So I guess I will start at the beginning

Walton, Eric C.



NO TITLE So, I guess I will start at the beginning - I am from Roanoke, Virginia. Retired, disabled, with Acute Coronary Artery Heart disease. I was on my way from Roanoke to Phoenix, AZ. In my motor home van. Stopped in Las Cruces, New Mexico, November 2008. To condense this a bit; I got a room, share kitchen and bath, so I could get out of the van for awhile. On December 31st, I was sitting in the kitchen with the people I was renting from. We were all feeling good, drinking alcohol and smoking some marijuana. Next thing I know I am being arrested and charged with criminal sexual contact of a minor. This was at 9:00 pm on the 31st - New Year's Eve. I lost everything I had - which was not all that much. The judge (?) sentenced me to serve three (3) years in the New Mexico state prison system. And added a term of five (5) to twenty (20) years parole. I served six (6) years on that three (3) year sentence before I was released on parole on September 2014 (?) Don't believe that would have happened in Virginia! (??) Made it on parole for eleven (11) months in Albuquerque, NM and was violated, not for a new crime, but those parole rules. Came back to prison, lost everything again. And was released July 12th, 2017 - Made it four (4) months this time in Albuquerque, NM. Came back to prison, lost everything I had again. I've had nobody to come and get all my things! When in prison the original time and I was doing six (6) years on the three (3) year sentence, a New Mexico judge (?) increased my parole time from five (5) to twenty (20) years, to five (5) to life. I was always under the impression that a plea bargain was like a signed contract between the state and the defendant. I certainly did not authorize the increase of my parole (??) Now, I am back in prison, doing life on a three (3) year sentence - something is very wrong here. But believe me, I am not the only one on in this boat in this state! I have tried to fight, however getting an attorney when you are a convicted sex offender, who actually wants to help, is impossible. Saw your ad in the prison legal news. I have more to expound on, if interested! Erik C. Walton

Author: Walton, Eric C.

Author Location: New Mexico

Date: August 27, 2018

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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