Speck of sand

Feeney, Matthew D.



Matthew Feeney 35 Lines Speck of Sand I am a single miniscule grain of sand dying of thirst in a desert of over 3 million other insignificant specks Entire beaches of silica swallowed whole by America’s Incarcerational monstrosity called Prison Reformatory Jail Secure Detention Facility Penitentiary House of Corrections Land of the Lost The infinite granite walls a hard Shell clamping down, locking us in We see behind the concrete curtain watching in horror as the great and terrible administrative wizards wind & grind the inner machinations of the System spineless, heartless, cold-blooded as an Oyster My burden: to try to fix the broken by writing grievances, kites, letters, fiction, appeals, essays and Poems (like this one) I’m only one speck of sand creating a little friction a minor irritation to the Goliath leviathan But maybe someday I'll be a Pearl.

Author: Feeney, Matthew D.

Author Location: Minnesota

Date: June 24, 2022

Genre: Poetry

Extent: 1 pages

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