Step forward or step out

King Coe tha Great



Step Forward or Step Out ... Once again, I have be judged with the doomed. Life is in a constant downward spiral. I swim against the currents and gulp mouths full of water. It twists, turns, and swirls me further downstream. I want to give in & ride with the tide, so to say?? But so many depend on me to get the job done. I am but 1 man. My fellow strivers are but few in a world of chaos where my struggles refuse to reconcile and accept unity. I begin to actually feel the pain of my forefathers. I sit in stoned walls while they turn in their restless graves. Their deaths were not in vain; the sacrafices were for naught? How did Martin's heart stay pure & Malcolms drive stay disciplined?? I must rebel against popular belief, regardless of my outcome I shall not succumb unto my past vices. My arrival on earth was for a specific cause. My arrival the Hayes plantation was to spread awareness & push the fight to a higher level. At first I complained of brutality. Now, I complain of violence amongst brother's of the same ethnic background, same city, same neighborhood; some even from the same womb. My battle is to come full circle. I prayed yesterday to figure it out. Now I demand, because if it is not soon I may fail. I'm slipping on my own tail of destruction. If I can handle 34 months of no touch torture and at times it was physical and used it to grow & develope into the man I am today. How can I not reform the people? Become their solution, their savior, their guiding light, their recovery??? Please touch their hearts, minds and show them salvation. The path to righteousness & to the ones who will not, under any circumstances... remove them from my life & ultimately this word because they have no reason to be among the living and I have no use for their evil in my vincinity. Peace & Blessings. By: King COE The Great!!

Author: King Coe tha Great

Author Location: Georgia

Date: July 28, 2017

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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