Social justice

Brodie, Michael



Michael Brodie 1-21-21 also on Social Justice This world inside of here,is completely different then the outside world that continue to show so many forms of disenfranchisement by people in the society that is outside of these walls...That many of us let hurt or harm us...With that word that is used so loosely.It's a stima(convict).It has been in the air ways of Pa,for decades,It has covered the air ways since the 1800's(Eastern penitentary days).I heard that those were the days, when the environment in those walls were used only for the punishment of those men,reforming those individuals into a better them... It was ruled with,honor and discipline,on both sides(Staff and inmates) .But ,Today when we look around through the eyes of the men,who have long-terms, short-terms or have violated any terms of their release...The lines are blurred when it comes to our thinking...And in most cases that simple thing (thinking)cannot be reached...Many of us don't even understand what is going on around us... Social Justice in the everyday life of the participants of the penal system are long,so with my limited understanding thats been giving to me by being in here(the system) for a small time...I will try to make it clear,for you... It has been years and I still cannot truly understand it...So,rather than giving you lies...Here is how I broke it down with how I try to do my time in jail...For many of us,it's 80% mentally,10% physically and a small 5%,may be used in a small form a motivation by a woman,religion,art or something simpler then,I have listed above.Who knows? In this dayantime,that we're living in,we have to truly know and understand who we're as people.Not what other people have put over your head,in the form of letters(convict, looser,etc).I believe that there is a massive amount of confusion throughout the world...But,inside of this world(penal system). Many of us are looked at scum of the earth,and that's their opinion...The state's constitution protects everybody's Opinion...Only because if we think it,we either write it down,or speak it,so in reality,this is freedom of speech ,for all... The structure of these two worlds(society and prison)are in most cases, the structure that is around this piece of paper(constitution)is harmful.But we as people will always try to find away around things in most cases...Inside these walls and,on the other side...That's life. We as humans never truly forget the simple morals that we seen in many cases throughout life...They are always there around us,we just have to open up our eyes.We seen them in every culture,no matter if we agree or not(it is there).It's in the political views of people...It is life...So why are people in powerful positions, law enforcement officers,prison staff and other's w,who are suppose to uphold the constitution, violating the rights of people? They are humans,or maybe they don't care or it was just a mistake... Surly whoever violates these rights that are protected by the constitution, would only show that they don't really care about what they have done... Because their actions have shown us the truth...For me,this may be the reason why, they don't care.They don't believe in what the say or the constitution, who knows? I see it everyday inside of this world(jail)that I'am so deeply involved with, in so many ways..I remember when I actively participated in the same forms of self-gratification...Those were the days,or so many of us thought, at times.At times it gets boring really fast...Now,I do it in some situations not all of them.This is my way that I codify,my rules that has been a part of me,in here and when I was in the other world...I realized that self-gratification could no longer be put before any and everything because this world (jial)isn't ran that way in most cases...Nor is it meant to reform an individual, it starts with the person.We're not in a time of being stuck in a single cell with only a lamp,our thoughts,a desk,a bible and limited amount of stationary to realized where we have slipped at in our life. To my limited understanding, the penal system is no longer a place to rebuild people,or to have all the people to focus with the mind or their body...Only because Pa's prison system has been built on the economy system(on the backs of the tax payers money).In other states,I'am sure that this is the same case.And yes,this is my opinion and many of us need to be here...But, for hong is the only question?This new pandemic that has swept through the penal system and the out there(COVID-19)has divided people in both sides,of the world.The reality is sad,for both sides...But,in here for many,it has gotten dark.It has claimed the lives of many men,who were older,in here.One of these lives in particular,continues to run through my mind.It is of a man that I came to learn about as a person.He had over thirty years in this(penal system), less then two hands full of hair on his head and COVID-19 wiped him out (Killed Him).It wasn't the recycled water in here,not the air that he breathed,nor the food or his physical structure...But, rather it was COVID- 19.Just think social Justice in society,isn't the same in here, (penal system)

Author: Brodie, Michael

Author Location: Pennsylvania

Date: January 21, 2021

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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