Soliloquy of chaos at the Mount Olive Correctional Complex in West Virginia

Pendleton, Ricky Vincent, II



Soliloquy of Chaos at the Mount Olive Correctional Complex in West Virginia I guess if I did the crime I should be able to do the time, yes I have been convicted of crimes, even when the victim had made a written statement alleging that another person had committed those crimes but he was killed and there I was the scapegoat of the crime. The appeal is still pending though. Until I hear something from the Court system, I have to face the environment I am to face. This place I am experiencing is described as hell, because this is not a place anyone want to be. What I have seen and heard, only the strong can withstand it. This is a continuation of my observation of my voice behind the walls. What I have to deal with on a daily basis are the mentalities and behavior patterns of the inmates and staff personals. I begin with the inmates,' where I have to deal with the racist inmates with their swastikas, they have tattooed on their person, even though they deal with respect, I see the hatred but they are very scared to express themselves and their views about race among other things. Really, they don't want to sound like ignorant Parrots. They walk around in their groups but they have respect. Most of the time they would fight with the organization. Some of them are hiding behind it for protection from the other inmates. I can see the insecurity in some of them even though they have those racist "ink," all over their bodies. I know that one of the so-called racists was an undercover homosexual and that how ironic it was a black inmate was in a homosexual relationship with him. That sounds crazy as how that is. He was ridiculed by his brothers either. The way the gossip goes on around here I know the whole complex had heard that. Another behavior pattern in this place is that the inmates have the same pattern of behavior how to deal with their time in here. If you don't play any prison sporting activities, you're looked at differently, like you are weird. I was asked all the time to play Softball, basketball etc., but I declined. Boredom, is the word for me, because I am dissatisfied being in here. That is why I do fight my case. People just stand around looking at each other. Nothing to do but gossip. This is what most of the inmates do all day long. Some other behaviors are these elderly inmates always telling on every thing about what other inmates are doing. I see that they are afraid to look into themselves to find clarity for the crimes that they are in here for. Instead they want to point their wrinkled ass fingers toward everyone else except them. Most of these inmates have a defeated mentality and misery is what the eat all the time. They want to make everyone else feel how they are feeling. Then there are those with the money, the rich inmates always going to the store everyday all day buying things that most of the inmates cannot afford. They are praised by some inmates, by the ass kissing just to get something from them. And then they are walking around like they are the "Godfather." They don't realize they're predators in places like this and the wolves are lurking. They get them all the time. It seems also that these money-having inmates want that attention they receive from other inmates. They like that attention because they like to happiness it puts on people faces when they buy them something. In addition for the most part these money-having inmates are in here for a messedup charge like being a child sex offender. So, they just want to keep inmates happy that way. Page -1- Crime does not pay when actually living and going through this madness. People and how they treat others because of this machine in the judicial system. The machine is a monster. People don't care whom they hurt. The administration tries to punish the black inmates, they kind of punishment that shows their racist approach. Then they punish us when we learn how to survive on our own with our own personal street knowledge. They can get these caucasian inmates like this, where they keep them broke when they do not have anybody sending them money from the street' They get them to inform on other inmates. To get them to sell their soul and there are a lot of them that do. They inform on some of the smallest information. I see those inmates try to act tough to throw the rest of us off One of them had already checked in. In other words, he was exposed for being the informant for so long, where he would tell where a thing of homemade wine would be just to save his batch and that was his pay off This person was the most shit talking inmate I have ever seen. The day he was exposed, oh! He was quiet. Then these female staffs want to walk around with skimpy outfits on and the want to get on our visitors with what they have on. They really have the audacity to do this. I feel that it is a tactic to just discourage out visitors from coming up here. Especially, when a caucasian female is a visitor who is visiting a black inmate they would try to do all they can just to prevent this to happen. They also try to put a scare tactic to these female staffs just to not hire a black inmates. They would use the write-up especially if it was a 'compromising,' charge to try to make that black inmate seems to be 'trouble.' They over exaggerate the black inmate's behavior to something negative and more threatening just to justify doing what they want to. The people working in the field doesn't know. By: Ricky Vincent Pendleton II do: #41024-0ne Mountainside Way Mount Olive Correctional Complex Mount Olive, WV 25185 Page-2-

Author: Pendleton, Ricky Vincent, II

Author Location: West Virginia

Date: 2016

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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