So I woke today

Whitecell, Davy



1 I am on File @ Davy Whitecell 6-14-20 So I woke Today one of the nurse's asked if I wanted a shave? I quickly shooed him away. My whole program has changed Im no longer waking at 3:30-430 AM and Drawing or Doing My Bible Study. I've Taken this time in the Hospital to settle down Its much safer Here then in prison even though there are still prison guards; Its Run By most part the psyic staff the rooms are much larger than a 270 degree Design prison cell measuring 9' x 16' I have a 12" size so I walked it off, the Bunk is a Steel Box about 16" off the Floor and the mattress is decent the Ruff Part is the Blankets' there your Regular hospital Type "Moving" thick type stiff unlike a Regular wool Type I use one For a pillow and the other to cover with I Stay in my clothes 'cause it's cool in the cell Down Right Hospital cold so there isnt anyway to stay warm except to get under the Blanket. But it's O.K. I manage after talking To Mental Health Staff this passed Monday they Say at their team meeting of the (I.D.T.T.) (Inter departmental treatment team) that they're going to help me with my violence toward other's 2) as they Believe I am a Danger to other's, I've Been heavyly Medicated and I'm now Forced by Court of California to Be Forced to Take psych Med's. It's O.K. though I Feel Fine. I Don't Know how long I'll Be hear I arrived on March 28th and I was told then By the Doctor that it would only Be 3 weeks to a month, an they were gonna send Me Back But as of this writing No News' except the excuse the COVID19 virus Is holding everything up. the Unit I'm in B2B is about half full and I've only seen a couple inmate's even leave, we were locked Down Monday till thursday this past week to Be tested For the virus Now this Being Sunday we are Back to Somewhat Normal I just took a Brake to go to the T.V. Room I'm Back in My cell Now waiting For My Dinner I Didnt want to be Stuck out there when the meal's are passed out I wish to eat my food while it is still Hot so I've Kinda Timed it so I can get Back in My cell and eat cause the staff will just put my Food in my cell after the 5-o-clock count I don't watch T.V. very often so Its Kinda of a treat For me to catch Something to watch a Movie or like today Nascar. 3) But just my luck the Race is Rain Delayed For the 2nd time so I Figured I'd come back and write Some, So I can make Some sence of It all My being hear that is I'll Still Say the Best thing that has Happened to me in a while is the correctional officer who Bought me a Soda on the way here, it was the nice's thing anyone out side of My Family has Done For Me in quite a while I've always heard of c/o's Doing thing's like a Burger & Fries or a Soda pop But Nothing like that ever happened to Me ever except on this trip up To the Hospital So you see Not everyone Fit's the Asshole Idea of the c/o's I've come across a Few good one's but that was By Far the kindest thing anyone has Shown Me in a long time. Being here the Rule's are Different there is No passing anything so to get a person to pass is like pulling teeth Right Now I'm Doing Some Business with my Nabor he is in Need of some Coffee So I worked out a Deal with him But I've yet Found anyone willing to pass the coffee bag sometimes it take's days other times the First time you ask just Depends on the person I Stay with coffee, when ever my Family Send's me a package, I always order 4) lots' of folger's coffee. I know that I can use it to Trade For Anything I may need I dont do the whole Drug thing, so I don't owe anyone I mostly Trade for Food here in California in prison we get 4 package's of 30 lbs. every ninty days plus 220.00 a month in canteen which I rarely use But Being in this place and going to Store it's Nice to have My Family help me Some. I try not to ask For to much But times get ruff and in here hunger is always rearing its Ugly head Besides the Fines that are leavyed againts us By court order Mandate the State to keep 55% of any money send to us prisoners So I just Recieved 65.00 Dollars From my older littler sister I get 29.25 To Spend at Store So I was looking Forward 'till tomorrow To shop I'm getting some Top Ramen to Take the Edge off the Hunger Pain's the day's of eating like a King are over I cant even Sell much of my work ("cards") Here cause I can't take anything with, to yard or T.V. Room and what if I do get caught. I don't wish to cause any evil to Befall me So I just keep to the Rules and Maybe Find some one nice enough to Make the trip and trade For Me Sooner than Later 5 Well I did recieve Some Mail this week From My Brother's at piecemakers(R).com. Brother Stephen Sent me a Birthday card and him and my Brother Chet. unclosed letter's the card was signed by all My Brothers & Sisters at piecemaker's. They sent Me Some color photos of a Dumb waiter they Build For the Store So they can help Move the Sewing Machine's up and down the Stairs in the Shop's classroom So Much So My Brother's take the time to write & send photo's of what has Been going on It won't take long Before the pictures come up Missing like all the Rest they Have sent over the past 7 year's as much of my property gets stolen or Mishandled By Staff everyone here has their personal property But mine didn't come with me I came on a Saturday Right out of the Back Door of CTC in Donovan State Prison's Hospital Section My 3 Boxe's and my property is Somewhere It reminds me of the Arch of the Covanate, like in Indiana jones movie how it went in to storage in that warehouse at the end of the movie lost with a million other Boxe's it's happened many times to me it's the staff's little way of Stricken the Screws to me like passing the Buck they misdirect your 6 property cause anyone knows it Disrupts your program. I myself would not have Such a issue If it wasn't happening to me So much, I've lost My T.V., My radio, Books & Bibles that were sent to me From the Streets, my watch and custom Handmade Necklaces, Medicine Bag and Numerous Item's of cloth's the First time was in 2017 when all my Legal work and property except for My T.V. & 2 For 2 Boxe's of my property gone For 4 month's when it was Found the only thing that was missing was my Sentencing Plea Bargain pink slip that all my inisials were signed For this Deal [illegible] on For 10 years Right Now as of Sept 30 2020 Ill have been Down 7 years god willing. I only say that cause we don't even know what tomorrow may Bring us at least thats what my Bible States in Proverbs 27:1 well I just got Back From the T.V. Room I was able to make the trade with my nabor so that was cool the staff let me Drop the coffee at my Nabor's Door and I just picked up the Bean's & Rice after I just come in From the T.V. Room So it didnt take very long So Now its me Beans & Rice and Jesus Christ on this day 7) Sunday the 14th of june which is Flag day the P.O.T.U.S. B-day if Im Not mistaken. Mine was the 9th well not much Happened most Uneventful other then a piece of legal Mail I recieved stating the Finding's were to Remain unpublished Ill just Say this, it was suppose to go to case Records not me So I Sent it Back to the conslur through the institutional Mail. Seems My Strike's have to Be Stricken in compliance to the New law Senate Bill 136 So that is good News For Me hear I sit and wait to hear the out come of My Unjust prison term when it all Boils down to my case Shall Vanish to the wind. My litigator in Mule Creek Did me justice old Mormon John is My hero. When the Ugly Face of justice Staired him & me Down even the Evil that was cast apond me has to go away So I sit and wait to hear more good new's But am Being very patient I look Forward to the Day My EPRP earliest possible Release date goes Back to 2020 and no longer 2035 and all that just For an impulse move "Flipping that Bitch the Bird" 8) I won't Ruminate on the Same old Story So I'll just get Back to the Now My sister Sent Me Some Stamps and its Nice to send out a letter For a change that don't Say I'm Broke with indigent Stamps all over it well their here for Medication and I'll try and Rap this up For tonight I'll write more tomorrow as I think of more to Say and My canteen comes so I look Forward to killing these Hunger pain's, Not Anyone or hurting anything. I know a quick way to Solve many of My issues just quit putting Someone in my cell with Me, causing Me undue stress, there isn't Anything worse than a cell Boss But it is what it is I'm to old to to have to Bow Down to Some kid who couldn't make it on the Main line and is hiding out in My E.O.P. group Sucking Down Drugs thinking there fooling Someone But I'm here and it isn't For being a Nice guy Right? I have So much violence on My Record Its Funny all that and and no injuries oh except when My Cellie in L.A.C. Put 9 stiches in My Face But it only is violence if the other guy hurts me? Funny all those time's I Never get wrote up? if I'm injured

Author: Whitecell, Davy

Author Location: California

Date: June 14, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 8 pages

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