So I can hear you call me father

Humphrey, Julius Kimya, Sr.



So I Can Hear You Call Me Father by Kimya Humphrey, Sr. 2003 From afar, I have watched you rise like the sun, so warm and bright. Wasted opportunities has caused what I hope for to live in your eyes, and my dreams to come forth with each breath you take. Repeated mistakes have scared my past and wounded my future so bad, that the damage may never heal. Still, I stand looking into the mirror until I find you, as always hiding behind the lines in my own face. If not for the joy you have created in your mother's heart, I would not even know you. So as I slip into silence and listen, she transforms your evolution into words on a paper, allowing me to read about someone I love, but for now, can't see. The possibility of you becoming so much more, keeps me looking forward to tomorrow, hopeful, that one day I will find you there. The setting of the sun fills my heart with so much joy, I rush to fall to sleep, so I can hear you call me father With each new day I will always look ahead into the future, but only in my mind. To watch you rise like the sun, so warm and bright. Mr. Julius "Kimya" Humphrey, Sr. CA

Author: Humphrey, Julius Kimya, Sr.

Author Location: California

Date: 2003

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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