Supervision laws, it was now called, "Discretionary, Mandatory Release, meaning you may, or may not get out after your time equaled the maximum portion of your sentence; the parole dates were now also effected. Now it also had less effect on when you even came up for parole, thus having a mandatory minimum date to do no matter what, before you could have a parole hearing. The laws in Texas continued to evolve, and the changes made good-time all but non-existent, now medical fee's are imposed of $100.00, of which gets stolen from Trust Fund Accounts, the same as the state steals our labor, having an aggravated sentence before, now-a-days, ensures you that you will do no less than half of your sentence before even seeing a parole date, and no more Mandatory Release, or even Discretionary Release at all, other words if you don't make parole, you do your sentence day for day, to the end no matter if your. "Good-Time," reaches 7,000 years beyond what your overall sentence is, now making good time absolutely worthless. but yet still this is given to us in "Lieu," of any type of paycheck, for our labor, thus, "They," say that we are being paid for working, and they are not making us slaves to the state. My proposal is this: Since, they say good time has value, then let me use $100.00 worth to pay my medical fee's with. Let me buy my over-the-counter drugs from commissary instead of being charged $100.00 cash for them, by making me go to medical for them. Let me go buy my envelopes, stamps, a stinking soup now and again to have in my locker, when all they give us is a small burrito for supper, so I won't seem so hungry. No, if I gave them this good time for that they would look at me, and tell me to my face that, "Take What!" "Your good time has no value that we can use," and I would say in turn, "Therein lies our problem, if it has no value to you, then rest assured it has none for me either!" Thus the slavery issue, Texas is stealing the labor of our manufacturing skills, electrical, plumbing, operation of equipment, computer skills... etc. The list goes on, and on, yet without our slave labor this mega-conglomerate would come to a screeching halt, it would have to shut down all unnecessary prisons, and only incarcerate the most needful criminals, for yes although I am an advocate against the abuse of prisons, I still know they are needed for those that are just not going to act right no matter what. They are not needed as an answer to all the ill's of the state; an answer to mental illness, bad divorces, arreares of child support, bad credit, and that list too goes on and on. The issue is slave labor. Those that politicians have blinded with their repetitive, regurgitation of crime stats, and painting a bleak picture of crime in Texas, and the cure thereof, when in fact the other hand behind their backs have Bills waiting to pass in Legislature, that will siphon the tax-payers dollars out of their pockets. to his, or her's, and other ways of capitalization from our labor, which extends to those that win contracts with this state that also benefit from the stole labor of this populace of men and women that are in a nutshell, Slaves Of The State. 
 By: Timothy D.V. Bazrowx

Author: Bazrowx, Timothy D. V.

Author Location: Texas

Date: April 14, 2017

Genre: Essay

Extent: 4 pages

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