So I was able to recharge my pen

Whitecell, Davy



1 Davy Whitecell Is on File! and "one wing in the Fire" Jan 5th 2020 So I was able to recharge my pen filler last night make a pen holder and save a couple slice's of paper to continue to write on this beautiful Sunday after noon not that Ive seen the sun in a couple of week's yea I can go to yard but why bother I can watch all the kid's try to take apart the fence and talk about who they stabbed and why as if anyone care's I'm trying to get out not make this a career which when I was called upon stepped up to the plate. Now what has changed nothing except I'm not a criminal just a good artist trying to recopp some of my lost fund's due me from copy write & trademark infringment when the cheif of psychology has to ask where you get all your money? you know thing's are getting ruff when the doctor's can't perscripe and can't decied what ale's you it's time to rise above all the poobutt's and make track's back home seem's that when you cant even talk to the warden cause they are all robots and don't believe any thing anyone say's cause dont you know all the judge's are so righteous that they will even fine a poor man so he cant even have his wife or kid's send him 20-buck's cause they steal 55% of it 2) for court cost. To take you to court on a lie when the staff dont even follow there own rule's & regulation's hell I dont have to lie if I did I'd make my Lord and Savior a lier and that is not possible God cannot lie. while you all if any boby ever read's this think about or look at the sea did a man create it no can a man control the wave's no. what about the mountain's? No think about a lie. Man as I know it are all lier's and sinner's. I know I was once one myself as of today my repentance the renewing of my mind and turning from sin has caused me much suffering especially in a prison setting where everyone wants to be up in your bussiness yea I check in with the right people cause thats what you do when you known. you see "Bubba" is world famous it's Southern Cross "For Brother like Bubba's Band Social Distortion. I tell all these so called do gooder's miss me with all the bull shit I am who I am and what I am. My integrity is alway's in tacked if I act up with to much truth these day's I'll recieve a priority pass to some blood sucker to draw blood to test my integrity cause dont you know they all cant handle the truth they need a excuse but I'm all out of excuse's. They, "all State employee's" need to come to reliese they work for me I am there client not the other way around. If it 3 wasn't for people like me they wouldn't have a job to do! what the State of California need's to relieze is that. I told them year's ago, you cant keep locking everyone up for ever. Now ever has come around in less then 25 year's out of 36 years of doing time you see just like Davy in the Navy and probably will be for life. It's the same in prison you kill one of our's we will 100 of your's I did not run Iran! Often hearing the new's and Mr. trump sent a dump down on Bagdad air port the other day it seem's once again the war rage's on nothing new here just like the streets coast to coast. When your a made man your one of 2 thing's a mark, or a man. If you want to expose yourself to politic's then do it in prison dont sell your rap music to my kid's and then say no white person should use the "n" word did I just put nigger on your mind? cause I have a First Amendment issue here with worldly people and there silly follie and there tuff guy turf game's over he said, she said bullshit if any one paid attention to there own live's as much as they do feeding off other's then I am talking to you Ice Cube. how about your KKK bitch rap? Or Ice tea and your body count, cop killer song. Now your all muti muti million aire's yet when was the last time you came to a prison to help young Black's that feed off 4 your violent lyric's. From day one you were bought and sold by a white Jew old man from Hollywood and then your gonna state that no one come to Compton and say nigger cuz you al' got additutes! I dont see you living there anymore Malibu is far from Compton boo! So you can all miss me with that shit how about reverse racism. when you'al create the worldly wise guy drama then get into the studio and sing about it what you all call singing is really just whinning! ask yourself's why Straight outa Compton the movie does it's biggest night's in Westwood in West Los Angele's cause your all selling your make believe to the white public I'm just pointing out fact since I'm a soldier not a criminal but you can like the state lable me what you like I tried to explain to Kurt no Brain K. the same thing. If your so good, why you gotta be on dope to do it? They don't call it a bag of smart's do they? Selling all the hype, violence, war, rape, pillage, drugs gun's money pussy ect. yea I have daughters and son's the last thing I want my kid's exposed to or advertizing for someone else's show company they should have enough brain's to dress them selve's and if they want someone to pay for there style then pay me the money cause some where down the line we all are famous 5 like John Wayne not the white old guy but the O.G. from Compton V 13 CV3 in Compton a real Mexican a Mexican with a additute not a "N" so rest in peace Mr. Wayne as crazy as Compton is I heard at Christmas the Compton Collague served up in the spirit of the holiday's something real special to give back to 16,000 plus residents and what did all the white jew backed NWA's give back some lip service that create some more hate that cause a young Black man with no father figure to gather up some courage cause he could barely spell it and ask me for a 7.00 lone for some hygiene just to play me for a month while I stayed on his ass like a fly on a fresh steaming pile of shit until he could spell the word courage with out asking me but takeing down the vacant sign on my cell door and spelling the word tell he got it right knowing damn well all he had to do was ask me for my dictionary to check it yet he only borrowed a stamped envelope from me a few time's cuz he knew that ol' Uncle Bubba would give him one if he asked cause if I needed him he would come around you gotta have it like that when youa White Mexican Black Dutch, German, Spanish Mexican [Degargo?] indian, and Cherrokee Osage. It's a ruff life just riding white, yet I never denine anyone no matter what race or creed or 6 nation of origin cause one thing I am is a international man and I perfure my homeland of Southern California I dont need to be around the world in 30 day's or a fleck of a second I'd rather be humble and close to home. When the only shit you get for Christmas is a catalog from the United States Mint then what the hell am I worth "proverbs 22:1" if I must conclude my job is done all these tough guys telling on there self's and the lying ass staff with all there fake ass reports and it just keep's going and going on and on if I brake the rule's I loose my life 30, 60, 90, 120, 180, 360, days at a time yet if a staff or a C/O gets caught in a compirmise they get a few day's off? well to the Dick Dude, mother fucker just the other day his word's not mine. These are the word's of the correctional officer that wilfully used his hand's to cut my cake in half to short my breakfast just the other day torture? we'll when you have to rely on the man to feed you its like your a dog in a kennel they are all trained to basically mistrust you period thats fine I dont trust anyone period like just follow them off the cliff of there live's and you wonder why there is so much hate in the world like he told me I come to work and do my 8 then go home I dont think about this place! yea will you will when you dont have a job anymore! Davy! 7) Now I have some more slice's of paper next Jan 11th 2020 my pen filler will run out I get five sheets of paper a week and five stamped envelope's that is my issue for being indigent "no money" I haven't had a paying job in prison for almost 6 1/2 year's I was even fined over 1,200 dollar's for my trial which the State picked up on me as a terrorist threat or criminal threat I had wrote the United States Senator Kamala Harris California, to let her know she should put forward a bill that if you get caught flipping someone the middle finger you recieve a 21 year term in prison. I did that is no lie period. Its no wonder all these weird thing's are happening to me. Its not just me I see a whole lot of crazy stuff happening around the world. I use to believe in my country but I feel like the country has died it all came to a head on December 18th 2019 the day the House impeached the P.O.T.U.S.. Everyone claim's they want peace but thats the pipe dream we all know that war come's first then peace like ab lincoin once said we dont just need to pray but repent of our sin's our nation is sick as I had explained to Mrs Harris you cant have sick people taken care of sick people in prison you see and hear everything if you pay attention not just lip service, you will see. Who does what, where when, how and why your either in the game or your on the side line's but as many inmates on the sidelines it dont take much suffering to turn one man, out of 8 the crowd, especially for a dope fiend thats got the blue's I myself have been clean & sober for many year's. I dont believe in fronts and I dont use credit if I cant buy it or pay for something up front then I dont need it! Same way I've lived my life on the streets. I had to take a minute here to listen to the nabor. he has to let me know every 5 minutes his store list for next week, every morning like clock work, he calls me in the vent that run's behind the sink & toilet on the wall to let me know that he is getting coffee soups, cookies ect. Then how much is it can I add it up for him the list change's each day an he has been counting down for 28 day's we are at 7 now if I dont answer him he will call my name over and over and over, or he will call his nabor upstairs and repeat everything to him. yesterday he was killing everyone today's he's blessing everyone, and thats the way it is here. quite time? well that's best spent with your ear bids in and some white noise I wont say that I don't sing and kick and bang on the door. cuz I do but its just a way to keep fit and stay bussy as I invent new ways to occupy my time. well I'm out of paper for now I'll write again @ my new prison, I've got to write my babie's mama and see if she'll love me plenty and send me 20- that'll be 900 conce store if I'm lucky if not I'll just go with out like a tiger in a cage half starved and mean as hell but you call know the truth? It dont matter Ill be vapor someday and 100 year's from now everyone will say Davy Whitecell who? Right right on! Crazy but not insane

Author: Whitecell, Davy

Author Location: California

Date: January 5, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 8 pages

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