Starting a political party

Worley, Willie, Jr. (Intelligence Journalist)



Starting a Political Party By: Willie Worley Jr. I hear alot of dreams from a lot of individuals. Some say they want to be athletes, others want to be doctors, lawyers entertainers and the list goes on. Me, myself, I like politics. How some individuals enjoy a good sports game. I like political events that effect the lives of all classes of people. I enjoy watching the politically greedy charismatics launch class warfare for the Capitalist or themselves. I like seeing how we as humans, will support mental deterioration tactics that will one day come back to haunt us. I like all the things that cause dysfunctions. Not because I appreciate a dysfunctional process, but because I learn from them. Emotions is a very, very powerful tool to a charismatic. It is probably the most powerful tool in the toolbox of a charismatic. Charismatics know that with emotions, come emotional pain. this is their key to creating a dangerous environment. A individuals emotional pain is everything to a political charismatic. I am incarcerated in the state of North Carolina. I have refused to allow my incarceration to hinder, my abilities, talents, and creativity. Although I am not well educated in one of the U.S. Universities. I am a savant individual in many scholastic studies which have proven to me to be just as effective in utilizing my talents. An example is the political party that I chair for my fellow prisoners. In the state of North Carolina, prisoners can registrar to vote upon completing a felon sentence. If a prisoner has a misdemeanor, and are incarcerated in North Carolina, he is able to excrise his voting rights. Our party message is quite clear. We produce factual statistical information for distribution through family friends and the likes. Those of us who can vote, vote. Those of us that can't vote advocate. We are not democrats nor are we republicans. We are independents. We are not bound by, or committed to republicans or democratics. Both of our nations major political parties have engaged in political malpractice towards the constituents. Minorities as well as the poor of all races. Our focus is, and will be focused on unconscious and implicit racism in legislation, judicial, and law enforcement. Alot of candidates are elected that should not be electable. Their application of political threater promotes Jim Crow laws that seep into the stability of our constitutional laws, tainting them with rationalization. Statistics show that the war on drugs target African American communities. Statistics also show that "white America" lead in drug sells, drug usage, and drug dealing. Our country being probably the most brilliant country in intelligence fell to realize this information. Subjecting minorities to covert and overt racism. Our party as New Generation Black Panthers have an obligation to our communities. Each Panther is hand picked in North Carolina Prisons. We do not accept gang members, oppressors or "hog Head" corrupt law enforcement that oppress. We are servants of the people that want to support candidates running for public office and re-election. So far, since January we have gotten out fliers in over 13 counties through prisoners in support of a U.S. Senate race, and in opposition of a N.C. Supreme Court Justice re-election. Prisoners families, and friends, etc., has distributed over 27,000 fliers throughout North Carolina. The courts and the elected embers of law enforcement is our target for reform. We want to support rational candidates in this area. Our Aim and Goals as a Political Party As North Carolina First political party for the promotion of voters education to ex-felons, felons soon to be released, as well as misdemeanor ect. It's important to understand our aims and goals as activists, advocates, servants of the people, registered voters. Our party does not promote clandestine, unconscious, or implicit racisms. We are anti-racist. Our party is strongly against capitalists, special interest groups, outside interest groups who are trying to make the rich richer and the poor poorer. We model our work after Huey P. Newton and the Black Panther Party. We are the answers of the clarion call of Fredrika Newton, Elaine Brown, and David Hillard. Our party opposes police misconduct, racial profiling, police killings, and corruption within the police departments in this nation. We will fight for education issues and police community relations as instructed by our elders' call to action. Although Huey P. Newton and the Black Panther legacy surrounds a lot of communist views, and will always be a part of our party history, we are not communist, we are not republicans, and we are not democrats. We are National Intelligence for African Communities Progeny Black Panther Party. We are independents. We are not Anti-government, and we are not anti-law enforcement. We just oppose oppressors and pigs. We are not a gang, and we are not racists. We are a political party that promotes voters education and registration. We produce intelligence.We are looking for good candidates to support. If you share our aims and goals, no matter your party, we will support you as independents, in accordance with the clarion call of Fredrika Newton, Elaine Brown, and David Hillard, the founders of the Huey P. Newton Foundation. Panther love Willie Worley Jr. N.I.A.A.C.P.B.P.P. North Carolina Chapter

Author: Worley, Willie, Jr. (Intelligence Journalist)

Author Location: North Carolina

Date: 2014

Genre: Essay

Extent: 6 pages

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