So to begain

Whitecell, Davy



1 Davy Whitecell - "pseudonym" A.K.A. Bubba I am on File: [redacted] January 17th 2020 So to begain Not to go backward I will say that in my last writting sent last week it may have seemed quite punctual to join in on all the madness even fuel for the fire, to drive some to hate, yet that is, nor was my intent I am only pointing out from mere opservation issue's that occur on a daily basis around me! in prison in this year 2020 the year of truth that is what you will recieve from me. In all my writtings I will use a old test called the four-way test. of the thing's we think, say or do, (1.) Is it the truth? (2) is it fair to all concerned? (3) will it build goodwill and better friendships? (4) will it be beneficial to all concerned? These basic rule's of truth as a way to the longer path of freedom only for me I cannot speak for anyone else since I was not elected to do so. Only to record what transpirer's and occures to myself so knowing this as you all read on you might figure I am older as far as dog year's go but to call me a O.G or Double or triple O G is just a insult to my good name as well you may as well for a 2 lack of a better word call me a fool! like so many of these youngster's with a lack of education use as a greeting to each other. Me I will explain, if you see a fool slap him! Dont start by greeting me with a insult. That is a sure way to cause a major mood swing for me. I'll often go for hour's "long winded polar bear! Not so much bi-polar, as living in the San Bernardino Mountains in the ski resort town of Big Bear Lake, the North Shore town called Fawnskin home of the American Bald Eagle perserve, view @ Big Bear eagle as of this writting we are watching Mama feed her chick's as far as I've been told. I may warn you it is not a sight for the squemish also our mayor is Mrs. Jone's from the old partidge family t.v. show we love you Misses Jone's. well as you can tell I've been around and really haven't gone to many place's. My name travel's faster than a fleck of a second like the Rock of Gerbruter but different. If I jump more then Messo. Forte' or moderatly loud in my voice people get scared. So said my psychologist, we'll the cheif of psychology here @ this prison. My only responce was if a tree falls in the woods 3 would any one hear it? I said this only as a parable to the fact that the dymamic in prison has gone from a rehabilitation model to a everyone is mentally ill and need's treat ment model there is a wise older Black man by the name of Keith "Malik" I'll leave his last name out for the record since he is a very very big name in the Human Rights Movement for prisoner's in Texas as well for the Muslim community I will say this about those men of true belief in there community of Muslim brothers I've had and have many friends that share alot of simular belief's in a true and only God it is not what you call him only that you put no other god before him. That is the Almighty! himself and the quickest way to meet and greet a Muslim is with a Asa lam a lakum so they will relise you are up to speed on the Almight God. As for me to understand other's as I myself consiter to be a man of God and a peacemaker it is a task and a heavy one to lead a life in prison where you reject all negitivity and shun bad habit's and ill repute as a professional artist my entire life I learned what I know from and informal education or 4 the like's to which I was taught that your learning begain's at birth and only stop's at your death and you can only keep what you have by giving it away. yea I may @ time's bitch and complain about stolen property an being hustled over artwork from a prospective buyer, yet a old proverb states the very truth of that matter which simply states "It is good for nothing" cries the buyer; but when he has gone his way, then he boasts." I've use to "The Haggle" the "well I owe but when I get a buck or two Ill come back" you see dope fiend move's they will spend as little as 20-bucks if not 100's on a sack of dope yet can't afford a 1.00 or 2.00 for a card for their own kid's or mom even I hear all the sob story's one of the baller's story's are all the same its the old "I got you" I'm going to the store 3rd draw can you hook me up? Then they give you a dead line cause their in need of something from me. So 9 time's out of 10 I'll show some truth and doddle something up and 9 time's out of 10 they "the customer's will come thru its that one that you alway's have to talk with and negotiate over there negligence. Being who I am 5 I often forget that being well reguardedin the tattoo world as well as being know as a all around good bad guy. Its sometime's hard to remember to behave and chalk up a loss then to chase down a buck! But in this world, your name is your credit card and your word. well your only as good as that. In reguard to the art of the deal, I myself will only negotiate with my money when it is in my hand. I don't get fronts nor I do ask for credit. I'll go with out before I put myself out for sureity for another or make a deal while Im waiting on someone else's money. Been their done that they call it a bag of dope like I said not a sack of smart's the only one's that are thinking their smart are the dealer's until they get caught then they whinne like babie's when they have to do their time. ask me how I know? My father in his 60's going to Los Angele's County jail having to do time for sale's of meth yet never learning anything better just a bussiness for him yet one that took his life you see pop's he only had one kidney lost one playing simi-pro football an was hurt in a tackle. Died on the operating 6 table (2) twice so the story go's. Me I gave up all the drugs year's ago yet every little issue I have these great people's in the psychology dept. wish to find some reasoning to cast blame on a mental illness it will be a mood swing always asking if your medication is working? how do you feel? Do you want to hurt anyone? Do you want to hurt yourself? The thing about it is everytime its someone different. Funny as it seems even a case in point like a one on one with a Doctor, clinincian, social worker, nurse, psyic tech, ect. every time never what you'd expect a one on one turn's out to be a 2 on 1 then a promise one of them will be back next week yet neither show up its a 3rd person with second hand information then you question the last person's wear abouts and no one know's what your talking about so you start over every week for the most part of this 6 1/2 year's of a 10 year term for a trip and scream over a extention cord in the county jail a whole lot of injection's of medication's by medical mental health staff in West Valley Detention Center in Rancho Cucamonga California ran by the San Bernardino Sheriff's Dept. in 2013 I was 7 literally taken out of my cell in handcuffs stood up on the wall by officer's and held while a nurse came up and injected me with a shot ordered by a unknown doctor or I was held over the table top in the day room by the deputy's and forced medicated without my consent to treatment nor by any order of the court to be treated with mental health meds granted you have to remember I was released from Atascadero State Hospital on January 13th 2013 fully restored to compatancy as well as full citizenship no longer on parole or any probation the only requirement was to register in California for 290 pc. as a sex offender! get this for running down the street with a leather jacket on during a late night party in 1991 at 25 year's old to which @ the time I was dared in a game to do it my bad! So now I by law, in California have to register once a year my home address or if Im homeless every 30 days once on a mission in Oceanside I was arrested for being 31 day's 1 day over cause the police didn't like that fact I still worked as a field investigator for a P.I. corparation 8 the asshole's even asked me once coming out of Orange County jail why you hate the police so much? while I stood their and refused to leave the fucking jail bearfooted bitching I wanted a pair of shower shoe's to wear or they can just take my ass back inside tell they get the watch commander cause the asshole arresting officer's left all my shit on the beach in Oceanside along with my new Nike tennis shoe's. Its not that I hate anyone my best friend was a fucken cop. My uncle's are on both side's of the law I have family in every branch of the military from here to Germany and me we'll NAVY Never Again Volunteer Yourself since it seem's like one situation after another just all go's bad I've said many time's in order to have peace war has to come first as we are at this very time in our nation's history on the brink of civil war when everyone get fat and rich and has forgotten the very reason America was a place to come a destination a bright light a place of hope for all nation's yet as I write our own president is call a racist people holding court and judgement by being convicted and tried in the news and television when will everything come to a 9) a end well it may never. we are all stuck in a vortex of hate, sin, lie's, betrayal's, violence, murder, robbery, everything illegal from drugs to prostitution any thing to make a living from the easier the better most believe. Rap about it make a song. Write about it make a book its the way society in prison has evolved it has become a swamp a cess pool the worst come here but in this E.O.P. mental health program it's some say the bottom feeder's. I'm not going to say I didn't have a part in it at one time yet I've learned about my self and have some insight into what is called my diagnosis I some it up like this, for those who bother to listen those that dont understand me there's nothing to understand. I'm meerly of mass confusion. I'm meerly a man. I make my art out of almost nothing so everything is a profit yet I do put forth a great efford in to all that I do. I dont ask for great wealth yet I dont wish to be broke either but in this place it is dog eat dog. Case in point here at chow as I stopped to eat and shower, the kid up stair's has been doing the canteen countdown every damn day being older I know about promise's so as he tell's me he is given away my M&M's to the 10 nabor tomorrow I just laugh to my self thats how it is in cell living it all sound's good but dont count on anything never! Until its in your cell or in your hand's like I said I dont ask for fronts. Nor do shady bussiness so if he wishe's to give me anything it will be more than I've got right? So like he said Ive given your M&M's to the nabor dog! They never were mine I never seen anything to begain with and if you'll play games over a rat ass bag of candy can you imagin how someone could be crazy after you have done a count down for 28 days every morning in the vent, making a list checking over and over wow! just hour's before if I was 20 year's younger I might fall into that trap but like I told him Ill see it when I see it if I get it Ill be impressed but miss me with all the hope. This is E.O.P. friendship! This is someone tring to buy friend's. I've explained to him many time's over the year's and have spoken in great lenght about him but a fool is a fool and like it is said a fool and his money will soon part. Tonight at mail called I recieved a Return to Sender letter from Kamala Harris the U.S Senator 11 I guess she is no longer in los Angele's I have to write her Diego office or Washington now that she is no longer running for president on what I called the trail of tear's its not hard to figure why I call it that with all the politic's going on and all the drama I so feel most of the time that all this writting seem's like complaining I learned in N.A. meetings that when you share and you have a issue you should always come accross in the end with a solution to your problem before you leave or take some suggestion's as to how you can get over your issue at hand. as I write all these storie's my greatest answer yet is give it up to God God alone can answer you his word is self contained in only one book I can write tell Im blue in the face I can explain truths of the English language to make myself seem smart to other's reading this or I can be just average, harmless, and content with little to nothing to show for my life as easy come's easy go's everything go's away in my life after a period of time weather taken by force or by my own subtraction, as I've left everything behind to follow God, jesus and study the words of 12 life. I see the good grace of the spirit of the lord touch me my life as thing's happen and they may seem to coincide with events in my life at the moment of need and I will get a big smile I cant explain to many each and everything that happen's yet I will state the fact it is no coincidence their is receptication for every action God see's everything the good & the evil. Just for example last night as I wondered about using up all my writting paper for a last letter and my only envelope, I was suprised with a package from friends in North Carolina. as I refused to smolder over being upset about not recieving my dictionary from my property just my least advanced thesaurus and a Bible concordance I just remained calm and stated to myself your gonna get by you have plenty of other thing's to do! when the mail came and I opened it up. It was to the point everything I needed this paper Im using now, a old used Student Dictionary and a resource guide, couldnt have timed that one more perfect. Not luck by any mean's but a manifested desination if I had not done the work and wrote 2 month's ago asking for 13 these thing's I would not have recieved anything and let it be known if you knock on that door he will answer you if you dont we'll you will be assed out that is for sure. as I write to you all as well I have been filling other book's with storie's do tell so I may reach as many people as possible, as I thank those who help in my life today who incourage me to never ever give up! I know in my heart I am not a lier and I did no crime that this time and these charge's that were brought against me were fake and lie's because for no other reason then to know to many truth's. yet my freedom has hung in the balance of my life at my age now I am what I am I am a son of the almighty God so no matter what is done to me in this life time the great creator has a grand plan for my life if I dont listen and take the time to hear what the word is saying I will never be free! I must always do my best to be of service to other's at any cost to my own life for that is a piece maker one who serve's other's and when I recieve little thing's I know those thing's 14 are gift's from above I came back from the shower tonight to a nice shot of coffee from my nabor. he thanked me for trans scriping 4 page's out of the free books list for him for all the addresse's it may not seem like work to other's but I did 6 pages of addresses today for 2 men leaving to the SHU soon with the addresse's they will be able to order book's for themselve's so it paid off for me just to offer and share my resource's and maybe tomorrow the kid up stair's will send down something's to get a few of us down on the lower tier thru till next week! @ 3rd draw when old boy upstair's I did a card for will get me! get me back hopefully and not just get over on me! But all in all it only take's that one that one out of 10, to screw up everything but these are the type of people I live among and the only way to recieve and to send is through the guard's so we will see heck I might even get lucky! Kinda like a 3 legged dog with the same name! Anyway's tomorrow will be then I'll just worry about now. write more later Im gonna go enjoy my magazine and the radio for now

Author: Whitecell, Davy

Author Location: California

Date: January 17, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 14 pages

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