Solitary mind




S1 Solitary Mind The title sounded like a good title for this essay about my thought A.K.A my solidtary mind. There isnt anything wrong with liking being alone but the alone trip is used for a form of punishment. I have had my share of foam rooms let me explain this so those who dont know can get a good picture of it. so picture this a pink or ugly green room, the walls have somebody angry story written all over it and I mean litterly. There is human filth all over it let me put it a better way some people rub there toilet paper items on the wall they pee on them self, spit on the wall S2 all while with out clothes. I cant tell you how often those foam room are cleaned because the few I been in were still occupied if you know what I mean. I normally ask the officer incharge to flush the toilet so I dont have to smell the next guys business for 3 to 5 days. This room is for people whom will threaten to harm (them) selves or other. This soft room isnt a punishment and shouldnt be used for one. so the topic of this essay is the soft wall that [softer?] or hold our screams. I ask for meds one time and sat in this room for 5 days with out clothes, once I stopped screaming I asked why I was placed in this punishment and got no answer. The biggest, strongest knights have became little babies screaming for help in these walls but I just slept and waited S3 I thought it was gonna be 3 day then I talk to mental health but that wasnt the case 3 turned in to 5. when they oppened the door all my fears were gone leaving me with a new found ideal of solidtary mind. Your mind must be solid or you will not make it in an environment where a mental ill project is used for punishment. I have been told get over it but I cant because I, not you, or them spent 5 day trying to keep my mind solid. The first step is anger, the once you lose some of your (pride) helplessness come is the lack of care but of all the people who experience this no one speaks on it after you have been subjected your rights. This is the reason why today I will say it and scream it with as much S4 force as the day the put me in that room alone with my weak mind. on the 3rd day my body shut down on me. This means I couldnt move or any thing. I turned purple I prayed to god to get me out cause I really wanted to live I had to beg for water and toilet paper the basic things the constitution says we have the rights to have. But dont worry its not a big deal right? When I asked how long I would be in there I wasnt answered nobody knew or cared or they told me a sweet bald face lie. I stand to be counted my mind is very much solid as it was for those night mares in side that room.

Author: Bobby

Author Location: Texas

Date: July 29, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 4 pages

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