Someone’s always trying to pin point the answers

Hannibal The Great



April 26, 2019 “Someone’s Always Trying to Pin Point the Answers” The truth is its much more of a principle. Its either individually we want to do something or we don’t. Many of us concerning those two roles try to play both. In the true world that we live in, playing father and husband is so absolute, it can’t shock the general conscience while trying to play the villain (victor) “and” victim does. The answers will never all be in one place. Neither will they all surface all from one argument. The most common line used in politics “we must ask ourselves” is no longer any good. The one refers to Americans or constituents. In politics it’s time to say “we must stop fooling ourselves” how could anything be any different? Bill Clinton getting a blow job behind his desk. Donald Trump impairing the election process, of the many acts claimed he has carried out, that outrightly makes him an enemy to America. Again we must stop fooling ourselves. At some point we are all in it together, and only those such as myself (we) are falling victim in hoping we will be protected “by our country” Instead “our damn country” is only doing one thing exploiting millions, and millions of United States American citizens throughout the Corrections Corporations of America, the National Council of State Legislatures, prize and capture law, War Powers Act, the list goes on. Today all true criminals, tax fraud, sexual predator, murderers, and so on the bigger significance is the missteps are continue to progress instead of decreasing. Many of us all or all of us in prisons across America, are placed in prisons upon legislature’s expectation not to be freed back into society. When they do this they do two things strip us of our federal rights, then “illegally” capitalize off of those inmates federally through federal fundings. Those are the true predators, tax frauds, and murderers. Thirty years ago a rap artist had to kill to survive if he did he would’ve been killed. Now today they are a role model he was never charged so its very easy to be faced with the criticism of the public when we are labeled murderers of such “as they say don’t free us” unknownst to them the true criminals “stand upon them” those rappers don’t come forward yet this is an environment we were given. Can prisoners also be role models. Instead we aren’t giving the opportunity, a second chance or else. We are exploited physically and financially as if we were never human beings at all. Hannibal [redacted] Hannibal [redacted]

Author: Hannibal The Great

Author Location: Illinois

Date: April 26, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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