Snitch versus cho-mo

Skyld, Sylvanus



2-14-18 "Snitch Versus Cho-Mo", A Prison Essay by [redacted] I remember how it all began: Scotty Too Hotty had a sister who was a single mother. She took her 6 year old little girl down to the park to play. A stranger approached the little girl. and asked if he could take pictures of her feet. The little girl ran and told her mother. Scotty's sister promptly called the Law and reported that a possible child molester was active in the park and photographing children. Timex heard the story, and his mind could only lock onto one thought: "So your sister's a snitch," Timex said. Scotty thought about it a moment. "Yeah, guess so, but..." "But nothing," Timex interrupted, "She snitched and called the cops on a cho-mo, so she's a snitch. Do you still associate with that snitch?" "Of course," Scotty stammered, "She's still my sister!" "Then you're a rat too!" Timex concluded. He promptly put Scotty on official -"Shine-Status"-which is prison "ostracism." One week later, two young, impressionable youths jumped the "Snitch." "Where'd you get the shiner?" I'd known Scotty for years and knew he was solid gold. Certainly no snitch. I was tough enough to ignore Timex's bullshit "Sine-Status" and his bogus "Snitch Jacket" on Scotty. Character-Assassin! "Well," Scotty told me the whole story," and that's how it ended." he said. I thought it about it a moment. "So let me get this right," I said, "Timex defended the child-molester?" Scotty just looked at me a moment until I could see understanding dawn in his eyes. Mischief twinkled in his eyes and like Loki he proclaimed: "If he sticks up for a cho-mo, then he's a cho-mo too!" Scotty laughed and ran off to hoist Timex upon the same pike he had been treated to. The Golden Rule may be to do unto others as they'd do unto you, but rules are made to be broken in the shark-tank. Duels are the norm! A truer axiom in prison is - "Where only Steel can sharpen Steel, You best not hunt what you can't kill." *All Names Have Been Changed To Conceal The Identities Of The Dumbasses Involved! "qui s'excuse s'accuse."

Author: Skyld, Sylvanus

Author Location: Arizona

Date: February 14, 2018

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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