State of fear in the jurisprudence system

Zirko, Steven L.



State of Fear in the Jurisprudence System By Steven L. Zirko 
 The jurisprudence system is dedicated to promoting a state of fear in the population - under the guise of promoting safety. Thereto, revolutionary reform must occur within the jurisprudence system in the State of Illinois. Whereas the current conditions that exist in no way resemble any portion of the illustrious work promulgated by the founding fathers, in particular, any part of Article III and the Bill of Rights of the United States Constitution. In point of fact, the current criminal and civil laws rendered in the State of Illinois are antithetical and in contravention of the framers intent of fairness and equality. Thereof, right now in the State of Illinois there exists prosecutorial immunity and judicial immunity. This has been in place for over forty years, therein a prosecutor and a judge can, and do, surreptitiously convict someone they suspect or know to be innocent and absolutely nothing can be done to them upon such proof of actual innocence and/or proof of foreknowledge of such exculpatory exonerative evidence, i.e. DNA - forensic conclusions that prove innocence. There is zero accountability. Prosecutors cannot be sued in civil court for malicious and wrongful prosecution or what is called prosecutorial aggrandizement, and zero criminal charges can ever be sought against them. Now when a medical doctor botches it... makes a mistake (usually unknowingly) he ruins peoples lives or kills them, and rightfully gets sued, and criminal charges may or may not be preferred. This M.D. carries. medical malpractice insurance, which is remarkably expensive. Why so expensive - because it is utilized often. Therefore, an M.D. makes a mistake, ruins a person's life and is held accountable. A prosecutor and judge make a mistake, ruin a person's life, and zero accountability exists. How is this fair and equal? What the readers and Northeastern students and all students may or may not be aware of is that due to zero accountability wrongful convictions are handed down daily. No way... you can't believe that can you? The author understands not wanting to accept this for it is too ugly and horrific to accept as fact. It is respectfully proffered that if all parties in the jurisprudence system were held accountable, meaning zero immunity for anyone, then the huge amount of wrongful arrests and convictions would diminish substantially. The readers ought not worry for the impetus and focus protects the innocent and not the guilty. Now why would the government have a problem with protecting the innocent? Here's why. Such protections will move to proscribe the state of fear the government promotes to control the actions and minds of the taxpayer so as to extort huge sums of money and power to enable the cycle of building more prisons, hiring more police, prosecutors, public defenders, judges, guards, etc. Social control is best managed through fear. This state of fear is promulgated by and through a history of disastrously intrusive, yet successful manipulation of the populace to maintain and promote ignorance through fear as a current near-hysterical preoccupation with safety. To eliminate this state of fear that exists in the jurisprudence system we desperately need a non-partisan blinded mechanism to conduct research to determine appropriate policy and make such corrections binding law. However, funding of such reforms is never open-minded, as researchers know that continued monies are dependent on delivering the results the funders' desire. As a result, studies of the current and future status of this broken ugly jurisprudence system are biased and suspect, and no faction ought to be given a free pass. Such are the evil truths and machination in place right now. Therefore, revolutionary reform is necessary. Wherefore, this dream of rebellion coalesces into a howl of hope that permeates with ideals set forth by the framers, therefore equality and accountability for all. It is only common sense to level this chasm.

Author: Zirko, Steven L.

Author Location: Illinois

Date: 2016

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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