Socially challenged

Scott, Jovon



Socially Challenged Written by: Jovon Scott (Forever the Writer) There's a concept in incarceration that creates an imbalance in terms of mental conditioning, that hard wire the psyche of most black men in urban society. Meaning - most learned behavior of the so called "street mentality" is all by way of facilitating the thought, mind and acts to survival. So, in the essence it becomes a cultural tactic to maneuver the hurdles and snares placed only in poverty stricken societies. Not eluding the fact that opportunities in aspects of conclusive living aren't present, because they are. The issue is creating the ability to initiate the "like minded" process in terms of educating ones to see pass their every day struggles in life - not saying that urban society are the only struggling communities. There's a statistical fact that, most black men would either fall victim to prison or be killed before the age of 30. Now place that reality along side of prison and post - prison life. Prison is fashioned to not just break ones ability to become a successful mind to be released back into society, but to cause a strain within the very household in which he is to return. Being isolated from society causes a severe disconnection with the prisoner and the free world. Take into account - you're set to release an individual who just served a (15) year or more prison sentence with only a high school education. In today's time, you're lost without the ability to adapt to the technology and fast pace growing of social media and other internet outlets. There's no prisons that aid in such skills, in which is commonly utilized in everyday society. This socially challenging lack of modern education causes a disdain on the mind of ones who has no inclination of such ability to adapt, and build socially with common peers. They become abnormally incapacitated and unjustly written off by the lack there of - unequivocally flawed by the very system that's placed as a moral compass to guide and direct its citizens. Prison has made me a lot worst in behavior components - in which I was to correct and redirect stemmed behavior patterns created from severe isolation, disconnect from society, agitation, provoking acts of correctional staff and a slew of other things. My prospective has become guarded and held at bay of all prison and penological concepts. Prison does nothing to help, but instead it drives hate, anger and suicidal thoughts that fester into either the act its self or an unstable environment boiled into a rage. The recidivism rate is high not because of the individual, but because of the lack of correction that was needed from the start. When a sick patient is sent to a doctor, the doctor's job is to not only assess the patient, but to see to it that a remedy is stored and the patient is better off than when he arrived. You can't fought a child for a learned behavior and call it wrong, when you fail to not just understand it, but call it morally fractured due to the fact that it doesn't align with your ideology. Cause not the things that are learned, but fault the lack of things that aren't taught. I am - forever born the writer 7

Author: Scott, Jovon

Author Location: Illinois

Date: April 25, 2018

Genre: Essay

Extent: 3 pages

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