Something ya’ll should know

Ayotte, Mathew Lucas



Something Ya’ll Should Know Think of this as a very small eco-system, yeah, like that of a small pond. The point being is that you’re all fish. Little fish. Get over yourselves and realize that regardless of who you think you are, you aren’t that — not even close. You see, Americans in general have the tendency to overestimate their abilities, it’s common knowledge. The problem with this is a persistence to ascribe value where it does not belong and neglect to give credit where credit is due. So grasp the fact that you’re just little fish in a small pond. That said, don’t act like a big fish. You have no idea what being a big fish is about so don’t front. If you were a big fish you would know it, but the truth of the matter is none of you dumb ass fish know shit! This is obvious by the fact that you all swim in the same currents, acting a fool, wilding out, hee—heeing and haw—hawing, when the reality of the matter you don’t even know why you’re laughing. Most of the time it’s to fit in, other times it’s because you don’t want others to think that you didn’t get the joke — that you didn’t get. Until you stop caring about what others think about you, you will always be a little fish. Considering we all live in the same fish bowl it should be said, “Why the fuck do you want to shit in the place where you live, eat, sleep and spend all your waking hours and why do you want to torment your fellows in doing so?” If you all were really bros — you would respect yourself and in so doing respect those around you. This can be as simple as saying excuse me, pardon me, thank you, you’re welcome, holding the door, taking the fucking trash out! Why does anyone want to live around trash? Does this make you feel like you are at home? If you did not realize it, you are your environment. That pisses me off, because I am right here with you and I am surrounded by scumbags! You know that makes me a scumbag too! Because of this I do my utmost to be respectful, kind, courteous, and stand as an example of a man serving his time and making the most of every opportunity, though there be few, I strive to take advantage of the resources available to me. Regardless of this, I do the next right thing, no matter how small. I do it for me, but really I do it for you — yeah you, because it seems like you don’t have the slightest clue as to how to conduct yourselves in a decent, manly way. You don’t have to like me, shit, I will admit I like very few of you — but, I am respectful, polite, and ready to help anyone of you whenever you need it — and you know this. Each and every one of you, whether you have talked to me or not knows that I am here if any of you ever has anything they want to talk about, work out, or just a question of any kind — I am the guy to ask. This does not make me a big fish. I am an older, wiser, not so damn arrogant fish who doesn’t want to see other less mature fish make the same stupid mistakes I made. Because this sucks, our pond is too small and I don’t like living in your world, but I am and you are living in mine. What sense does it make to make one another miserable? Oh, you weren’t aware that you were making me miserable — WELL YOU ARE!!! Yelling, screaming, making childish noises, leaving your garbage everywhere, slamming doors, pissing off the cops and making them more inclined to be dicks when they are already dicks, leaving your soap and hair in the shower, banging, not taking showers and brushing your teeth — all of these things make my life suck. Notice it is not me making my life suck or your life suck, but you who cannot control yourselves or show the next man the respect to shut the fuck up at 9:oop.m. I mean it’s not that hard. If you think it’s okay to act the way you do, well your wrong and none of you would act the way you act here around your family or loved ones — unless you are totally devoid of understanding and without conscience, and you know what, I know I am speaking to a few of you — but, at the very least you could be a proper convict and live by the convict code. Don’t get into other people’s business, don’t look into other people’s cells, don’t gamble if you don’t have money, don’t tell, don’t steal, and just be about what you are about and not fake the funk. We all got jammed up, here we are, let’s fuckin make the best of it, realizing that this sucks for everyone, no one is exempt from missing their freedom. Why make what little we have worse by being unmindful fish, thinking we are bigger fish than we are. Swim at your own risk. by Mathew Lucas Ayotte

Author: Ayotte, Mathew Lucas

Author Location: Maine

Date: June 13, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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