Statement about jails & prisons

Johnson, Paul S.



Statement about jails & prisons. From Paul Samuel Johnson Age 40, white male 1/21/19 I've spent 20 yrs of my life in one sort of prison or another, from juvenile halls in both Co.Co County & Sonoma County as well as adult jails in both and I've been to a dozen prisons including San Quentin 10 times in my life. I've been to level 4-180 yards back down to level 1's as well. I've spent many of those years in Ad-Seg, or the "hole" as well. All my prison terms are out of Sonoma County City of Santa Rosa California, I'm writing from there jail now, which is one of the most locked down restricted miserable, cruel, civil rights violating places I've ever been to say the least!!! I'm on 23 1/2 hour lockdown in their M.E. Ad-Seg unit and given no cup in my cell to drink water with, guards belittling me & beating us inmates, nil to no medical care and zero mental health, vision & dental care! I'm considered one of the worst & most violent prisoners because I dare to stand up to them & write complaints. This jail needs multiple class action lawsuits filed, but it took out its law library & law clerk years ago! It has some poor paging system in place that only allows you to order 5 case notes a month!!! Our mail is not given to us at times. Right now it is over a month wait to get a letter if they don't trash it! Guards lie to put false charges on inmates all the time & constantly work unlimited overtime to make as much $ as they can while in there sleep deprived states that take out on us, as we're like dogs to them! I have extreme P.T.S.D. & depression due to all of this yet I will get zero help. The court's here give out the harshest sentence's I've ever seen as well. I'm facing life for charges the D.A. trumped up to strikes that police filed as misdemeanors! Overzealous D.A.'s just want wins so they can become judges, it's sick. Pray 4 us. My name is Paul Samuel Johnson age 40.

Author: Johnson, Paul S.

Author Location: California

Date: January 21, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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